Can you decide - How will you Die ?

Nobody can tell you "when" you will die, but "how" is not as hard to answer. Lucky ones die naturally at an old age, but some unlucky people die early either due to fatal diseases or accidents. But the real question is "Can you decide, How you will Die ?" .  Either you die old or young, you can decide your condition at the time of death during your lifetime. Most of the people remain fearful of death during their whole life, and the same fear remain visible in their eyes at the time of death.

If you want to remain happy at the time of death, then you need to spend your whole life in that way. You can't change your destiny during the last few days of life.

You die the way you live !

  • If you have spent your whole life fearing of death, then you will be fearful when you die.
  • If you have spent your whole life spreading love, then you will find the death to be eternal love.
  • If you have spent your whole life getting angry on people around you, you will get angry on death as you die.
  • If you have spent your live in search of knowledge or wisdom, then you will get to know something out of your own death.
  • If you have spent your live spreading peace and harmony, you will die in peace.
  • The more you smile and make others smile during lifetime, the same smile will be there at the time of death.

Your whole life is a piece of string, one end is birth and the other is death. The way this string resonates during your lifetime will certainly have impact on the other end, that is death. If you through a stone in a silent pond, then the waves generated will definitely reach the shores, however their intensity will get low, but they will.

The way we live produces certain vibes around us, which is felt by the people around you. If people tell you that they feel good in your presence or they always get to know something good from you, then it means your vibes are positive.

So no matter what are the conditions in your personal life, try to spread happiness, love, sympathy and peace. Try to be a seeker and share your knowledge with other seekers. All of your love, knowledge , happiness and peace will be awarded in the end.

In your personal life you might have seen some exceptions to the fact explained above, but exceptions are always there. The truth is that we are result of our own actions.

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