Natural Skin Care Tips for Men and Women (Benefits of Paraben Free Products)

Being the largest organ of the body, the skin is the natural outer layer that keeps the organs of our body secured and protected. What is very important for us is to try to keep up elasticity of the skin using natural beauty products which will make it stay smooth and soft,confronting our age. Handmade products like soaps, shampoos, lotions and other natural skin care products will help us in many ways to preserve our skin healthy and radiant.

Natural Skin Care

Handmade beauty products do not contain any chemicals,synthetic additives or toxins which can cause redness,irritability and blotches.Many people have allergies to chemicals usually found in most commercial products at the market.Such products containing chemicals massaged into the skin may get in our blood stream fast. On average a woman puts into use up to 120 chemicals when using various cosmetics and lotions every day.However,this can be avoided by consuming natural and healthy handmade products.Cosmetic products that are naturally rich in vitamins,minerals,and fatty acids actually take care of our skin and make it look young and soft.

Paraben Free Products

Natural skin care products are paraben-free. Scientists have labelled parabens as chemicals preservatives which are estrogenic and cause trouble for hormones to function normally.This can change the function of endocrine system in our body.In addition to this, recent studies have researched and said that parabens can increase the risk of cancer because they contain dioxane known to bring about cancer in the state of California. However, natural health and beauty products use natural preservatives, such as grapefruit seed extract, lemon, honey, bee propolis etc that will not harm our skin or body.

Impact on Environment

Synthetic and chemical skin care products have a negative influence on the environment .For example, soaps or lotions containing microbeades, can actually harm wildlife and nature around us. These microbeads represent a threat for ocean life since they finish up in local estuaries where they accumulate as micro-plastics. Therefore, bits of plastic can be mistaken for food by animals, which can block their digestive tracks in that way.In addition to this, fish and seabirds can also be affected since toxic additives found in plastics cause hormone problems. Accordingly, when ingredients are produced for natural skin care products,only few chemicals are put in our environment ( air and water). For that reason, natural beauty care products for skin are considered to be earth-friendly.

If you really want to stay healthy and keep young looking and beautiful skin, only choose natural cosmetic products. And if you are not sure what you are really want,do a little research online and try to find out which brands and products are considered to be the best according to your needs. Also,try to find product brands and lines that have been present on our market for many years, having loyal consumers. After all,only you know what kind of product you want to use for your skin. As a result,behave well towards yourself and choose the best products to do the same for you and it will do you and your skin good.

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