Enema Kits for Kids and Adults | Extreme Constipation Treatment

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Enema is a medical term. To be more precise it is a medical therapy quite popular in medical science. For this therapy special type of kits are available in the market known as enema kits. The process of enema is usually carried out in the supervision of an expert practitioner but with the help of enema kits one can take the advantage of this medical therapy at home. In these enema kits a special type of liquid used for the therapy is present along with the device needed for this action. The kit also contain a paper with instructions clearly written on it so that any one at home can easily carry out the process of enema. Enema therapy is used for curing constipation and encropresis patients. The process involves inserting liquid via anus to the rectum and colon of the large intestine. In doing such, according to medical science, the problem of constipation gets resolved as the liquid exerts force and pressure inside the tract of the large intestine resulting in bowel movement within the tract and ultimately leading to excretion.

Records prevailing from the olden times

It is found that the process of enema existed in the olden times and was widely used by the people then. Let us read a gist on the history of enema.
  1. A special type of syringe called clyster syringe was used for this purpose in the 17th century in Greece. To be accurate, this process of cleaning of intestinal tract was carried out by this clyster syringe, a type of syringe with nozzle to force out the liquid from the device and inject it to the anus.
  2. This syringe was in use from the 17th century till 19th century. In the preceding part of the 19th century this clyster syringe got replaced by enema bulb syringe. This device had got a bulb of rubber at the end where the liquid was filled and at the other end a thin nozzle was fitted. The rubber bulb was needed to be pressed which would release the liquid into the tract through the nozzle. The nozzle would then be pushed in through the anus.
  3. In ancient times, the patient suffering from bowel problem was kneeled down with their bumps facing upwards, then the apothecary used to push the nozzle inside the anus and injected the liquid
  4. Unlike olden days, enema kits are now available in the market for carrying out this process at home without the need to visit a doctor.

Some facts about Enema

The other facts related to the process of enema are-
  • It is mainly used in place of a laxative as laxatives are taken orally which need time to act, whereas the process of enema gives result instantaneously. Nothing harmful gets mixed up with the blood. Taking pills orally mixes with the blood and the effect is also seen slower to that of the enema.
  • The liquid that is used in this process for cleaning rectum and colon consists of water which primarily works as regulator in the act of cleaning. This liquid can also be made of water with baking soda in it or by adding mild hand soap in the water.
While buying enema kits from the market one should definitely check the manufacturing and expiring dates of the kits and read the instruction manual well.

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