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As our age increases we tend to develop some symptoms of increasing age. Most of the men don’t care about these symptoms while women do. Mostly women try to overcome these symbols to remain good looking for a long time. Men can also do that if they want to do.

Health is Wealth. Good health can earn you a lot of wealth. But it’s not always possible for to wealth to earn a good health. Most of the men over 30 start to develop ageing symptoms. There may be various symptoms like hair-fall, belly fat, blood pressure, blurred vision and memory problems. In most of the cases the reason behind these health problems symptoms is stress and improper diet.

Most of the men remain busy in their career and don’t give enough time to their health. It is a negative thing for your health. It can result in over ageing. Some men start to lose their hair at an early age of 20’s or 30’s. Once you reach the age of 30 you might start to search for “Health Tips for Men over 30” on internet but don’t follow those tips.

If you follow these tips you can easily overcome the ageing effect.

Health Tips for Men over 30 :

  • Laughing: It will lower your Blood Pressure and boost your immune system.

  • Never Skip Breakfast: Breakfast is the most important thing before you start your day. It makes your metabolism active.

  • Seven Hours of Sleep: It will lower your stress and also make you live longer.

  • Take care of your Back and Shoulders: Also do some regular workout to strengthen your back and shoulder. Healthy back and shoulders are most necessary things to live longer. Also choose a better position to sit and sleep which is comfortable for your back.

  • Take deep Breaths: Just open your arms and take deep breath till your lungs are full. It will enrich our blood with nitric-oxide, which is present in the back portion of our nose. Nitric Oxide opens our blood vessels and lowers the risk of any heart disease.

  • Do some Yoga or some other form of Meditation

  • Avoid Fatty Diet: Don’t remove fat completely from your diet. Just don’t overeat it as it may result into obesity which can result into a number of diseases.

  • Never ignore any health issues: Consult a doctor every time you notice some health problem. Sometime some minor problems may result into some major issues.

  • Green Tea: If you are into a habit of drinking tea, just drink green tea. It will prevent cancer and heart diseases.

  • Intense Workout: Intense workout that sweat you wet is good for your health. Just give one hour per week to it to stay fit. It will lower your blood pressure, boost immune system and lower the risk of heart problems.

  • Healthy Diet: You diet should be full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

  • Night Life: Spend time with your partner and have good love making. It is also necessary for a healthy life.

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  1. I really like taking care of my back and shoulders. Everyone cares about the abs but a bad back is not where I want to be.


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