Antibiotics Effect on Bacteria | Our Body and Immune System

Have you ever seen people fond of suggesting medicines to a friend and also taking medicines in each and every minor problem. If their body temperature goes above 36.5 C, they will immediately take Paracetamol tablet and may also take an antibiotic. And Now! No need to see a doctor! Hurray!

Such people aren’t doing anything good but making their immune system as much week as possible. If we talk about fever. It’s a natural process of our body to deal with a disease or infection.

Fever and Medicine

Most of the bacteria have a certain range of temperature in which they can survive, and a rise in body temperature paralysis them and help our WBC (White Blood Cells) to fight against them. We should never take medicines in mild fever as in short term it might help you to get rid of fever but in long run it will make your immune system weaker and weaker and weaker.

Mild fever ranges from 36.5 C to 39.5 C. This temperature is OK for our body and will not harm us. But if it goes above39.5 then we should consult a doctor and take proper medicine. Avoid taking higher does to get rid of fever as soon as possible.

Effect of Antibiotic on Human Immune System

Some people like antibiotic so much that they take antibiotic if they are feeling any mild unconfortableness in their body. Here we have listed few effects of antibiotics:

  • Sometimes it’s a viral infection and taking antibiotic will have no effect on virus.

  • All bacteria are not bad, but antibiotic will treat all of them in same manner.

  • Antibiotic destroys some beneficial digestive enzymes and affect our digestive system.

  • It reduces our bacterial resistance power and we will catch any bacterial infection more easily.

  • If you take antibiotic when you don’t need it, then it will not work when you need it. Its because body will develop its resistance power against that antibiotic.

Instead of taking medicine we can try some food items which can make our immune system stronger. There are number of seeds, vegetables and fruits which are antibacterial and anti-viral in nature. We just need to do a little research and use them in our diet and stay healthy.

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