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Health Care Tips

  • Always wash your hands before having food.

  • Keep your Kitchen clean and well managed. Keep Cooked and Uncooked food at different places.

  • Keep your bathroom, wash basin and sink cleaned by phenyl.

  • Eat healthy and eat limited. Overeating may lead to various diseases.

  • Have plenty of fluid daily. It heaps in keeping your blood clean and removes impurities from your body.

  • Do some physical exercises regularly. It may be running, swimming, aerobics, yoga or workout in a gym.

Health Care Systems: Health Care Systems are group or organization of like-minded people with a single objective of improvement of health of people. They can provide any type of services in their geographical area to fulfill their objective.

Health Care Services: There are various types of health care services around the globe. Some are non-profit organizations funded by some major organizations for the betterment of society. Others are businesses like hospitals and clinics. Apart from that health insurance is also a major part of health care services.

Health care Products: Health care products can be categorized into various sections. Some major health care product types are:

  • Medicines

  • Books and Magazines

  • Electronic Gadgets (Electronic devices to measure BP and Sugar level etc.)

  • Other Medical Equipments (Example : Surgical equipments for Doctors)

  • Traditional Accessories (Such as wheel chair and Walkers)

Health care Tips for Men

Health care Tips for Women

Health care Tips for Girls

Health care Tips for Kids

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