Carrots don't improve your Eye-Sight !

Carrots are good for eyes, but they can't improve your eye sight. Usually we think that carrots are much rich in Vitamin A, thus improves our eye-sight, which is not true. Vitamin A is found in Milk, Cheese, Egg yolk, orange and yellow vegetables. Carrots are not better than any of these food products. Carrots can help a person only if a person is suffering from malnutrition, but gulping excess of carrots, just to improve eye-sight won't help. Vitamin A is good for eyes, but excess of it won't provide you superhuman eyes.

But how this myth is popularized around the world that Carrots can improve your eye-sight ? The answer to this question might make your laugh.

During second world war, Royal Air Force of UK used some secret Radar Technology to detect enemy fighter planes even during night. Usage of that technology was a success and they shot down a number of enemy fighter planes using it, but they were not in mood to reveal about this technology. So they popularized a myth that their fighter-pilots ate carrots to improve their night vision.
Further this myth popularized beyond imagination. Enemy nations started to add carrots in diet of their pilots. Even the general public believed this myth, and ate carrots to get ready with night vision to see during blackouts.
 At that time, when sugar was an expensive item, carrots were promoted as sweetener in desserts. Dr Carrot was also shown in advertisements to improve carrot consumption. A Disney cartoonist designed a whole family of carrots named Dr. Carrot, Carroty George, Pop Carrot and Clara Carrot.

What shall i eat to improve eye sight ?

Carrots or any other Vitamin A rich food item can definitely help you in improving eye sight only if it is degraded due to lack of Vitamin A in your diet. Eating excess of carrots won't help any better, as your body flushes out any vitamin or mineral in excess. To improve your eye-sight, a balanced diet with grains, vegetables and dairy products is must. Apart from that some exercises prescribed by your specialist can also help. You must know that our eye sight changes with age as our facial muscle change, so nutrient rich proper diet is must for kids.

You must be surprised to know that :

  • Sweet potato contains 4 to 5 time more Vitamin A than carrot.
  • Winter Squash have 3 times more Vitamin A than carrot.
  • Kale and Collards have twice more Vitamin A that carrots.

But still Carrots got all the limelight. Carrots are good as a starter if your kids don't eat vegetables, but with time you should go for a balanced diet with all nutrients in mind, not just Vitamin A.

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