Immortality: Myth or Reality

Immortality is the one thing that has driven men crazy since ancient times. Some are still searching for it. The reason is simple. Nobody wants to die. Death is the worst fear and search for immortality will always remain in this world. But this search for immortality has given a number of lessons and gifts to mankind. This search has taken some people in wrong directions but also taken some towards great scientific discoveries.
Religions are also created for immortality and remove fear of death. This thing is true for most of the religions. All religions and castes are created to remove the fear of death.

Castes Religions and Fear of Death

If we begin from castes, then Castes are a group of people belonging to a particular trade. When we are in group, we feel a feeling of security. Basically this feeling of security removes fear if death.
Now if we talk about Religion, then religions were group of people from a certain locality or country. Religions include a number of castes. So religions are bigger groups, so its effect to remove fear is bigger than caste group. Different philosophies were created by different religions to connect men with god. Connection with god is the ultimate way to remove fear of death. In this way religion make its very hard impression in the life and mind of simple human beings. However there we intellectuals in all religion who created methods of meditation to connect men with ultimate power of universe.

In this way men tried to remove fear by creating religions, meditation and ways of worship. But some men with scientific approach also tried to make men immortal.

Science and Fear of Death

Medical science succeeded to increase the lifespan of men. A number of new medicines and vaccination were discovered by scientists and some life-threatening diseases were fully removed from various countries. In similar way men made a number of discoveries to make make life comfortable. For example electricity, bulb, telephone, fan, airplane and lot more. All these things are in some way related to postpone the death. But none of them succeeded in removing death from men's life. Medicines and luxuries made human life comfortable and increased lifespan but death can't be removed.

Some intellectual people tried to use meditation to connect men with the energy of universe, and concepts like souls and traveling from one body to another is discovered. According to some philosophies soul never dies. It takes birth as a baby, dies as an old man and then again takes birth as a new baby. Some people strongly believe in this philosophy while some don't. It may be true but it may also be true that we believe in soul so that we feel that we are immortal. If we think like an intellectual, the population of world is constantly increasing and if each body has a soul the from where are these new souls coming into existence.

We will discuss the fact of Souls in our next article. Keep visiting for more such articles. Your comments and most welcome. It may help in better understanding of immortality.

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