Breakfast Ideas ( Healthy, Tasty and Easy to Make) for Kids, Men and Women

Breakfast is the first food that we eat while beginning our day. Its very important for it to be a healthy and nutritious to keep us running all the day. A healthy breakfast should not be too much heavy for your stomach. Heavy breakfast may make you feel sleepy during the early hours of your day. A healthy breakfast should be a balance of weight and nutrition. Breakfast requirement for different age groups and gender may be different. Here we will discuss some health, tasty and easy to make breakfast ideas.

If you and your spouse, both are working, then you might not have sufficient time to prepare breakfast. Sometime such couples don't even have breakfast if they were getting late. If you are one of those who avoid breakfast then you are inviting serious health problems. According to a study those people have more chances of getting fat who don't have breakfast. Here you will get a list of some easy to make healthy dishes that you can make in very less time.

Breakfast Ideas ( Healthy, Tasty and Easy to Make)

  • Always keep some seasonal fruits like Apple, Guava, Banana at your home. If your really don't have time to cook and eat, then you can eat fruits.
  • Sprouted Gram is also a very nutritious breakfast. It tastes good with milk.
  • If you don't like the taste of sprouted gram, then you can eat boiled gram. It can be fried with chopped onion and tomato.
  • Bread toast with butter or fruit jam is also a good and easy alternative for breakfast.
  • If you have got some dry vegetable remaining from dinner last night, then you can make bread sandwiches with them.
  • You can also use some instant mixes which are easily available in grocery shops. Those instant breakfast material just take 10 to 15 minutes to be made.
  • Wheat Flour Noodles can also be made easily. Its healthy and if you add some vegetables in it, it becomes even more nutritious.

You should keep changing the menu of breakfast on daily basis. If you eat the same thing daily, you will loose the taste in it, and once a time will come that you will start hating it. If you like home made breakfast but don't have enough time to cook in the morning the you may prepare some part of it during last evening.
Some people eat too much during breakfast. Thats a bad habit, as it may make you feel sleepy during the early hours of the day (especially when you start working in your office). It happens because our blood flow increases towards our stomach as its busy in digesting that over eaten food, which decreases blood flow towards our brain and we feel sleepy.
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