Gout Disease Causes Symptoms Diet Treatment and Home Remedy

Gout is a disease mostly caused due to inflammatory arthritis .It cause swelling in joints. Toes are the most affected area in this disease. Another common name of Gout Disease is “Podagra”. It is usually caused due to increasing level of Uric Acid in the blood. It can also cause kidney stones or tophi.

Gout Symptoms:

  • Inflammatory Arthritis

  • Big toe is the most affected area.

  • Knees, wrists, fingers and heels can also be affected.

Gout Causes:

  • Increased level of Uric Acid in the blood.

  • Hyperuricemia (Lower level of Uric Acid is primary cause of Hyperuricemia) can lead to Gout.

  • More use of alcohol, meat, seafood and fructose-sweetened drinks.

  • Genetic Disorders

Gout Treatment:

  • Ice can be used on affected area to reduce the pain.

  • Attacks can be prevented by drugs.

Gout Medicine:

  • NSAIDs (NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), Steroids and Colchicine.

  • If patient is suffering from frequent attacks then Allopurinol or Probenecid can help.

Gout Home Remedy:

  • Try to maintain your weight.

  • Avoid Alcohol.

  • Drink plenty of fluid.

  • Avoid non-vegetarian diet and seafood.

  • To deal with the pain never use asprin. Asprin can make it worse. You can go for ibuprofen.

  • Take the prescribed medication.

  • Herbal Remedy: These herbs are anti-inflammatory agents that can relieve pain

    • Devil's claw root

    • Gingerroot

    • Meadowsweet leaves and flowertops

    • White Willow bark

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