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India COVID19 Updated Stats

The whole world is fighting a war against COVID19, a disease caused by virus named SARS-CoV-2. Here is the updated data of infections and causalities caused by this enemy in India. This database get updated automatically every midnight. Here we have tried to show the disaster caused by COVID19 in form of graphs that you can understand easily. We hope this pandemic will end soon.

Coronavirus India : Your District and State Details

Find the number of COVID19 cases in your district and state. We update this database every 12 hours to give you the up-to-date figures. Numbers published here are collected from a crowd sourced database, but it is surely near the exact figures.

Select your State :

Coronavirus India : States Cases, Recoveries, Deaths

Here you can see the latest number of coronavirus cases, deaths and recoveries in your state.
According to a crowd sourced website: According to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Website : Reference: