Health Food Passion or Dangerous Obsession?

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With all the size zero spree on, there is a major portion of people who have made eating healthy their obsession. The print media, social media along with the television always promote beauty in such a way that everybody aspires to have it, many people start eating healthy to look good and maintain themselves. This is good but when it goes beyond just passion and starts falling into the category of obsession that is where the real worriment and bothering really begins. The obsession for healthy food is not just a little problem that could be looked away or given a blind eye. This is something serious, though the numbers of people who develop a bizarre fetish with this often require special care and counseling.

Health Food Passion and Social Life

Health food passion might be slightly different from the obsession of being thin. People who develop health food obsession often infatuate themselves to just one kind of food. For instance a vegetarian who do away with any sort of meat even in small portions might be thought of a person with an obsession of healthy food.
Considering the fact that our body needs proportioned, well-balanced and nourishing portions of food that give right amount of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats. Any of these if remain absent from our diet for a long time may develop a deficiency in our body causing various diseases and this might be perilous for our body. The issues are not just tangible, these also include psychological acuteness. A person that develops obsession to only one kind of food may feel guilty after eating something else, refusing to stray from that fixated diet distresses them and puts them through great mental anxiety. Often the people become sensitive about the things they eat, this might make them anti-social, they might also avoid being in gatherings where dine outs are involved, such behavior make them alienated. These people pose a danger to not only their physical health but also have adverse affects on their social well being.

Passion or Obsession

It is often difficult to even single out a person with health obsession. With all the hype on being thin, slim and looking good, many times people overlook the obsession that a person might have developed which is often looked at as the passion. The passion over casts the obsession, so the person himself might not know it what to talk about others.

A Specialist Should be Consulted

Eating healthy is in no way dangerous to health but to fixating yourself to only one kind of food might be dangerous is many ways. Sometimes it’s important not to have a lot of information but to have the right kind of information that directs you. Reading pages over pages of diet books, magazines and articles on internet might not help you, all the information is not authentic and many times the written information might not suit your body type and lifestyle. It is always important to seek some professional help. A dietitian and nutritionist must always be consulted. A specialist could help you with your physical needs allowing you to have a balanced life.

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