How LASIK Operation is Performed by an Ophthalmologist

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LASIK or also known as Laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis, a sprouting technique in the field of ophthalmology that deals with treatment and fixing eye defects such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Among these eye problems, they have different characteristics that distinguish one from another. Thus, different processes by the help of this technique are required in each case. Often ophthalmologists are specialized on a certain area of defect.Because it is simpler to grasp the field of expertise without any other mixture of ideas and theories of other defects and also it takes specialization to master the topic. But some prefers to be a general ophthalmologist when he or she is dealing minor cases of surgeries or vision correction process. 
Just like in myopia or the nearsightedness, it is a correctable eye defect that arise from a condition that sunlight or light waves pass to the eye but as it penetrates continuously, the fraction of lights went to a wrong direction not in the center of retina going to the optic nerve necessary to relay the image to the brain. Because of this condition small amount of lights are recovered, that is why people having like this eye defect are having a hard time to focus standing far from objects because it seem to look blur or something that cannot readily understood. Thus to cope from deficiency, these people are going nearer to have focus and to see clearly the objects with details. Using LASIK it is corrected using refractive surgery which means to move again until it reaches the center where light supposedly must enter.

However, in Hyperopia there is also a specific method to follow in fixing or when having a LASIK surgery dealing this kind of eye defect which is far different from Myopia. Hyperopia is generally caused by an imperfect eye,an eye which has an abnormal structure that might result to embossed and short eyeballs or may rise from unrounded cornea. Due to these characteristics of eyeballs, it is difficult for a person to observe objects nearly because as he or she comes nearly, image went blur because of his or her lenses and also he or she cannot focus well that makes them easily dizzy. So the thing they will do is to look the object at a distant to view the image clearly. Using LASIK surgery, corneas are treated using the microkeratome technique. A technique using sets of incision patterned to a spokes wheel to carefully adjust the cornea and from the time the glass will be remove from incision, the cornea will heal and will be formed on a round shape. 

Ophthalmologist are required to be registered and expert before doing the surgery because a single mistake might lead the patient to a total black out and will lose the opportunity to see normally the same with people having a normal eyesight. And these ophthalmologists are also required to perform the surgery using sterile equipment and good physical condition to estimate laser emission and also to avoid inaccuracy while incising foreign objects to the eye.

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