Get better Abs with a Chin Up Bar | How to do it

Most athletes and bodybuilders do not know that doing certain unconventional ab workouts will help them to achieve their fitness goal quickly. Doing leg raises while hanging on the chin up bar for example can help you to work out your abs in a more effective way. So, you should consider including unconventional ab workouts in your fitness session. They will do you some good. 

Unconventional ab workouts like leg raises can be performed while hanging on a chin up bar. You can increase the strength of your abdominal muscles through these exercises. However, it may be difficult and more challenging to perform leg raises and other unconventional ab workouts while hanging on a bar. Below are some of the benefits of doing leg raises on a chin up bar.
  • Leg raises increases the abdominal and core muscles.
  • It reduces the risk of lower back injuries, back strain and back pain.
  • Doing leg raises while hanging on a chin up bar increases your grip strength.
  • It also increases your hip flexors’ agility, flexibility and strength. 
Incorporating leg raises in hanging ab workouts is a veritable means of involving the entire body in the workout.

Doing leg raise on the bar

There are several ways of doing leg raises. It all depends on the hanging ab workouts that you are doing. You can do it in the bar or at home. If you do not have any chin up or pull up bar at home, you can use any sturdy bar that can bear your weight and will also allow you to hang on it.

First grasp the bar tightly. Keep your body and legs straight. Now raise your body up until you get to the chin level. Hang on the bar and raise one of your legs until it is parallel to the floor. Bring it back to the starting level and raise the other leg. Bring it down and continue raising them in turns for 4 to 5 times or until you are tired. 

You may experience some difficulty at the beginning. Your legs may not be parallel with the floor initially but with time, it will be easy for you.

There are other unconventional exercises that you include in hanging ab workouts in order to achieve better result. They include:
  • bicycle
  • knee lifts
  • upside-down crunch
  • advance leg lift
All these exercises will give different results but all will help you to work out your abs and hip flexors.

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