Which Activities can be termed as Full Body Workout

Workout regimes are sometimes hard to follow, so people always tend to practice simple physical activities like walking or jogging to remain healthy. But are there any activities which can be termed as full body workout, which are really enough for your whole body and you don't need to spend time in a gym. The answer is YES ! There are a number of such activities. These activities not just keep you away from gymnasium and workout-machines but also provide you a natural way to exercise in a natural environment. 

  • Cycling : If you have got a cycle then take it out for a ride. It exercises your legs, arms and spine. It improves your balance and reflexes. 
  • Skipping Rope: Kids do it for fun but it is a full body workout. It improves coordination between your hands, legs and eyes. 
  • Dancing: Either you are good at it or not, but dancing or learning it for sometime in a day is definitely a full body workout. If you enjoy dancing then it also uplifts your mood. 
  • Rock Climbing: Either you do it in a climbing gym or on real rocks. It exercises your legs and arm muscles along with the core abdominal muscles.
  • Martial Art: Here you practice self defense and full body workout at the same time. It also teaches you control over mind and meditation, so its not just good for body but your whole personality.
  • Swimming: It is one of the fitness activities that help you in recovering from muscle injuries. It exercises you whole body as it can act as an intensive cardiovascular workout.
  • Surya Namaskara: It is the best yoga as per most of the yoga-trainers. It is a complete body workout as it is a combination of 12 yogas. It exercises all of your muscles and also lowers your blood sugar. 
  • Stair Climbing: It is another exercise that you can do at your workplace by using stairs instead of an elevator. It might not sound as promising but it is a good workout.
  • Practice Handstand: Handstand is the best workout to practice balance and improve your core strength. Initially you may practice it leaning against a wall and later you may show-off at a beach. You need to practice a lot to be able to walk on your hands upside-down and thus burn a lot of calories.
  • Hula Hoop: Its a good workout for your core muscles and abs. It also improves balance and coordination skills and act as a full body workout.
  • Hiking: Personally my favorite if you have got mountains in your locality, it is the best workout possible. It improves you muscles and also provide you opportunity to explore nature.
  • Running: It is possible everywhere if the pollution level is not too high in your locality, otherwise treadmill is the only options for those who want to do it. But real running is much better than treadmill
  • Making Love: If you are an adult with a loving partner then making love is one of the best exercises for you. Its organic with no side-effects, plus it releases the feel-good hormones in your body which is better for your overall health. 
  • Active Video Games : Video Games no longer means being a couch potato. Modern video games need active participation of the player. Devices like Xbox Fitness, Dance Revolution and Wii Fit U provide enless options of doing cardio, strength training, dance, tai-chi and much more. But still we will suggest you to go for real-life options instead of being a screen-addict.

Activities listed here are not rated. So choosing the best out of them is your own personal choice. Your choice usually depends on your locality and interest, as you can't do trekking in plains. ANY exercise is good exercise. Even if you are air drumming (with no actual drums) for fun. As long as its burning some calories and making you happy, it is a good workout.

If you don't like the activities listed above, then you may park your car at the far end in the parking, as every step counts.

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