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BMI Calculator Online Free Application (App for Android and Win)

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BMI (Body Mass Index) is a standard way to measure obesity. You can calculate your BMI by using your weight and height and feeding it in the BMI Caculator given below. You can consider it as a free app for Windows and Android platform, as users on any device can access this page and calculate their BMI free of cost.

Free BMI Calculator

The BMI Calculator provided here is free of cost and you don't need to install it in your device. Its readily available online on this page. You access it anytime 365 x 24 x 7 . All health conscious people should bookmark this page for future usage and open it again to calculate BMI of a friend or family member.

BMI Chart for Men Women Children 

Benefits of this Free Online BMI Calculator:

  • You don't need to install any unnecessary app on your device. You just need to bookmark this page.
  • You don't need to pay for it.
  • You can measure BMI of anybody at anytime.
  • You can check the visual image of yourself.
  • It also tells you how much weight you need to reduce to get into a healthy shape.

Do you think that Bodybuilding makes you stronger ?

If you use to think that bodybuilding makes you stronger, then you might be wrong. A recent research which compared the muscles and power of bodybuilders with some physically active men, found that both have same amount of power in their muscles. However the size of muscles of bodybuilders is larger comparatively but it has nothing to do with actual strength. Sometimes a physically active person with lesser muscle size may be more powerful than a body builder who just looks more powerful.

Bodybuilding increases Size not Strength

If you understand the science behind bodybuilding you will understand that it is an art to make your muscles bigger and make them look better in a desired shape. But the real strength lies behind muscles, i.e. you nervous system. The mechanism of strength lies in your brain and nervous system. Improving this mechanism is not an objective of bodybuilding. However some strength increases in bodybuilding but that improvement is not as much as it appears.

Science behind increasing Muscles Size

There are three types of muscles: cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. Cardiac muscles are located at heart and they are involuntary muscles (that we can't control at will). Smooth muscles are located in walls of hollow visceral organs. Skeletal Muscles are connected to out skeleton and allow us to move different body parts. Skeletal muscles are the main muscles that we target in body building. If we keep these muscles under tension for longer duration then their size increases with time. Some strength also increases with it. But real strength lies in the our nervous system and there are different ways to improve and strengthen your nervous system.

How does muscles size increase by body building ?
When we exercise our muscles consume instant energy called ATP and demand more energy/glucose from body. To provide that energy and oxygen, our breathing and pulse rate increases. But still due to insufficient oxygen, lactic acid is released in muscles which makes tiny tears in muscles and we start feeling pain. These small tears in muscles are repaired by body during resting phase and they grow bigger and stronger. The key to growing muscles bigger lies in keeping your muscles under tension for longer duration, which can done by using lesser weight with more repetition. The weight should go up and come down in a controlled way to fulfill this objective. Proper amount of rest is also necessary to give adequate amount of time to let the muscles heal and grow. 

The motive of this article is not to demotivate you from body building. Body building makes you look better than before and it is better than sitting idle and being overweight. It is a good way to burn calories and living a healthy life. It can make you look like a superhero but in reality it doesn't mean that you will be able to lift weight like power lifters. Body building and weight lifting are two different things and its better to understand them if you want to make anyone of them your career.

How Long do you remember New Year's Health Resolutions

New Year comes every year, so do your health resolutions for that new year. But how long do you remember them. It should be a matter of concern for everyone if you want to celebrate the upcoming new year celebrations with a good health. New Years's Health Resolutions are generally made by people in their 30s or 40s. But often forgotten after a few weeks or just days. We will tell you why people do so, and how you can overcome that habit of yours to earn a good health.

Your New Year's Health Resolutions don't make you healthy but your attitude does.

Some of the most common resolution made by people are:
  • Loose Weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Give up smoking
  • Eating healthy food
  • Make work/life balance

Almost most of such resolutions are related to your health in one or other way. Most of these resolutions seems good, but why don't people follow them. Around 80% people fail in their resolution. Most of then don't even keep up with their resolution for even a month. 

Why do people fail in keeping up with their New Year Health Resolution ?

  • Lack of Confidence / Will to do that.
  • Feeling lost just by a simple set back, which could be overcome by little efforts.
  • Don't reminding yourself of your resolutions.
  • Don't telling anybody else about your resolution. So nobody will know even if you don't follow your resolution.
  • Because you are not doing it for yourself. Sometimes some resolutions are forced on you and it was not your wish to make it a resolution.

What to do to succeed in your New Year Health Resolution ?

  • Don't just make it, Plan it. Lack of proper planning is the real obstacle. Planning it days before new year day will increase your chances of success. Breaking your goal into smaller targets can be a good planning.
  • Write down your resolution and keep it at a place where you can read it daily to keep reminding you that you made a promise to yourself. Writing down your progress is also a good habit.
  • Tell about it to your family and friends may also help you and they may help you in overcoming some obstacles by discussing it with them.
  • Make just one resolution at a time. Making multiple resolutions will become harder for you to follow. But still if you want to make more then you may plan them for different months.
  • Don't repeat any previously failed resolution, as it may make you feel less confident. Try some thing new and when you succeed then you may plan that for next time.
  • Don't copy others resolutions, as it will create an unnecessary competition which may discourage you if you are lagging behind.
  • Keep reminding yourself of the benefits of your resolution such as better health and a longer life.
  • Small set-backs are natural but never feel lost and don't give up without achieving the goal.

Health Tips for Winter Season - Months of Cold and Flu

Winter comes with cold and flu. Children and elders are more susceptible to cold but ignorance of health can make anybody prone to colds and flu during winter season. During the months of winter we not only need to take care of what we are wearing but also what we are eating. Our Diet is as important as our warm clothes. Here the health tips for winter season which will make you better able to survive perfectly in months of cold  that can chill the spine.

Health Tips for Winter Season

Health tips for winter season can be easily divided into two parts. First is Diet Tips and second in lifestyle tips. Both of them are equally important.

Diet Tips for Winter Season

  • Drink 500 ml of water before breakfast, as it will improve your digestive system. It is also help you in remaining hydrated and gives you more mental clarity throughout the day.
  • Proper balance of fiber is also necessary. It means that both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber is necessary for you. Soluble fiber is present in apples, oat bran and legumes while insoluble fiber is present in whole grains, nuts, broccoli, seeds and vegetable skins.
  • People often stop eating fruits in winter but they are extremely helpful in boosting your immune system as they can be eat in fresh raw state and provide more vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants to protect you from diseases.
  • Usually people remain less active during winters but eating high amount of carbohydrates. So reducing the carbs intake and increasing the protein intake can help them in not putting on weight during winters.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are important during winters as the save us from joint pains and stiffness as they are anti-inflammatory. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish, plant seeds and nuts. It also helps in reducing chances of depression.
  • Use spices like onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric and cilantro during winters as they known to improve immune system.

Lifestyle Tips for Winter Season

  • Enough Sleep: Usually 6-8 hours of sleep is sufficient for a person. But the amount of sleep should always be more in winters due to longer nights. Our sleep is affected by day light. When there is no day-light our pineal gland produces more melatonin, which makes us feel sleepy. So don't make it harder for your body and sleep 1 hour more during winters and plan your day accordingly.
  • Don't miss your Exercise Schedule: Usually people miss their workout blaming the cold weather. But this can easily become a habit and you will start loosing your shape. Even if you can't go outdoor for a workout, you can do some exercise at the comfort of your home. Exercises not only help in burning calories but also in boosting your immune system. So plan your workout in advance and don't miss it.
  • If you like video games then you may use options like Nintendo Wii Fit and do a workout of your choice in front of your gaming console.
  • If you are using heating devices in your home or a closed room then you should install carbon monoxide detectors to awake you before this gas makes you unconscious.
  • Electric objects like electric blanket, heating pads and space heaters should be used only when you  go to bed and must be unplugged them before sleeping.
  • Reduce using and touching public objects as it will protect you from infections bacteria and virus that spread more during winters. Such objects are door handles or communal pen at the bank. Even if you can't avoid touching them (such as hand shake), you may use a hand sanitizer afterwards.
  • Last but not least is what you are wearing. A little ignorance about your clothes can make you sick. So wear proper warm clothes, especially when you are going outdoors.

Getting a flu shot can reduce the risk by 50 to 60 percent, so you might opt for that as a safety measure.

Your Feet and overall Health are heavily interconnected !

Usually people take care of their whole body ranging from hairs on their head to nails of their toe, but most of us never look under the feet, especially the sole, which is responsible for bearing all the workload throughout the day. Health issues such as back pain that comes with age is often misunderstood as an age related issue while most of the times it occurs due to negligence of feet. Most of us don't even try to wash the sole properly while taking a bath. This negligence often lead to some diseases as we grow. Here will try to put some light on your sole and make you look at them.

Why are our feet so important ?

Our feet bear our weight for most of the day. Even a slight problem in your feet can make you feel paralyzed and incompetent to do anything in proper way. Health of our feet impact our overall health. Our feet not only helps us in burning calories to remain healthy but also supports our whole body structure. Fun fact is that such an important organ is farthest from our heart, so it needs extra care. Till we reach our 30s the heart remains powerful enough to take care of foot. As we grow we not only need to take care of heart but our feet as well. Acupressure is a healing science that tell us how much our feet is connected to our whole being. There are various points in our foot that deals with different parts of body and pressing them can heal several medical conditions.

Some facts about feet health

  • Choose your footwear wisely. It should have ample space for your toe. Heel should never be too high as it can affect your spinal chord and cause back problems as well.
  • Moisture in feet cause serious infections in your feet. So wash them regularly and dry them properly. Moisture due to sweating can also harm them so a good footwear with enough space for air and high quality cotton socks can help you in that.
  • Proper cleaning of your feet is also necessary as it not only removes the dirt and dead skin but also saves you from getting cracks in feet.
  • Choose your footwear wisely. Different footwear should be used for different activities. You can't use a slipper to run on a track. A correct footwear not only makes it comfortable for the activity but also saves your feet from excess pressure and risk injury.
  • Nicotine in Cigarette can decrease blood circulation in your skin by 70%, which is very harmful for your feet. 
  • High sugar content in your diet can harm your feet by causing tissue inflammation. Refined grains and trans fat in junk food also encourages inflammation. Diabetes or high blood sugar can also harm you, so diabetic people need to take extra care of their feet and diet.
  • More weight means more burden on your feet. Try to keep your weight in check by having healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.
  • Peripheral Artery Diseases caused due to buildup of plaque or cholesterol in arteries reduces the blood flow in feet and leads to lack of nutrition for your feet. So take care of your fat / cholesterol level in a timely manner and make the necessary corrections by adjusting your diet and physical activity level.
  • If you use to have cold feet and losing hair on your toes then it is better to get your feet examined.
  • If you use to have heel pain in the morning the it might be due to strain in muscles which may be due to tight shoes, flip flops or some worn out footwear.

Diabetes and feet care

  • Neuropathy occurs in 70% of diabetic people which is responsible for lack of feeling / sensation in your feet or hand due to damage in nerves. It makes it harder to feel the sores and cracks on your feet. Keeping yourself away from diabetes can save you from this condition.
  • Diabetic people should use their elbow to check the temperature of water before taking a bath or going inside a pool, as sometimes the nerve damage makes their hand and feet unable to feel the temperature.
  • Diabetic people should always wear some comfortable foot wear, even inside the house as it saves them from any minor cuts that they can't usually feel.

Next time you go to buy a pair of shoes, keep in your mind to give the best to your feet as they are responsible for your whole being. Don't take your feet as granted. They will lead you for all of your remaining life.

What happens if Air is injected into Veins !

Have you ever witnessed an air bubble in an injection or an IV drip ? Did you ever think that if it may harm you or not ? Some of us might have noticed it and just ignored it thinking it may be a usual thing. But found some important information about what happens if air is injected into veins. However air is not a toxic element for our body, but it is not supposed to flow in our veins. The information that we will provide here might surprise some of you.

What happens if Air bubble is injected into Veins in a Healthy person ?
Don't forget that we are explaining about just an air bubble getting injected in a healthy person. Usually veins carry deoxygenated blood back to heart. So the air bubble will travel to Right Auricle(RA) of Heart. From there it will got the Right Ventricle, which will pump it into Pulmonary Artery to take it to Lungs to get oxygenated. As pulmonary artery leads to lungs, it will get divided into pulmonary capillaries where the bubble will get trapped and will be eliminated through alveoli. But as we said all of this happens only if air bubble is small and the person have a healthy body. If the air bubble is large or if the person is suffering from VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) or Patent Foramen Ovale(PFO) then the situation can be completely different.

What happens if air bubble is injected into a person is suffering from VSD ?
That is where both luck and bad luck may work. One in every 500 is suffering from VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), a diseases in which there is a hole in the heart between the right and left ventricle. However bubble first travels to right ventricle and there are very less chances of it getting into left ventricle through the hole, as left ventricle is a high pressure zone. But still if the bad luck works and bubble manages comes into left ventricle then it will be pumped into aorta (the largest artery), which takes blood to different organs. If you are really unlucky this time and the bubble travels to brain then it can be fatal.

What happens if air bubble is injected into a person is suffering from PFO ?
Foramen Ovale is a natural condition in newly born kids. Foramen Ovale is a hole in two upper chambers of heart, which closes as the baby grows. But if that hole does not close then it is called Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). This condition can cause similar effect for air bubble just like we described about VSD. Your luck matters most in such a case. But what most people don't know is that one in every five person have PFO and most of them spend all of their lives without even knowing it.

What happens in Air bubble reaches your brain ?
Air bubble can block the blood supply to any part of brain, as there are very tiny blood vessels in brain. Brain is one of the most important organs in our body and lack of blood supply to any of its part can lead to various severe medical conditions and some of them are fatal.

However medical practitioners do their best to remove air bubbles from injections and IV drips have a number of mechanisms to stop bubbles from getting into veins. But still if a bubble manages to get into your blood stream then your body has got the mechanism to deal with it. But if you have got conditions like VSD and PFO then your luck matters.

Some people believe that during WW II Nazis have done experiments on prisoners of war to research on this phenomena. According to them if more than 50mm of air is injected in one go then it can be fatal.

Do Headphones save you from Cell Phone Radiation ?

Some people say that headphones can protect you from radiation. Some people believe that wired headphones will bring more concentrated radiation directly into your ears. Some say that wired headphones are better than Bluetooth headphones, as bluetooth works on radio frequency. So which type of headphones are better ? Answers to all of these questions are available in this article.

If you are struggling to find that which type of radiations are emitted by cell phones and if they are harmful for human body then you must read our previous article : Cell phone Radiation.

The answer to all the questions rising in your mind depends on how you are using the headphones.

Do Headphones save you from Cell Phone Radiation ?
Yes Headphones can save your head from the radiation by keeping your cell phone away from your head. Some people say that radiation can travel through wires, but what they miss is that cell phone only transmits the sound frequency in headphone wires. Main radiation occurs at your phone as it communicates with the communication tower which is situated miles away. The frequency needed by your phone to transmit the sound to very small speakers in your headphone located just a few feet away is negligible. The electromagnetic radiation of your headphone is comparatively very less and can't be a health issue unless you use it at high volume for longer duration.

But Headphones can't save your body from Cell Phone Radiation !
Yes, as we said in the last paragraph that headphones only saves your head. Headphones are not responsible for rest of the body. If you have put Cell Phone in your shirt pocket or trouser's pocket, then it harms more. Our head have a strong skull, which is a tough bone, that can save us from some radiation but our lower abdominal organs are not protected by any bone cage. Thus our kidneys, liver and reproductive organs become prone to radiation.

According to some researches cell phones transmit radio frequency which is a non-ionizing radiation that is comparatively very less harmful than ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation can only heat the body. But constant heat on any organ for longer duration may put some harm. Some researchers believe that putting cell phones in front pockets of trousers may harm sperm quality of men, as it needs very specific temperature.

Bluetooth Headphones vs Wired Headphone
Some people use bluetooth headphones to get rid from hassle of wires. Some people say that bluetooth radiation directly affects the brain. But as per our research on internet, its not so. Compared to radio frequency of cell phone tower and cell phones (which can communicate from distance of miles) the strength of radio signals (bluetooth) between cell phone and bluetooth headphone is very weak, as it needs wireless communication within a range of few feet only. If non-ionizing radiation created by communication between cell phone tower and cell phone can't affect your health apart from just heating the skin, then how can the weak bluetooth communication affect your health. However the researches are still on to know the effect of non-ionizing radiation on health, but the weak bluetooth headphone radiation is very weak to affect human body. So if you are ready to spend few extra bucks to get rid of hassle of wires, then don't stop due to fear of radio frequency radiation.

Note: Its a suggestion of to keep your phone away from your body while talking. Its better to be on safer side. Using headphones can help you in this process. Try to keep your phone on a table instead of your pocket, or in a carry bag while travelling.

Cell Phone Radiation: Non-ionizing Radiation, SAR Level

Past two decades were the decades of cell phones. During these years the technology revolution in cell phones made every person on planet have access to cell phones. Smart phones with touch screen are the latest one of them. Now a discussion is happening all over the world about radiation produced by these cell phones and if it is harmful for our body. Non-Ionizing Radiation and SAR level are the most discussed issues among some health conscious groups. Here will try to find if these radiation are harmful or not.

Every electrical or electronic equipment is capable of making some electromagnetic radiation. The level of this radiation vary from device to device. The energy stored in a radiation is measured by its frequency. If the frequency is high then its called Ionizing Radiation and if the frequency is low then its called Non-Ionizing radiation. Ionizing Radiations are harmful, such as X-rays. Over exposure to ionizing radiation can cause cancer. Cell phones don't emit Ionizing radiation, but they emit Non-Ionizing radiation.

Non Ionizing Radiation by Cell Phones

Cell phones work on radio frequency, which comes under non-ionizing radiation. It ranges from 30 kilohertz to 300 gigahertz. This radio frequency can generate heat and heat-up any nearby object. Its example is microwave oven, where microwaves (300Mhz to 300Ghz) are used to heat food items in kitchen. But Microwave oven consume very high electricity to produce that heat. Sometimes our cell phones also heat up when we talk for longer duration, which is an effect of radio waves. It can easily heat up our ear as well. Researches are still on to find if these radio frequency waves can affect health of a person. Some researches have revealed that over exposure to this non-ionizing radiation can damage skin tissues by heating and photo-chemical reactions.The damage by this radiation to the human body depends on duration of exposure and frequency of radio waves. Some radio waves can penetrate deep into tissues and heat them up. If this heating is near brain (as we keep cellphones on our ear while talking), then it may do some harm to our health.

SAR Level

SAR is Specific Absorption Rate which is expressed in watts per kilogram (W/kg) taken over the volume containing a mass of 1 gram. It is a unit to tell how much radiation produced by a device will be absorbed by our body. In US SAR level of a device should be kept below 1.6 . You may check your cell phone's SAR level by dialing *#07# .  Usually most of the devices show Head SAR and Body SAR . Head SAR is the absorption rate by human head and Body SAR is absorption rate by Human Body.
Note: The head and brain of children can absorb more radiation from a cell phone, which is not mentioned in any phone manual. So try to keep kids away from your cell phone.

However cell phone manufacturers claim that their phones are safe but still we should take some safety precautions our self by reducing the cell phone usage. Men invented technology to use it as a slave, but now that technology has made us slave of its own. We can't think of a day without internet and cell phone. We should give ourselves a break sometimes and spend sometime with our family and friends, putting our cell phones away from us. Even if cell phone don't cause any disease, its better to live one day in a month without it. Try it ! Its a detox and better than living in a detox camp to get rid of internet addiction.

Visceral Fat: Most Dangerous but Easiest to Lose

Visceral fat is that fat which is deposited between different organs in our body. Its not the fat which is directly under skin. Most of the visceral fat is in the abdominal cavity and it harms us the most. Visceral fat is also known as excess intra-abdominal adipose tissue accumulation. Visceral fat is blamed for cholesterol, diabetes , Alzheimer's disease and cancer. But the good news in that this visceral fat is easiest to loose. To know how ! Continue reading this article.

Our body stores fat in form of Visceral fat and Subcutaneous fat. We can't control its storage procedure. Our genes make it happen. Any of these fat can be more depending on our diet, activity level and genes. Similarly its hard to target on loosing any one type of fat. However subcutaneous fat be removed through surgeries but not the visceral fat. The methods to lose visceral fat, which are described in this article are not 100% meant for visceral fat (as we say it depends on your genes), but still it will reduce the amount of visceral fat in your body.
We called visceral fat as most dangerous. Here is the reason why we said so.

Diseases caused by Visceral Fat

  • Inflammation: Visceral fat acts as if its an organ itself. It interferes with regular body activities by releasing some chemicals known as cytokines which can cause inflammation in any organ. Inflammation of different organs can result in different diseases.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Visceral fat can also secrete some hormones and it interferes with regular hormones in our body which regulates regulate appetite, weight, mood and brain function. This thing can be very dangerous and may trigger various diseases.
  • Diabetes: Visceral fat affects our lever and pancreas either by inflammation or hormonal imbalance or both. It can easily create abnormality in insulin secretion which leads to diabetes.
  • Heart Diseases: Visceral Fat increases the cholesterol level in blood and inflammation makes the condition more worse. It results in heart diseases like hypertension and heart attack.
  • Dimentia: Some researches believe that Dimentia, a memory loss problem, is also linked to visceral fat. Leptin is one of the hormones released by visceral fat, which can affect our memory, learning capability and appetite.
  • Depression and Mood Problems: Hormonal changes by fat can easily create depression and mood problems by interfering with some neuro-transmitters.
  • Cancer: Visceral fat is one of the factors responsible for cancer. Researches are still being done in this field.

There are 3 ways to loose Visceral Fat

  • Dieting: Simple Calorie math is the reason behind dieting. Eat less calories and consume more. It will make your body burn some visceral fat and thus reduces its content. Reduce the intake of Fat and Carbohydrate, which are major source of calories. Protein and Fiber should be used more. If you are participating in some physical activity then protein will help in repairing some muscles. Some people completely remove fat and carbohydrate from their diet while on dieting. Its a bad practice and can make you more obese when your diet will return to normal. So instead of doing any such experiment with your health its better to eat everything in lesser amount and decrease the ration of fat and carbohydrate. Lack of dietary fat can cause lack of nutrition as some vitamins can not be absorbed by our body in absence of fatty acids. Know more about Better Things about Fat
  • Cardiovascular Exercise: Cardiovascular exercises go on for longer duration and helps in burning more calories. Burning more calories should be the main objective when we exercise to burn fat. So cardiovascular exercises are more beneficial rather than weight training, which are meant to build muscles.
  • Resistance training: Its the new name of weight training which includes dumbbells, bench press and lifting weight in various ways. However some people believe that doing crunches will burn belly fat, which is not true. Fat is burned by body in the say way it is stored, which is governed by genes, and its different for every person. So doing a biceps exercise and crunches will burn similar amount of belly fat. However crunches might make your stomach muscles a bit tight to give a feeling of some fat lost, while its not so. Resistance training can also burn visceral fat by increasing the muscle mass. the energy used in generating those muscles come from burning the fat stored in different parts of body. If like resistance training more than cardio, then stick to it. Body builders don't have visceral fat at all.

You may choose any of the above ways to reduce your visceral fat. But make sure that you stick to that way and reduce your fat. Doing any of these things depends on your personal choice and medical condition. Resistance training is not meant for everybody. suggest you to choose your way accordingly. Stay Healthy, Stay Fit !

Foods with Trans Fat : Threat to your Life

Trans fat is the gift of chemistry to the world for a life full of diseases. This statement may sound a bit crazy but its the truth revealed in some recent researches. We recently published an article on about hydrogenation, which is the chemical process of making trans fat. This trans fat can easily make you sick with its bad cholesterol. It can cause diseases like hypertension, stroke and other heart diseases. Some researchers even believe that isomerism in trans fat is even responsible for causing cancer.

We have collected a list of food items which are rich is trans fat. These food items are easily available in any food store and people are crazy for them.

Foods with Trans fat

  • Frozen Pizza: All those food items which are meant to be kept frozen and then microwaved for usage, usually contain a high amount of trans fat. Frozen Pizza is one of those and mostly used by US citizens. 
  • Breakfast Sandwiches: It also falls in the above category. People get these ready-made sandwiches and keep them in freezers for morning breakfast. It might make your easier but this easiness costs you a lot of trans fat in your body. 
  • Cakes, Pies, Cookies and Biscuits : Most of them have trans fat to increase their shelf life. 
  • Microwave Popcorn: You must have seen some fat mixed in the microwave popcorn packets. It might have saved some of your time but trans fat content in that fat is very high, just to increase its shelf life.
  • Margarine: Its a commonly used butter spread with very high value of trans fat. It may contain 15g of trans fat in per 100g Margarine.
  • Fast Foods: Most fast foods, even those served in restaurants contain trans fat as they use partially hydrogenated oil to these fast foods.
  • All those food items that can stay fresh for weeks in your pantry might have trans fat. So be aware of them as well.

Make a good habit of checking the list of ingredients before you buy any food product. The nutrition information written on packaging is something meant for you to read, if you really care for your body.

Trans fat increases the shelf life of any food product and its cheaper than other saturated animal fats. These characteristics make it one of the item used in various fast foods. So if you ever again buy any fast food then must check the ingredients list mentioned in it. Try to avoid those food items which are rich in trans fat. Even if you can stop eating fast foods, its better to decrease the frequency for your own good health.

The good news for health conscious people is that U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has asked manufacturers to remove all trans fat from their ingredients by year 2019. So there will be no trans fat  in any food product after 2019 in United States. But rejection of food products with trans fats by consumers will result in early implementation of that order. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy.

Hydrogenation of Fats and Oils: Turning fat into Poison

Some of us might not be aware of the term Hydrogenation. Hydrogenation is a chemical process where hydrogen is inserted into some other chemical to change its certain properties. But we are talking about Fats and Oils. Hydrogenation of Oils is affecting lives of billions of people living in different parts of globe. Once you read the truth of hydrogenation, you will find it why we have compared hydrogenation with poison.

Why do we do Hydrogenation of Fats and Oils ?
Answer is very simple, Money ! To save money we convert vegetable oil (which is an unsaturated fat) into saturated fat or semi-saturated fat. Vegetable Oil is cheaper and hydrogenation converts it to look like saturated animal fat, which is higher in price. This process also increases the shelf life of this fat. Vegetable Oil is liquid at room temperature, while hydrogenated oil is semi-solid, thus easier to store. Solid and Semi-solid fats are also preferred in baking.

How is Hydrogenation of Oils done ?
There are carbon-carbon double bonds in Vegetable Oils. These vegetable oils are reacted with hydrogen at 60ºC in presence of Nickle (as Catalyst). It converts some of these carbon-carbon double bonds into single bonds by adding some hydrogen atoms to it. In some cases only partial hydrogenation is done where all double bonds are not converted into single bonds.

Why hydrogenation of Fats and Oils is Harmful ?
Hydrogenation of Oils make the carbon bonds unstable and it causes isomerization in these oils and produces trans isomers. To be precise these isomers have same chemical formula and the structure of atoms changes either in 2D or 3D. Suppose there is a compound with element A, B and C. Its natural formula is ABC, but an isomer may have BAC. The elements are same but the structure differs, its isomerism. This isomerization of oils is found responsible for various heart diseases. Due to this risk factor of Hydrogenation of Oils, several regulatory authorities around the world have adopted the term trans-fat to be mentioned in the ingredients list printed on packaging of food products.
In other terms this trans-fat raises the level on LDL Cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol) in our body. Some experts say that the trans-fat's structure is not natural. Their chemical structure is in zig-zag form, while natural saturated fat has a simple structure. It makes trans-fat something unnatural for body. Fat is a part of every cell in body, but this trans-fat don't fit naturally in our body. Some experts believe that trans-fat can also cause Cancer.

Nobody would like to get affected by any heart disease or Cancer, so save yourself from this fatty poison known as trans-fat which is made through hydrogenation of oils.

Better things about FAT that we don't know

FAT is usually considered as a villain in the diet of modern world. We consider Fat as the main reason behind Obesity and various diseases. But the truth is just opposite. You might be surprised to know that Fat is a very essential part of our body. Each cell in our body needs it and its shortage in body can generate various diseases and disabilities.

Why do we usually consider FAT as a bad thing ?
Usually people don't have control over their diet and consume Fat more than required. It creates the imbalance in our body and various diseases are caused due to it. Water is good for health, but if you drink it like a mad person, even that water will be harmful. Our body demands a balance of nutrition to remain healthy. We create the imbalance ourselves and then blame the Fat. Excess amount of Fat can't get into our body if we don't let it in.

What are the good features of FAT for our body ?
  • Fat acts as a source of heat and energy for our body. Each gram of fat can give 9 Calories while protein and carbohydrates can give just 4 to 5 Calories.
  • It also acts as shock absorbing element on nerves, blood vessels and all important organs. If there is lack of fat on our buttocks then sitting on a hard surface will be painful. Even lying on back can be painful if a person is very skinny. Right amount of fat acts as a cushion attached to our body.
  • Fat acts as insulation on on the nerves which carry electrical signals throughout our body. Our brain can't function properly without fat as it contain highest density of nerves.
  • Fat is an important part of our skin. All cells have a cell membrane, which can't exist without fat.
  • Dietary fat is important for growth and development of body. Our body can generate fat from extra calories but can generate some important fatty acids which are required for proper metabolism of body.
  • There are some fat soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin A, D, E and K. These vitamins can't be absorbed by our body in absence of fat. Fat acts as an medium to transport these vitamins to different parts of body. 
  • Fat helps in formation of steroid hormones, which are responsible for some important functions in body. 
  • Saturated fat in our tissues gives rigidity to our body. All warm blooded animals have saturated fat for rigidity of body.
  • Satiation Mechanism is that mechanism which creates a feeling of fullness of stomach after eating something. But this satiation mechanism is triggered by dietary fat. That is why fat-free foods are unsatisfying for our hunger.
  • Dietary fat helps in utilizing the protein in our diet. Lack of fat will result in non-utilization of protein.

Our body can generate Fat from extra calories, then why should we eat fat ?
Our body can generate Fat from extra carbohydrate/calories that we eat, but it can't make some fatty acids required for proper metabolism. These fatty acids are generated from dietary fat only. Thats why sometime we call them EFA, Essential Fatty Acids, and we must ingest them through our diet.

So now the misconception about Fat that its bad must have been removed from your mind. But still keep one thing in mind that proper balance is necessary. Fat is good only up to certain amount. Excess fat is harmful for body. will bring more such information for you. Have a healthy life ahead !

Visceral fat vs Subcutaneous fat

Fat deposits in or body are a serious thing that all of us should know about. Fat in our body is taken more seriously since Obesity is declared a disease in USA. There are two types of fat deposits in our body, but rarely anybody is concerned about them. We just take fat as fat. If you want to defeat an enemy than its better to have full knowledge about him. Same thing applies on Fat, which is the itself a disease causing element in our body. There are two types of fat deposits in our body: Visceral fat and Subcutaneous fat. We will tell the basic difference among them and also that which one is more harmful.

Subcutaneous fat is that fat that lies directly under the skin and we can grab and squeeze it with our hand.

Visceral fat is that fat that surrounds our organs. It is the fat around internal organs like stomach, kidney, liver and heart. Most this fat affects the main trunk of body that includes our respiratory and digestive system organs.

Which type of fat is more hazardous to health ?
Visceral fat is more hazardous to health as it makes us prone to heart diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity.

Can both types of fat be removed through liposuction ? 
Unfortunately No ! Only Subcutaneous fat can be removed through liposuction. In some researches on liposuction surgery it was found that there was no health improvement after liposuction if patient had a lot of Visceral fat. The visceral fat is more hazardous but can't be removed through liposuction.

Which one of them can be easily reduced through exercise ?
Visceral fat can be easily reduced through exercise. Subcutaneous fat needs much more effort to reduce its level. Regular exercise and healthy diet can easily manage the visceral fat, that surround our organs and more harmful for us. So even if there is no visible effect of exercise on your subcutaneous fat, its still reducing your visceral fat.

How can i measure the level of Subcutaneous fat ?
Subcutaneous fat can be easily measured with the health of caliper (as shown in the very first pic in this article). A trained professional measures the skin-fold at various parts of body like abdomen, sides, chest, front thigh, back of arm. You may get calipers at reasonable price but it need professional training to measure the fat correctly. If you measure it without any training then most probably you will measure it wrong. There is one other way to measure the fat using some x-ray machines but it need specialized equipment and medical professionals.

How can i measure the level of Visceral fat ?
CT Scan is the most accurate way to measure visceral fat but it costs from $200 to $300. There is other easy method, which is not so accurate but can give you an idea if its alarming condition for you or not. Measure your waist where it is maximum, then measure your hip where its maximum. Now divide the waist measurement by hip measurement. For men, if its above 1 then you have visceral fat and you should do something for it. For women, if its above 0.85 then you have got visceral fat.
Above facts must have cleared the difference between two types of fat. If you have got visceral fat then be serious and do something to reduce it. Be fit, be healthy and keep reading .

How to control Calories to Fat Conversion

All of us know that extra calories in our body turns into fat. But do we have the ability to control this conversion. The answer to this question depends your attitude towards your body. Extra Calories to fat conversion is an automatic process. We can't interfere it directly just by making a wish as it an involuntary process. But still we have the ability to control it by some other means. Here we will explain how to do it. But it needs dedication and little time that you should devote for your precious body. Here it is.

How to control Calories to Fat Conversion

  • Instead of having 3 large meals, try to have 6 small meals. It will make your glycogen stores filled 6 times a day, instead of 3 times. So small amount of calories will be left in each shift to be converted to fat. Read the article how extra calories turn into fat to know more.
  • Try to do small small exercises just before you have your meal. It will reduce the content of glycogen stores in your muscles and most of the sugar/calories will go into glycogen stores, instead of getting converted into fat.
  • Maintain a schedule of 3 hours gap between all of your 6 meals. If you feel hungry in between that time then just drink some water of green tea to settle your stomach. If you control you hunger for just 6 days, then you will find that your stomach will stop bothering you unnecessarily.
  • If you have a protein drink at the end of a workout session, then it as one of your 6 meals.
  • Never forget the calorie math and make a diet chart to keep it in level. If your a consuming extra calories than required then at last it will turn into fat irrespective of what you do to control it. Here is the Calorie Calculator to help you.
  • Never forget to make the correct ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrate in your diet as told by Calorie Calculator. Have more vegetables and fruits compared to other food items to get proper vitamins and minerals.
  • Drink lots of water. Water removes harmful toxins in our body through urine which purifies our body.

If you are obese and follow the above steps then you will start reducing your weight. But calorie calculation is most important thing for you to do that.

How does extra Calories turn into Fat ?

Transformation of Extra Calories into Fat is making people take them seriously as obesity is becoming a serious problem for most of us. We know it that if we eat more than required then the extra calories in our diet will get stored in our body as fat, but what we don't know is how it happens. Here we will put some light on this. We will also try to find how we an run this process in reverse, means how we can burn that extra fat.

Is it actually Calories that turn into fat ?
Calories are actually a unit of energy. In real life our body carry glucose, glycogen or sugar (whatever we say it), as an instant source of energy. When we eat something, our body starts to digest it and extract the minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrate from it, which are needed for different body functions. But for instant energy our body turns carbohydrate and sugar in out diet into glucose. Glucose is instant source of energy. So its actually extra glucose in our body that turns into fat, not calories. We just say it Calories just to make people understand it in a better way.

How does extra Calories turn into Fat ?
Answer to this question is Insulin, the hormone that is responsible for sugar level in our body. When we eat something, our sugar level increases. To control this extra sugar our body pumps out insulin hormone. Insulin will make sugar (glucose) to go into the muscles. But if there is extra sugar, which is not absorbed by muscles then insulin starts taking care of it. Presence of insulin in blood turns the extra sugar into fat and starts depositing in fat deposits of our body.

Why do our body converts the extra Calories/sugar into Fat?
Our body need a standard level of sugar in our body. If the level of sugar goes above that standard, our body releases insulin hormone to control it. If our body don't release this hormone then it will cause excess oxidation activity, which can harm some important organs by destroying the nerves. Thats why our body converts the extra sugar into fat. Our body can manage with extra fat upto some level, but extra sugar in blood stream is dangerous.

How much time does our body take to convert extra Calories into Fat ?
The duration of this process depends on the extra calories/sugar and amount of insulin, which can vary from person to person. But still this complete process just takes a few minutes. If you have eaten potatoes then it will turn into fat even before you getup from your dining table. Extra sugar in bloodstream is very harmful, so our body controls it within minutes

How does our muscles store the Calories/sugar from our Bloodstream ?
Our muscle have glycogen stores. When we work and use our muscles the glycogen stores are emptied. As soon as we eat something and our blood stream get filled with sugar/glucose. Our muscle's glycogen stores starts filling them with the help of Insulin released by our body.

Where does our body deposits the fat ?
Initially our body deposits fat in fat cells (adipocytes), which are meant to deposit it for later use. These adipocytes are available all around your body under the skin. These are most prominent in abdominal region. Our body have two types of fat deposits : Visceral fat and Subcutaneous fat. To know more about these fat deposit type read out next article.

We hope that this information helped you in understanding how our body works with extra calories in your diet. Our main motive is to tell you how you can keep the fat level in control. Read our next article to know how you can control the process of turning the calories into fat.   

Calories : The key to a Healthy Body and Life

Calories are a unit a energy that we intake through food and burn them while doing some physical activity. The calories that we don't utilize are deposited as fat in different parts of body. Our body deposit this fat to use it in case of some emergency. From past few decades people have started taking calories seriously as now we know that this extra fat is home for some serious diseases such as hypertension and stroke. Lets understand the calories in a better way. To do so we have answered some FAQs mostly asked about calories.

Is there any difference between Calorie and calorie ?
Yes, 1 Calorie = 1000 calorie . If you have not heard about this fact then it might be surprising for you. The "C" and "c" makes the difference. In short Calorie is written as "Cal" while calorie is written as "cal". Calorie "Cal" is also known as Food Calorie. Prior to 1950s, when SI system was adopted by world, calorie was a unit of energy. One calorie was that energy that can rise the temperature of 1 gram water by one degree Celsius.  After SI system was adopted, joule became the unit of energy. But still people use the unit calorie to measure the amount of energy, especially when it comes to body and diet.

How do i know how much Calories i need for a day ?
Different health services and medical research facilities mention different number of calories required by a human being to work properly. It ranges from 2000 Calories to 2700 Calories. But basically it depends on your gender, age, weight and activity level. A hard working carpenter needs more Calories than a software developer. If you want to know how much Calories you need in a day then you may use the Calorie Calculator.

How Calories turn into fat ?
Our body have a unbelievable mechanism for every thing. To know about it read how our body turns calories in fat .

How do i burn more calories to burn the extra fat ?
Eat less calories and burn more. Its the simplest solution to this problem. Fat is deposited in our body as a security measure to provide backup when body falls in shortage of energy. So if your daily consumption is more than intake, then automatically body fat will start to reduce. But you can't reduce all fat in a single day. More difference between calorie intake and consumption can also cause side effects. So do it slowly on a regular basis. Best physical activities for burning the extra fat are running, jogging, weight lifting or other exercises that suits your body.

Can i control the Calorie intake?
Just control you Diet. Intake of Calorie can only be controlled through diet. But you think that you can't make it to something lesser, then increase your activity level to burn the extra Calories (as mentioned in the previous FAQ).

What are Empty Calories ?
Empty Calories are those calories which don't have any nutritional value like protein, vitamins or carbohydrates. Food items with large amount of sugar, fat and salt are known as foods with empty calories as they don't have much nutritional value. Ice-cream, soft drinks, cakes, cookies and sweets are best example of empty calories. Small amount of empty calories are of no harm, but when taken in more quantity then its harmful. Sometime people misunderstand Empty Calories as foods with less calorie value, while these are food items with more than required calories.

Balance is the key to a healthy life. Eat a healthy and balanced diet full or nutrients with right amount of Calories and maintain a good activity level to burn them. If you make a good balance among them, then you have got the key to a healthy body for a lifetime.

Smartphone Blindness: Using Phone during night ?

If you are one of those who use their smartphone during night after turning off the lights, then here is something you must read. A new disease of modern world is discovered recently "Smartphone Blindness", where the patient uses smartphone during night after turning off the lights of the room and when he/she wakes up in the morning the eyesight was gone. However mostly it happened as a temporary problem, but nobody would like to experience it. Being blinded without a blindfold is something very scary. If you want to save yourself from this condition then you must read this article.

How eyes adapt between darkness and light

Before we tell you more about this recently discovered Smartphone Blindness, you must have some basic knowledge about how our eye helps us in watching things during day and night time. There are two types of cells in our eye. One is Rod Cells and second are Cone Cells. Cone Cells are responsible for viewing colors and bright things (thats day time vision), while Rod Cells can view better in dark (thats night time). If you are in a completely dark room from sometime and someone turns on the lights suddenly then it takes our eye 5 to 7 minutes to adjust to it, as cone cell in the eye activate themselves for it. But when the opposite thing happens and we go from a well illuminated room to a dark one then it takes 30 to 40 minutes for our eyes to completely adjust and activate Rod cells.

Smartphone Blindness

What we see is a joint output of our eyes and brain. Sometimes our brain works in a strange way, where the researches were not done yet. One such thing is Smartphone Blindness. Using your Smartphone in a dark room for longer duration is perfect condition for this medical condition to happen. Two such cases were reported in "New England Journal of Medicine". Two ladies of age 22 and 40 reported that they suffered from temporary blindness. Doctors tried to find the reason behind that. But to the surprise of doctors the reason was surprising. Both ladies used to work on their phone till late night after turning off the room lights and sometimes their one eye use to remain close due to pillow. Both of them used just one eye to operate their smartphone in a dark room. After finding these facts, scientists tried to find the reason.

The result they found is something new. When we use a smartphone with one eye closed (either by pillow or some other hindrance), then our one eye get adapted to brightness while the other adapt to darkness. Sometimes this thing can mess something in our brain and we can loose our sight for sometime either during night or for few minutes after waking up.

If you want to save yourself from this Smartphone Blindness, then never ever use your phone in a dark room with one eye. Using your phone till late night is itself something unhealthy. It not only disturbs your sleep but also disturbs your biological clock. Now a days mobile phone manufactures are increasing brightness of screens, so that you can use it during a sunny day, but its making extra stress on our eyes. Especially if you don't know how to set the brightness level to low, you are harming your eyes. Even some people who know about the brightness level, don't set it to low as they want to see everything crisp and clear. What such people don't know is that brightness can permanently damage their eyes.

Please use your smartphone with less brightness and use it less during night. Even if you have to use it during night, use both eyes to look at screen, not just one.

Good Bacteria vs Bad Bacteria

Bacteria are part of our life. Usually we think about them as a threat to human race, while its not so. We mostly hear about bacteria as a pathogen which makes us sick. But the reality is that most of the bacteria are good. Even those bacteria, whom we think as bad bacteria are necessary for our body. A healthy balance of 85:15 between Good and Bad Bacteria is necessary for our body to work normally.

Some facts about Bacteria and Our Body

  • There are always more that 100 trillion bacteria in and on our body.
  • Total number of bacteria in our mouth is more than human population on Earth.
  • Only 1-10% of total species of bacteria are discovered by Scientists.
  • Our digestive system can't work normally without bacteria as they help is digesting a number of food items.
  • Bacteria are available in plenty in our atmosphere, our skin and inside our body. 
  • Good bacteria in our digestive system are capable of killing various bad bacteria if they come along with some food item.

How Good Bacteria Kills Bad Bacteria

Every bacteria have a certain pH level range in which they can survive. pH level below 7 is acidic and some good bacteria can survive upto 3 pH level. When good bacteria breaks down and ferments the food that we eat, it becomes acidic. It automatically kills some bad bacteria that can't survive till that pH level. The bacteria responsible for botulism can't survive below 4.6 pH level. Such bacteria is easily killed in a healthy body where good bacteria are in appropriate amount.

Antibiotics kill both Good and Bad Bacteria

Usually we take antibiotics to get rid of some bad bacteria. But most of the antibiotics are Broad Spectrum Antibiotics, which kill a wide range of bacteria. It means that in order to kill one bad species of bacteria, several good species of bacteria are killed. Sometimes this practice causes lack of good bacteria in gut and creates some side-effects in our body. Most of these good bacteria are unable to regenerate themselves in our body and we again visit the same doctor to treat them and the cycle continues.

Probiotics for Good Bacteria

Now a days Probiotic Drinks are gaining popularity as they contain Good Bacteria necessary for our body. Consuming them can help up to some level in regenerating some good bacteria which are destroyed either by antibiotics or some other reason.

Bad Bacteria are also necessary for Body

If you think that only good bacteria are helpful for our body then you are wrong. Some bad bacteria are also necessary. In a healthy human being 15% of total bacteria in body are bad bacteria. One of the best examples of it is Escherichia coli (E coli). This bacteria has got a negative reputation among most of us, but what we don't know is that E Coli is usually available in our Gut and Skin. It harms us only when our body is out of balance and we are lacking some good bacteria that can save us from harmful effects of E Coli.

Good Bacteria can also Harm an Imbalanced Body

If your body is out of proper balance of Good and Bad Bacteria then even good bacteria can do harm to your body. A stressed body can also create such environment. A stressed or out of balance body can change a "dormant" good bacteria into an active bacteria which starts to colonize itself and harms your body.

So in order to stay healthy and maintain a good balance of good and bad bacteria in your body you must avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics and live a less stressful life. Some Probiotics can also help in maintaining this balance. Being close to nature is always a helpful thing in living a less stressful and healthy life. 

Natural Antibiotics vs Synthetic Antibiotics

Antibiotics are those medicine which combat against bacteria and either kills them or makes them unable to harm human body. After the discovery of Penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928, the medical world found something new to treat diseases and so many antibiotics were developed since then. But now people are facing various side effects of these synthetic antibiotics. Usually we think that there were no antibiotics before 1928, but there were. Our mother nature has provided various natural antibiotics in form of herbs and various food items, we just ignore them and take them as traditional medicines. Here we will tell some pros and cons of these antibiotics and how natural antibiotics are better than the synthetic one.

  • The vary first thing that is taking us back towards Natural Antibiotics is the creation of Superbugs by Synthetic Antibiotics. Improper usage of synthetic antibiotics have created resistant bacteria which can't be killed by any synthetic antibiotic available. It means that a few decades before the bacteria were not as much powerful as they are today, and we have got no antibiotic to kill them. 
  • Synthetic Antibiotics are of two types: Narrow Spectrum and Broad Spectrum. Narrow Spectrum antibiotics are better as they kill only those bacteria for which they are developed. While Broad Spectrum Antibiotics kill a wide variety of bacteria. All bacteria are not harmful. Our body is habitat of several good bacteria and these broad spectrum antibiotics kills those good bacteria as well and it leads to side effects. Doctors often prescribe the broad spectrum antibiotic to have a better chance of killing the disease causing bacteria, which is making humans more sick. 
  • Ayurveda, an Indian Medicine Technique, is based on the natural resources to treat diseases. Several natural antibiotics were described in books of Ayurveda. Those who have some knowledge about Ayurveda know the fact that Ayurvedic Medicines don't have any side effect.
  • If we compare the functioning of Natural and Synthetic antibiotics than it can be easily understood which one is safer. However the working speed of Synthetic Antibiotics is faster than natural antibiotics. But a slow recovery without any side effect is better than a fast recovery with side effects.
  • Our body is also capable of fighting with several bacteria and diseases. Instead of directly killing the bacteria, some natural medicine just improve the immune system (natural mechanism in body to fight diseases) and help our body to kill that bacteria itself. 

Turmeric Root, Garlic, Honey, Cabbage, Apple, Onion, Cardamom, Fenugreek and many more. There are uncountable food items in nature which are easily available in our kitchen or kitchen garden and can protect/treat various diseases. We just need to do the correct research to find correct natural antibiotic for specific bacteria/disease.

It does not matter how well we know the functioning of our body, there are still a number of things we don't know about it. Whenever humans have tried to take nature in his own hand something wrong has happened. Instead of developing these synthetic antibiotics we should put some research on Natural Antibiotics and find which bacteria can be killed by which natural antibiotic. It would not only take us closer to nature but several new healthier ways of living a disease free life will be discovered.

Benefits of Playing Tennis for Health and Daily Life

Tennis is game that has attracted a number of youngsters, not only due to its popularity but due to its health benefits. Roger Federer's recent 18th Grand Slam will bring more popularity to this game because he has shown how fit tennis player can be at an age where other sports person plan for retirement. Playing tennis not only improves your health to be a better player but also improves it for other aspects of life such as social and mental health. Once you go further into this article, you will find how much you underestimated this game.

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

  • An hour of playing Singles tennis can consume 600 calories in men and 420 calories in women. Average daily calorie consumption of a normal man is 2640 calories, and for women is 1785 calories.
  • Just like other exercises, playing tennis lowers body fat.
  • Bone density is also increased, if you play on regular basis. It makes your bones strong and less prone to fracture.
  • Playing Tennis makes your body powerful and flexible. Muscles are toned in a way to provide good force with better flexibility.
  • Reaction time of tennis player is more than a normal person. Its due to constant practice of reactions to hit the ball.
  • Your metabolic function and aerobic capacities are incresed and thus your remain healthy.
  • If you play tennis regularly then you resting heart rate and blood pressure is lowered. Which means your heart becomes powerful.
  • Tennis is game in which all of your body parts are used and exercised.
  • While playing tennis even eyes are trained to concentrate well.
  • Tennis is not just a game to test your physical strength. It improves your mental strength as well. Your capability to make strategies is also increased.   

Benefits of Playing Tennis in Social and Daily Life 

Apart from usual health benefits, tennis provides some social and daily life benefits as well. 
  • It provides opportunities to meet new people irrespective of age and profession.
  • It makes you more outgoing and sometimes more talkative. It makes you very less prone to stress related diseases.
  • It increases your social circle. You make new friends, not only for playing time but sometimes also for spending holidays and sharing your thoughts.
  • This game is played all around the world, so where ever you go, you will be able to play it.
  • Irrespective of your age, you will find people of all age groups enjoying this game to keep themselves fit for life. 
  • You can start playing Tennis at any age in any part of the world. The popularity of this game is all around the world and in all age groups. Once you decide to play, you will definitely find someone with a matching playing level.
  • As mentioned in health benefits that it improves your mental strength. This mental strength not only helps in playing but also in your social and daily life. If you are a student then you might find its benefits in your studies.
  • According to a research tennis players score higher in optimism and self-esteem.
All these benefits are sufficient to to tell the importance of tennis in proving a better health and better life. We hope that this article will inspire some of you to make this sport a passion.