Death is Truth (The only Truth)

We are living in the age of technology where every thing is in the form of 1(one) and 0(zero). If 1 is everything then 0 is nothing. If 1 is life , 0 is death. Usually people don't like to talk much about death. Do u know why ? Its the fear of death. Nobody ever want to die, or let his near ones die. Even thinking about our death or death of a closed one makes us uncomfortable. Its normal. Its true for everybody. Life in itself is a struggle for existence.

Can death be explained ?

Death is not a very simple phenomena. Its a constant process that starts from our birth and finishes with our body, which we call death. First we will discuss it as a biological concept. Till we are in a mother's womb we are getting life. Our body organs are formed and new cell and tissues are formed. After we are born, the wear and tear starts on our body. Some cells die and body generates new cells. But the process of generation of new cells is higher till we are fully grown into a man or woman. It remains balanced till a certain age. But after some time the process of generation of new cells becomes slower than death rate of cells. Here we are not just talking about cells and tissues of outer body but also of the inner organs. Our immune system also starts to degrade. Combination of these negative features becomes the reason for various diseases. All diseases occur due to mis-functioning of our vital organs. For example diabetes occur due to mis-functioning of Pancreas, Blood pressure occur because our blood can't control the cholesterol level and elasticity of blood vessels is also degraded. So in the end when one of our vital organs is degraded to the extent that it can't work, then our body dies. Usually we call it death when our heart stops beating or our breathing stops.

Death is Truth

If we talk with a positive attitude then life is truth. But what do we call positive ? We only call positive that is good for us. But is it correct to to say positive to those things which are good for us. According to me thuth is that which is the beginning. Beginning of human body is just a part of sequence of steps. But truth is that beginning of all things is zero. Universe started from a zero and in the end every thing will be zero again. That means zero is truth. Our life also starts from a zero and also ends in a zero. Which means zero (death) is truth.

Philosophy about Death

According to a number of religions, life is a never ending process. Our body is a part of it. Truth is our soul, which can never die. Our body dies because it has certain limitation of time. It can't remain healthy after certain amount of time and thus our body have to die. But soul travels from one body to another and get new birth.
That was the religious philosophy, but it can also be explained in a scientific manner. Life continues in different forms. It doesn't need a soul to there. Our body is composed of different elements present in nature. When we die, either our body is cremated or burnt according to the religion that we follow. But thing remains same our body got mixed with soil, water and air. All these things produces life in new forms. It may be in the form of trees or insects. You might not like it if i say that you would be insect after death, so lets say you will be a tree. Fruits grow on tree. Humans, Birds and various animals eat those fruits and vitamins and minerals present in those fruits help them grow their body. Thus our human body helped in development of various forms of life. Thus life continues.
You can also assume it like an ice cube. Suppose you are an ice cube and when you are poured in a glass of water, your death process starts. You might think that you are going to die. But you are dissolving in the form from which you were generated. Just your state is changing from solid to liquid. When the ice cube is fully dissolved it mixes with that water in the glass. Now if you want to extract that same cube again, its impossible as the molecules of that ice cube are mixed into the complete complete glass of water.
I hope that my explanation of death will help you in understanding death in a better way as its nothing to fear about. Its a part of journey and its the only truth.
Your comments are most welcome. It might also help me in improving my knowledge.

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