Tension Headache Symptoms Causes Relief and Treatment

Tension is not a problem in itself but it creates a lot of problem for our body. It’s a part of basic nature of a person. Some people get tense very easily while some don’t. Sometimes over sensitivity or hypersensitivity creates a problem for ourselves. Being sensitive is a good thing, but we should also have some control over our feelings.

Tension Headache

A number of people get headache due to tension. It is becoming a major problem in the modern lifestyle. Our brain is the most affected area during tension. Sometimes it is due to high blood pressure and sometimes due to stress. But both of them make negative impact and starts headache.

Tension Headache symptoms

  • Pain in head, mostly in the front part.

  • Feeling tightness in the forehead.

  • Loss of Appetite

Tension Headache Causes

Sometimes it’s some professional problem or some serious matter in the family and a lot of more things that can create tension, which leads to headache. But if we talk about medical science, it says that pain of tension headache is caused due to muscle contraction in the face, neck and scalp. However heightened emotions, tension or stress can also cause headache.

Tension Headache Relief and Treatment

  • Live an organized and planned life and don’t overreact to adverse situations.

  • If you are feeling stress and tension then just loosen your body and try to settle your emotions.

  • Share your feelings with someone. He/she might be a doctor, friend or relative.

  • Take deep breathes during stress and do yoga meditation on a regular basis.

  • Use some relaxation techniques like listening to music or reading books.

  • If still you need something more then you can try some medicines after consulting a doctor. Depending on the severity of headache doctor might suggest you aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen.

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