Fasting during Navratri : Its Benefits for our Body and Mind

Navratri is the Starting point of Festive Season in Hindus. During these nine days people fast for different avatars of Godess Durga (or Shakti). Most people take it only as a religious ritual. But every thing in religions have a scientific description. Before following that ritual we should try to know the merits and demerits of that ritual. Here we will discuss the scientific aspects of fasting.

Question : Is Fasting Good for Body ?
Answer : Yes, for most of the people.

Question : How does Fasting benefit our Body ?
Answer : During Fasting our digestive system get some rest and our body utilize the saved energy to repare the damaged tissues. Fatty Depositions at certain places are either used to get energy or removed as a waste material. It makes our immune and metabolic system faster. There is a wavelike muscular contractions in our alimentary canal known as Peristaltic Action, which brings food from our mouth to stomach. That speed of that process also increases after fasting.Thus the saved energy is used in self-healing, cleansing, detoxification. It helps us overcome several physical illness. The resulting effects can increase our life and provides psychological, mental and emotional health.

Question : What type of Psychological benefits do we get from Fasting?
Answer : Psychological benefits are sometimes more important than physical benefits. Psychological benefits make positive effects on our mind and body.
After Fasting we get a positive feeling that we have done something good and god will see it and we will get positive results. In reality it doesn't matter if god will see it or not, but what matters is that now we are thinking positive that something good will happen to us.
Some people think that they will get rid of their sins in the past if they do fasting properly. Thus Fasting help them get rid of the guilt feeling of their past. Sometimes guilt feeling can destroy our whole life, but if you get rid of it by fasting (due to our religious beliefs), then fasting is good and works better than any medicine in the world.
If you really want to see the psychological effects of fasting then just compare a day when you didn't get anything to eat for the whole day with a day when you are fasting. There is a difference between these two days. When you are fasting, its by your will, but when you are forced to remain hungry: its against your will. When you are forced to remain hungry you will feel lack of energy by the end of the day, but if you are doing it for fasting you will not feel so. Thats the psychological effect. In some cases it might not be true due to the different health condition of different people.

Question: Should we take some Precautions during Fasting.
Answer : Drink plenty of water. Lack of water can concentrate the acids in your your urine which may result into kidney stones.

Question : Who should not go on fasting ?
Answer : Kids and Old age people should avoid fasting. But they insist due to religious faith, then they should eat fruits and drink milk. Complete non-eating fast may be harmful for them.

Note: There are some people who know the facts and feel overconfident and often fast only for the delicious food that they will get once in a day.

Please write your comments and what you feel about navratri fasting.

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