Body Hacks to control your Pee

Controlling your urge to pee is not a healthy habit, but sometimes we need to control it as you can't go at that particular time. Holding it for a few minutes can be made easier if you follow certain body hacks. Some of the common conditions where you might need to control the bladder-full sensation are:
  • You are out on a long drive and can't find a public toilet to get the relief.
  • You are in middle of a meeting and going out to answer the natural call might make a bad impression on others and your seniors might get upset due to it.
  • You are in middle of a class or training session and don't want to disturb anybody by going out. 
During such time these body hacks can definitely help you. Lets go to main points without wasting any more time.

You must have noticed that the urge to pee occur more often during winters. It is because our body don't sweat during those days. During summers sweating removes the water automatically so lesser water reaches our urinary bladder. So the easiest way to hold your pee is by wearing warm clothes as it let the water out through sweating and pressure in your bladder remain less for longer duration.

You can't wear warm clothes during summer, then what you should do to control the urge to urinate. Here are some easier tips:
  • Listen to music
  • Sing some song or just mutter
  • Solve some puzzle
  • Do some calculations
Overall motive of the above activities is to indulge your brain in some activity and divert its attention from urination. Just make your brain forget peeing.

Note: If you practice pelvic floor exercises regularly, then your bladder muscles get strong and help you better in controlling your pee.

Everybody faces such situations where he/she need to control the natural call. You can share your experiences in comments section. We won't encourage you to control your pee regularly as it may harm your body.

Following pee table will help you understand how much time it takes for an average bladder to get full.

 Age Avg. Bladder Size Time to get full
 Infant (0-12 Months) 1-2 ounces 1 hour
 Toddler (1-3 Years)
 3-5 ounces 2 hours
 Child (4-12 Years) 7-14 ounces 2-4 hours
 Adult 16-24 ounces 8-9 hours
The data in above table might not fit every person, as it heavily depends on your metabolic system, your water intake, your clothes and the climate / temperature in your locality.

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