Best Position to measure Blood Pressure (Sitting or Lying Down posture)

Are you one of those people who want to know the best posture to measure blood pressure ? Usually a medical professional measures your blood pressure after you sit comfortably on a chair. But is it the right body position to measure the accurate blood pressure ? Some people believe that blood pressure is measured best while lying on back, as it is the most comfortable position. Here we will try to find if such beliefs really have some actual facts behind it.

Best Position to measure Blood Pressure

Sitting vs Lying Blood Pressure

Mostly blood pressure is measured while sitting on a comfortable chair, and rarely while lying on your back. These two are the most preferred body postures to measure BP. Here the main fact to known is the placement of cuff. In both of these postures, the medical professional places the cuff on your arm after adjusting your arm's height in level of your heart. Even if you are sitting on a chair, your arm is usually placed on a table so that the cuff can be wrapped at the level of your heart. If the heart-level factor is adjusted properly then either you measure the blood pressure while sitting or lying down, your results will be almost same.

Lying vs Standing Blood Pressure

In a healthy person there is nominal difference in blood pressure either lying or standing, if it measured by taking care of heart-level factor. But in older people and diabetic people this statement might not be true. If the person is suffering from postural hypotension then the difference can be quiet high.

Sitting vs Standing Blood Pressure

Usually our blood pressure drops a little bit as we stand up from sitting or lying posture. This difference usually increase as a person gets older. So sitting blood pressure and standing blood pressure might not differ much in a healthy young adult, but it can create more difference in readings of older people or those who are suffering from other medical conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Several researches have been done on measurement of blood pressure and upper arm is the best place to measure it while sitting on a comfortable chair with proper support for your back and feet on floor. In our last article we listed some common mistakes often done while measuring blood pressure. You must read it to get the most accurate readings even while measuring BP at home.

Conclusion : Your body position causes very minor difference in your blood pressure if you are a healthy young adult. This statement is applicable only if you are not above 50 years of age and not suffering from lifestyle diseases or cardiovascular diseases.

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