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Do you avoid Rice and Potato due to Diabetes ?

You must have seen people avoiding to eat rice or potato, as it may elevate their blood sugar. This is a common practice among diabetic people. What if i tell you that a diabetic person don't need to do that. Yes, you heard it right. A diabetic person may eat rice or potato without any negative impact, but "how" is the key. Lets not make it a puzzle and make it simple.

All of us have different metabolic system and different digestive system. Same food is digested in a different way in different people. It is because of the difference in gut bacteria, most of which are good bacteria. Our body is host for millions of bacteria, which are not just dependent on what we eat, but they are also responsible for digesting the food. A slight difference in type and count of these bacteria, impacts the outcome of the food, in terms of both calories and nutrients. All food items increase the blood sugar, but their scale differs. Similarly how the food is digested also matters, which is never taken into consideration. Most of us are simply living around a myth that potatoes are bad, as it may increase the blood sugar.

Dietitians use Glycemic Index(GI) to measure the blood glucose spiking capability of a food item. Usually carbohydrates are responsible increasing the blood sugar, so GI of carbohydrate-rich foods is high. Potatoes are one of the most carbohydrate rich food. Most of the people still think that GI is the right way to judge a food item, but recent researches have shown that GI judges a food right only if that food item is consumed alone. In actual life we never eat a food item alone. We eat a mixed diet. Potatoes are often consumed with some other food item. Now researchers have found that potatoes in evening meal are better than some of the other low-GI food items. Evening meal is often considered important for type 2 diabetic people as it spikes the blood glucose in night, when there is no physical activity to consume the calories.

Similarly some researches have shown than our gut bacteria also impact the blood glucose increasing capability of different food items. Same food item affect blood glucose levels in different manner in different people irrespective of the Glycemic Index (GI) of the food. 

But if it is so then how should we judge whats better for a diabetic person to eat?

It is a tough question to answer, as it depends on your gut bacteria, your digestive health and your metabolism. Every food affects differently on every individual. So the best way to judge the right food for you requires a little knowledge of your own body. How we can do it may require some efforts and technology to gather data about your body. If you are diabetic then you should prepare a diet diary, where you write every meal ingredients. Also measure your blood glucose levels at regular intervals (using a home glucose monitor) and write it down with date and time. After collecting this data for few weeks or a month, you need to analyse that data. Here you should try to find out those food items which increase your blood glucose more and also find those food items which don't spike your blood glucose.

Now prepare your diet chart as per your analysis, so that your blood sugar don't go up. Continue your diet diary and blood glucose monitoring for further analysis. Further analysis should be a part of your life, as our gut bacteria don't always remain same, they may change with season and our diet pattern. So don't totally avoid any food item. You should eat very small quantities of even those food items which are not good as per your analysis. Totally avoiding any food item may not be a healthy practice as every food item have its own set of nutrients, which might not be there in others.

Our body is our actual residence for our whole life. Just like every house it also need some regular maintenance. So give some time to your body, listen to its needs and understand the signals that it tells you before surrendering to any disease.

We hope that this article from might help the diabetic people in deciding what is better for their body. In the end you should know that you don't prescribe your diet to anyone else, as that diet might not suit them. What is your view on this article, please mention it in comments section.

How to be slim without Exercise and Dieting

Do you know that if you serve your food in Red plates then you will end up eating less compared to any other colored plate. Being slim is wish of every obese person. Reducing your weight can save you from lifestyle diseases like hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes. Sometimes it is harder to control your appetite or exercise regularly in a gym. In such case it become harder to be slim. But the good news in that there are ways to control your weight withing indulging in activities like exercise or dieting. However it seems impossible to do that but it can be done. Here we will list some of such methods that can help you in being slim.

How to be slim without Exercise and Dieting

Chew more and Eat slow: It helps you in extracting all nutrients out of your food. Well chewed food can be digested easily as well. When you chew more, you will automatically eat slow. After we start eating our brain waits for a certain time to say to that your stomach is full now, which is called feeling of satiation. When we eat slow due to more chewing, our brain signals feeling of satiation after eating lesser food than what we eat normally. It causes intake of lesser calories and getting proper nutrients due to more chewing.
Use Smaller Plates: If you take same amount of food in a small and a big plate, the food in bigger plate will look less. So if you use smaller plate the lesser amount of food in it will be assumed sufficient by you brain. This technique is a trick to fool you brain. The trick works best if somebody else is serving you food and know the motive behind it. But still you can give it a try knowingly. Bigger plate gives a feeling that the amount of food served in the plate is less, while reverse happens when you use a smaller plate.
No Distraction Policy: Only eat while you eat. Indulging in activities live watching TV or checking chats on phone while eating results in eating more. Any kind of distraction, even taking, can result in eating more than required. So try to avoid any kind of distraction.
Sleep Enough: Sleeping too much or too less can increase your weight. Lack of sleep can create imbalance in some hormones, some of them are linked to our appetite. If our sleeping time is disturbed then it can result in imbalance in feeling of satiation and we may end up eating more than required every time.
Eat more protein: If you increase the proportion of protein in your diet then it can reduce your weight. Eating more protein makes you feel full in eating less. If an average person increases his protein intake from 15 to 30 percent then it results in consumption of 400 less calories, which can make a person loose 11 pounds of weight in 3 months.
Eat Fiber Rich Food: Fiber keep you full for longer duration. Once you have eaten fiber rich food, you won't feel hungry for many hours.
Keep unhealthy food out of sight: Sometimes psychological tricks are also necessary. If food always remains in front of your sight, then most probably you will eat it even without hunger. If you don't store unhealthy food in your kitchen then you can avoid eating it too. You should eat for your stomach, not for your eyes.
Always keep a water bottle near your bed an on your office desk: It will remind you to drink water more often, which helps in removing toxins from body. Keeping a water bottle on your side table will reduce your visits to kitchen, which will also help you in not eating snacks that might be visible there. It is a common problem that people face while trying to reduce their weight. one more fact related to water is that you will eat less if you drink water just before having your meal. Avoiding calorie rich or no-calorie drinks with plain water is considered best for being slim.
Color of your plate: As we said in the beginning of this article that you will eat less in red colored plate. It is proved by some researchers. The logic behind this trick is that we automatically connect the red color with the STOP signal. So it is better to use red colored plates if you are eating unhealthy snacks.

What you should not do ?
  • Never Eat fast.
  • Don't use bigger plates. Use red colored plates while having snacks.
  • Never try to reduce your diet too much, as it can result in sudden weight loss. Sudden weight loss can result is some severe medical conditions.
  • Don't eat unless you feel hungry. Here you need to fight with your brain which is unnecessarily asking you to eat. It is not necessary to control your hunger, but to control your greed.
Note: Balanced diet and regular workout is the best way to stay fit and no other technique of staying fit can beat it.

Is Green Tea really better than ordinary Black Tea

Green tea has recently emerged as a healthy alternative of normal tea. Even some doctors have started prescribing green tea. A number of people are already using it for weight loss. Is there are truth in all those beliefs. Some people think that drinking a tea without sugar or milk, reduces the daily intake of excess calories, which results in weight loss. Some believe that it is the placebo effect that improves health and some other activities done along with green tea, which reduces the weight. We will try to find which of the above statements is more valid.

Green Tea vs Black Tea

  • Most of the people don't know the fact that both green and black tea are produced from same plant named Camellia sinensis. Their color is different due to the processing difference. In production of Black Tea, the leaves undergo crushing and fermenting process, which causes its different flavor. Green Tea is not fermented.
  • Some people think that green tea is caffeine-free, while it is not. 
  • Both types of these teas contain antioxidants. Types of antioxidants may differ, but both are beneficial. According to a research both types of tea contain 10 times more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables.
  • Some researchers have proved that tea improves metabolism and helps in removal of toxins from body.
  • Both Green and black tea blocks the DNA Damage caused due to smoking, which reduces the chances of cancer. Biggest proof of this finding are nations like Japan, which are considered as the biggest tea drinkers. Cases of Heart Diseases and Cancer are comparatively low in these countries. However some people disagree with this fact as less cancer risk is also connected to lesser obesity in Japan, which is a direct factor for heart diseases and cancer.
  • Some people believe that lesser obesity in Japan is due to popularity of tea. This fact might be the one which made people think that green tea decreases obesity. Here we should not forget that people of japan are also known for their hard work, which is also a factor behind lesser obesity.

Why Green Tea is considered better than Black Tea ?

  • The basic reason is that green tea is less processed. Today people tend to go towards herbal, which means less processed. So green tea is getting more popular as something herbal and more natural.
  • Second reason is the preparation method. Preparation of black tea includes other ingredients like sugar and milk, which increases the calorie value. But green tea preparation don't need any other ingredients, which keeps its calorie value low with same amount of antioxidants.
  • Third reason is its taste, which is considered better by most of the people even without using sugar. Back tea is slightly hard to drink without sugar.
  • Some researches have also shown that usage of green tea reduces weight, protects you from several types of cancer, delays onset of diabetes and many more.
  • Last and the best reason is that green tea is recommended by dietitians and medical practitioners. 

Does Green Tea help in Weight Loss ?
Yes it does, but how ?

  • The very first thing that green tea do is improving your metabolism, which reduces the chances of fat deposition.
  • Second factor is usage of no sugar in preparation of green tea, so no extra calories.
  • Third thing is motivation. Usually a person who is using green tea, also implement some other dietary changes to reduce weight or lifestyle changes such as regular workout. These activities also help in weight reduction a lot.

Now you know that both green and black tea are good for health, but green tea have some added benefits. When it comes to weight loss, we would suggest you to balance your diet and improve lifestyle along with green tea to get better results in lesser time.


How to feel full without eating too much - Fool your digestive system

A number of people search for tricks to fool their digestive system. Most of the times these people are those who want to limit their food intake but they feel it impossible to stop themselves while eating. "How to feel full without eating" is a common question that such people ask google. The reason behind this question can be anything ranging from being overweight or fighting to get rid of diabetes or some heart disease or just to remain in good shape. The reason may be any but the main motive is to stop ourselves from eating extra calories that can increase our weight. We have done some research on this question to know if it is really possible to fool your digestive system and feel full without eating too much. We hope that once you read this article your question will be answered.

It is harder to draw a line for the adequate amount of food a person needs as it depends on your height, gender and lifestyle. Two person with same physic may need different amount of food depending on how they spend their day. A person with more physical workload will need more food than a person with a sitting job. So it is our body which can tell us how much to eat. We just need to listen to it.

There are two terms used in this article, you should know before you read further.

  1. Satiation : feeling of fullness at the end of a meal.
  2. Satiety : a measure of how long it takes before you feel hungry again. Different types of food have different satiety value.

No matter how hard you try, it is nearly impossible to fool your body. You may succeed in some aspects of your experiment but in the end you will find that you were fooling yourselves. The tips given below will help you in making a better coordination between you and your digestive system. It can help you in reducing your weight or keeping it at an optimum level. We have divided these tips in to sections named how to eat and what to eat.

How to eat ?

  • Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. Water rich foods like soup, fruits and vegetable will make a satiation feeling without consuming excess calories.
  • Instead of using a big plate for dinner with regular amount of food, use a small plate which can be filled full with lesser quantity of food that you eat regularly. You will feel full in that lesser amount once you empty your plate. Try it some time. This trick works better if someone else do it for you.
  • If you chew your each bite just 3 seconds extra, then you will eat less. When you chew your food more then some oro-sensory factor activates and sends satiation signals to brain much before your regular amount of diet.
  • Avoid distractions like television, music, mobile phone or computer while eating. These activities make you eat for a longer duration. Distraction while eating interrupts the satiation signals between your brain to stomach and you end up eating more than required.

What to eat ?

  • Fiber has high satiety value as it takes longer to get digested. Fiber rich food can help you better in maintaining a gap between two meals.
  • Same applies on fat as well. Adequate amount of fat is also necessary to slow down the digestion process and let your body absorb some fat soluble vitamins from your diet.
  • Protein is given most importance by bodybuilders as it is a muscle building food. Protein in diet also increases the peptides level in stomach which talks with brain to send satiation signals. 20 to 40 grams of protein is must in every meal.
  • Refined carbohydrates should be avoided as they are the satiety killers due to absence of fiber and some other essential nutrients. You might have noticed that once you start eating some processed food (rich in refined carbohydrate), the feeling of satiation comes when you have eaten much more than required.
  • Don't eat too much sugar in a single diet as it causes rapid spike in insulin and after some time you crave for more food.
  • Even if hunger hits in between your regular meal timings then you may eat some snacks. But your snack should be rich in fiber and protein and must be under 200 calories limit.

If you have got a healthy body then it will tell you what you need and when you need. Just listen to it. You never need a timer to drink water, your thirst is the inbuilt mechanism in the body to tell you that it needs water. Some people may consider these tips as way to fool the digestive system but these are mere tips to eat good and stay fit with lesser amount of burden for your digestive system.

Dessert / Sweet Dish after Meal - Why?

People often go for sweet dessert after having meal. There are various reasons why people do so. Every civilization and every country follow this tradition in one or other way. Different types of sweet dishes are used in different countries as per taste and availability of food items. The question is why do we have dessert after meal ? There are various social and scientific reasons behind this tradition.

Here are a few social reasons. Some of them might make you feel surprised.

  • Sweet Dish in the end is a reason for kids to finish their meal first, else they will not get it. It makes kids to eat the meal which is necessary to keep them healthy.
  • If any body in the family don't like the main course and he/she didn't eat enough then sweet dish will be a thing to fill their appetite. 
  • There are 5 types of flavors sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umame. All of them are necessary for healthy body and complete nutrition. Mostly sweet is not a part of main course and hence its necessary in the end as a sweet dish.

Now lets come to scientific people, here are a few reasons for you.

  • One of the most famous scientific explanation is that our body spends a lot of energy to digest the food that we eat. Thats why we feel sleepy after a heavy meal. Its due to low energy level just after having meal as most of our energy is consumed in digestion. In such a situation a sweet dish can add fresh energy as sweet get converted into glucose instantly. 
  • Some scientific studies found that sugar enhances the absorption of some amino acids(especially tryptophan) in our food. It indirectly increases the level of a feel-good compound in our body known as serotin. So in simple language you can say that sweet dish in the end will create a feel good feeling in your body.
  • According to a study done by National Institute of Health, sometimes heavy metals in our meal can result in a condition called postprandial, a state of low blood sugar. Sweet Food in the end is one of the best ways to get relief from low blood sugar.

I hope that these explanations will answer your query that why most of us need something sweet just after having lunch or dinner. Our body only asks of those things which are really necessary for it. We just need to listen to its demands. However it might not be true in every case. For example a diabetic person should control his desire for sweet.

Latest Gadgets for High Tech Dieting

If you are health conscious and control your diet in a precise manner and also use latest technology to help you in it. Then here are some latest gadgets for you.

DietSensor: This Gadget scans the food and tell its nutritional value. It able to predict the details by using a infrared light wave which is projected into food item and the molecules of food item start to vibrate. Every food item have a different optical signature and thus the DietSensor predicts the nutritional value. This gadget can be connected with a app on your smartphone to help you in your dieting goals.

Diet Sensor is available for $249 by a company named ConsumerPhysics.

There only one drawback of this device. It can only scan single layer food items. It means it can't scan a burger, but it can scan a piece of bread and slices of potato.

I am not sure how many people people will by it but a number of dietitians will definitely buy it. It can also help the patients of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

HidrateSpark: If you use to forget drinking water there then here is a smart bottle for you which will remind you after certain time limit to drink the water. This bottle works in coordination with an app on your smartphone and take care of your age, weight and health condition in deciding the correct water drinking goal. This app also access data from fitness tracker or pedometer (if you wear any) and tells you to drink water accordingly. There is a tube inside this water bottle and it starts glowing which its time to drink water.

HydrateSpark comes at a price of $60. This is an economical solution for those who frequently suffer from UTI. If you are hydrated then chances of such infection decreases.

Smart Diet Scale: Its another gadget for dieting freaks. This is a weighing scale and it can measure weight of 4 different food items at once and helps you in measuring the nutritional value of your diet. It contains nutrition information of 400,000 different food items. It can also scan the food using the bar code present on its packing. This Smart Diet Scale is available in $150.
Apart from the above information its also a good looking gadget for your dining table.

Modern Engineering is helping in maintaining our health and keeping track of our medical condition. Dieting is never given so much importance until now. Now engineers and healthcare industry has taken dieting to one step further. Today's dieting is not abstaining from eating but having a balanced diet and these gadgets can definitely help you in achieving you dieting goal.

Health Food Passion or Dangerous Obsession?

With all the size zero spree on, there is a major portion of people who have made eating healthy their obsession. The print media, social media along with the television always promote beauty in such a way that everybody aspires to have it, many people start eating healthy to look good and maintain themselves. This is good but when it goes beyond just passion and starts falling into the category of obsession that is where the real worriment and bothering really begins. The obsession for healthy food is not just a little problem that could be looked away or given a blind eye. This is something serious, though the numbers of people who develop a bizarre fetish with this often require special care and counseling.

Health Food Passion and Social Life

Health food passion might be slightly different from the obsession of being thin. People who develop health food obsession often infatuate themselves to just one kind of food. For instance a vegetarian who do away with any sort of meat even in small portions might be thought of a person with an obsession of healthy food.
Considering the fact that our body needs proportioned, well-balanced and nourishing portions of food that give right amount of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats. Any of these if remain absent from our diet for a long time may develop a deficiency in our body causing various diseases and this might be perilous for our body. The issues are not just tangible, these also include psychological acuteness. A person that develops obsession to only one kind of food may feel guilty after eating something else, refusing to stray from that fixated diet distresses them and puts them through great mental anxiety. Often the people become sensitive about the things they eat, this might make them anti-social, they might also avoid being in gatherings where dine outs are involved, such behavior make them alienated. These people pose a danger to not only their physical health but also have adverse affects on their social well being.

Passion or Obsession

It is often difficult to even single out a person with health obsession. With all the hype on being thin, slim and looking good, many times people overlook the obsession that a person might have developed which is often looked at as the passion. The passion over casts the obsession, so the person himself might not know it what to talk about others.

A Specialist Should be Consulted

Eating healthy is in no way dangerous to health but to fixating yourself to only one kind of food might be dangerous is many ways. Sometimes it’s important not to have a lot of information but to have the right kind of information that directs you. Reading pages over pages of diet books, magazines and articles on internet might not help you, all the information is not authentic and many times the written information might not suit your body type and lifestyle. It is always important to seek some professional help. A dietitian and nutritionist must always be consulted. A specialist could help you with your physical needs allowing you to have a balanced life.

How Raw Food and Alkaline Dieting cures Acne

For many years in the past now, the health of the western civilization citizens is considered very poor, weak, and declining every year. On the other side, many cultural groups, that are not a part of this western World, are known to have much better, stronger health in every way.
The focus of these studies revolves around the differences in the way of life between these cultures and the western World. Particularly, the foundation of good health is often, if not every time, directly connected with dietary habits and foods used by a certain population.

Now, to get to the matter at hand, the human skin is nothing more than just another organ. But, the obvious difference is of course that it is on the outside.
Something people often miss out is the fact that the skin is directly connected to many of our inner organs, and as such mirrors the condition and health of them, in many various ways.

Something a lot people in the World have in common is acne.
  • Acne, or acne vulgaris, is a skin disease that manifests itself through seborrhea(scaly red skin), comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), papules (pinheads), nodules (large papules), pimples, and possibly scarring. Acne affect mostly skin with densest population of sebaceous follicles, such as: the face, the upper part of the chest, and the back. 
  • Many dermatologists and doctors are not aware or directly reject the notion, that acne are directly the result of inner health problems, and that they in fact mirror and suggest internal problems. They instead treat only the symptoms of these diseases, mentioned before.  
  • Acne develops as a result of blockages in the follicles. Various plugs are formed this way, from many different reasons, leaving the dermatologists dealing with the current problem, and not focusing on what could cause it.
  • The first focus of the studies is the fact that people living in cultural groups from the third world, or tribal or even barbaric, do not have these skin problems and diseases. 
  • It is with that fact that the research for food related causes began in the first place.
  • The most correct theories would possibly be those who suggest that a person should take care both internally and externally, in dealing with acne. Of course, in practice, this has a 80 to 2- percent ratio, 80% being in favor of foods, because let’s face it, there are only so much you can do for your skin externally.
In my experience, I found that the previous combination of the two ways is the best, with a natural focus on the internal and the foods.  I was never too  susceptible to acne, but I had my share during puberty.   My dietary habits were those of a western civilized man, and somewhere during high school, I started exploring the various different national cuisines and diet programs. I had no problem with my weight, but the health in general was in need of discipline. And so I had luck to be pointed in the right direction, and start to think about foods and my diet.
Ofcourse, it was always the common knowledge that fast food and junk food were bad, and I even remember some theories linking them with acne, even back then.
Changing my diet affected me in so many ways, many of witch I haven’t even notice then. I started eating foods that were closer to their own natural form, with as less processing as possible, often with none.
This is where alkaline foods came into play. Alkaline foods include fruits, vegetables, greens, and sea vegetables. Now eating all this raw, with little or no processing,  changed the whole pallet of my dietary picture. I was immediately without white sugar, without saturated fat, without gluten, hormones… Infact, many of the things that were dominant were now gone, replaced by the pure content of naturally determined proportions in raw foods.
Junk food, fast food, and all these groceries that we are eating today are all loaded with those mentioned components, and on top of that, all foods today have a high number of artificial components, chemicals used for better growth, longer lasting, storing etc…
Eating all that stuff leaves all that toxic waste inside of the human body, even after human metabolism. A lot of these toxins remain in the body and form a kind of slime, that can be concentrated in various places. For instance, if it concentrates in the lungs, that person suffers from asthma, or if it’s in sinuses they are inflamed, etc… So, the question now is, doesn’t our organism have the means to expel all these unwanted matters. It does of course, but not all of them can be dissolved or handled by our organism, in fact, a lot of them can’t, and the rate in witch our organism responds and cleanses it self from them is much slower and it is hindered by the constant consuming of these foods, often in very large quantities.
So, now since this slime is rampant in our organism, the body is looking for all ways to expel or burn it. That’s why those people often have short term inflammations, increases in body temperatures,  sweat, and of course acne.
Somewhere during this process, when the body needs cleansing and it starts doing it through the skin, our pores and all those channels  become plugged and inflame. It can be caused by the excessive mass of toxins wanting to get out, or maybe the person simply has tightened skin, or maybe both.
So now you have toxic matters plugged somewhere in your skin, close to the surface.
Now one other thing many doctors miss out on is that these toxic matter, this slime, thought poisonous to us, is a feast for various parasites and bacteria or viruses. In fact, this is how we attract them in the first place, we carry their food inside of us, sort to say. When these microorganisms start doing their part, that’s when the real problem occur. That’s where you get your scars, large inflammatory acnes and various terrible problems.

So, by stopping the intake of toxic foods, and by eating natural and healthful groceries, I’ve managed to free my organism of all those substances, and make my life easier in many ways. And my skin also showed a 100% recovery. Now all I need to do is to take moderate care of it, and I never have problems with acne.
I hope my experience will help anyone who needs it, best of luck!

The Master Cleanse Diet - Best Way to Lose Weight

The Master Cleanse diet, even though many perceive it as a diet that helps them to get rid of excessive pounds, it is actually a body detox diet, but which, being a diet with a low number of calories will also help you lose weight.

 Lemon detox diet

The lemon detox diet, as this diet it is also known, is a diet in which you literally do not eat any solid foods, is a diet in which you are allowed to consume only liquids, more precisely lemonades with various ingredients that are supposed help at the elimination of toxins associated with consumption of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or drugs. Considering that this diet is not easy, you have to be convinced that you are able to follow it for a period of at least 10 days, so to be sure that its effects are going to be visible. You need a lot of ambition and determination, but at the end of the cure, you will be pleased with the results, and your body will be invigorated.

How Master Cleanse Diet works

Lemonade ingredients in this diet are water, the element found in 80 per cent in the human body; lemon juice, rich in nutrients and minerals, which stimulates the stomach to produce gastric juices, and the liver to remove biliary juice, an important element in emulsifying the fat in inside your body; fructose, a sugar substitute; and cayenne pepper, rich in vitamin A, is an ingredient that prevents stomach ulcers.
The first three days of the diet are the most difficult, these are the days when you will feel hunger, because the body no longer receives the same number of calories that the body was used until now, there is also the possibility to feel tired due to the low blood sugar, but these symptoms will disappear after the three days and your body will get used both with low intake of nutrients and low glucose level.

Celebrities used Master Cleanse Diet

Many famous people have appealed to this diet for detoxification and even to get rid of some extra pounds. An example is Beyoncé Knowles who managed to lose 22 pounds for her role in the movie “Dream Girl”, where she had to interpret the role of a teenager whose age was 16.

Best Ways to Lose Extra Pounds

Many of us have had weight problems at least once in the life. When the extra pounds become a problem, each of us is trying to get rid of them and we search for the best weight loss program. We all know very well that the extra pounds influences our lives, make us lose confidence in ourselves, be ashamed of the way we look.

Nowadays there are many methods of weight loss, from food diets to slimming exercises and pills that promise to do wonders for your body. In many commercials companies promote their products as the best solution to get rid of extra pounds in no time. The temptation is great and many people get to use all sorts of products and keep all sorts of very severe food diets hoping for miraculous results. Some of these methods indeed give the desired result, making people happy at the moment because they have managed to lose weight, but after giving up the product they are amazed to notice that as quickly as they got off those pounds, they start again taking weight, sometimes more than the loss weight.

Before you decide which method you will follow to get rid of extra pounds you must be informed about that method, and nowadays information became easily accessible through the internet, with a few clicks you can find information about the results of each method and even opinions of those who used that method. It is true that every body is different and not all react the same way, but if a product is really good you will surely find more positive opinions than negative ones.

Besides the fact that you may regain the pounds that you struggled to get rid of, many of the products available on the market contain chemicals harmful to the body, so that in time may appear different diseases caused by them, or in the worst case, they can contain addictive substances. Therefore you must be very well informed about the product you want to use.

Besides this, before starting a weight loss program, you should first check which is the cause that led to weight gain because it can be a health issue and then you first have to solve this problem and then have to worry about losing weight. In addition, you can spend money on all sorts of products that should help get rid of extra pounds, but that have no effect because of the disturbance you suffer . Weight disorders may have more health-related causes such as stress or hormonal disorder caused by thyroid disease, so be wise to do some analysis before you start any weight loss program.

If you have done this, and you have no health problem, then you can search for a weight loss program that is suitable. Do not be impressed by the methods that are supposed to wonder would you get rid of a lot of pounds in a little while because as I said is not always so. The safest and surest way to get rid of extra pounds remains changing your diet and lifestyle, and of course the exercises play a very important role in this process, so if possible try to do some exercise every day, regardless if you go jog in the park or prefer to go to the gym.

Importance of Healthy Food Consumption to Lose Weight

Even if you don't have problems with weight, to keep you in shape and to be healthy, is good to have an exercise program for at least three times a week and have a diet that comprises a wide range of nutrients. Although everyone knows that the foods we eat are directly related to our weight and our health, not everybody knows how to combine foods so as to bring the daily intake of elements that our body needs to function at maximum capacity.

To achieve this, we must learn to eat healthier, and eliminate from our diet foods that are not beneficial to our body, and also must take care that the intake of calories is not to low or to high, calories in a maintenance diet should not exceed 2000 calories per day. If you are overweight and want to get rid of extra pounds, it is recommended that the number of calories to be about 1500 calories per day, which is sufficient for the body to function at normal parameters. You should not starve yourself in the hope that you will easily get rid of extra pounds, because it would be a shock to your body to not receive the necessary nutrients, and when you will eat something it will begin to transform food into fat deposits to prepare for the period when it will again not receive the necessary elements. So starvation is the worst thing you can do when you want to lose weight and then maintain your desired weight, because the body will fight back and when you will begin to eat normally, the extra pound that you lost till that moment, will be submitted in a greater number intro a very short period of time.

So if you want to be sure that the pounds you lose don't came back , you must have patience and try to change your eating lifestyle and not just for a short period of time but for life. Many regard this thing as a dramatic one but it is not true, you can still enjoy the small pleasures such as chocolate, but you just have to make sure the amount you eat and do so as not to exceed the recommended number of calories a day, for example, if you eat chocolate intro day, you can opt out at dinner when you can have a fruit or a yogurt, foods with a very low calorie content.

A Natural Diet vs. Supplements | Which One is Better for Health

There are a lot of commercials nowadays on dietary supplements. Each of these commercials made a lot of promises to the consumers such as quick weight loss, money-back guarantee and many more. In reality, some of the promises in these commercials are empty claims. Unfortunately, many people believe them and they consume more of dietary supplement instead of natural diet. Before you abandon naturally produced foods in preference to chemically produced supplements, it is important that you know more about the pros and cons of both organic dietand dietary supplements. This will enable you to make an informed decision.

Foods that are produced following a natural process without the inclusion of any bio-engineering process or chemicals are known as natural foods. This type of food is also known as organic diet. All the nutrients and substances in these foods are naturally available in them. This is the major difference between natural diet and processed dietary supplement. Dietary supplements are made with synthetic chemical compounds. Some of them may contain organic nutrients but chemicals are added to boost their nutrient contents and for preservative purpose.

Dietary supplements are available in many forms such as capsules, gel tabs, pills, extracts, tinctures, liquids and powders. They give quicker results than paleo diet. However, they have higher negative side effects. The quick fitness outcome they give may be regarded as a mirage. Some dietary supplements can cause serious illness. This is why FDA has banned some of them. A typical example of such supplement is androstenedione. Even though, androstenedione can improve athletic performance and increase the level of testosterone in the body, it can lead to impotence and breast development in men, blood clots and liver disease.

Paleo dietlike game meat, vegetables, nuts, eggs, wild fruits, fish and many more are rich in fat, vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. They have little or no side effects. Some of them are highly medicinal and improve the immune system of the body. Some fruits contain anti-cancer substances. Today, dieticians and physicians recommend the consumption of organic diet as a lifestyle and not just for achieving a specific fitness goal.

Consuming paleo diet is living in harmony with nature. Our genes are naturally adapted to be nourished by them. But chemically produced supplements are alien to our genes. This is why they cause metabolic syndrome such as diabetes, coronary disease, obesity, Alzheimer, auto-immune diseases and many more. 

A naturally produced food contains different phytonutrients in varying degree. Some may be there to balance or neutralize the effects of others while others prepare the ground for the action of others. But most dietary supplements contain a higher amount of one nutrient. In addition, this nutrient may not be bio-identically with its natural type. Consuming one nutrient in large amount may have some terrible health consequences.

In summary, you may achieve your specific fitness goal quickly by consuming dietary supplement. However, consuming natural foods gives you more health benefits. You will also achieve your fitness goal by eating natural diet even though it may take time before it is achieved.  

Dieting, Fat and Lifestyle Changes to get a Slim and Healthy Body

You will find articles about dieting all over the internet, and most will just tell you to eat right, and then wait for a miracle to come your way. What these weight loss guide do not tell you, is that weight loss can be the hardest thing you can do, and it takes more than food to accomplish it. Did you know, that over 90% of people who try a diet to lose weight end up failing? As bad as the odds seem, you should strive to be part of the less than 10% who succeed. To ensure you reach your goals, here are some tips to guide you through the enduring process.

Why do you need to get rid of excess fat?

Excess fat is normally stored under the skin. Over accumulation of these fatty substances gives rise to obesity. It can happen to children, adolescent and adult. It has a terrible health consequence. The arteries and arterioles are clogged with these fatty substances. This can affect the circulation of blood in the body system. It can lead to high blood pressure and other cardiac problems. This is why it is necessary to get rid of excess fat from the body.

Types of fats

There are three major types of fats, namely, saturated fats, transfat and unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are further divided into two, namely, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are good to the body than the first two mention fats. So, if you are following a low diet program, you should not remove foods that give unsaturated fats from the plan. These fats do not contain bad cholesterol which is harmful to the body. On the other hand, bad fats like transfats and saturated are harmful to the body. This is because they increase the level of LDL cholesterol in the body. LDL cholesterol can cause heart diseases and high blood pressure by clogging up the arteries.

Food to choose

There are some foods that will be helpful to you if you want to reduce your fat intake. Here are some of the types of food that you should make do with.
  • Plant based protein foods 
  • Olive oil 
  • Vegetables 
  • White eggs 
  • Cereal foods like wholegrain rice and pasta 
  • Fish 
Take enough water on daily basis

Benefits of low fat diet 

Low fat diet has a number of benefits. Here are some of the benefits.
  • It helps weight loss 
  • It reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood thereby making it possible for blood to flow freely. 
  • It lowers the blood pressure.
  • The risk of getting some cancer can be reduced through following a low diet program. 

Change your lifestyle

Making a ninja or a monk from your dietary procedure is the first thing people get wrong when it comes down to loosing some pounds. The harder you set your goals, the harder they become to attain. Commit yourself to a healthy and attainable goal that is not physically weakening or health depriving.

Eat when you need to

Weight is easily gained, but hardly gotten rid of. Eating whenever you feel hungry is a bad mindset, which you need to refrain from if you are serious about losing weight. It is healthier to eat slighter portions of food, throughout the day, rather than eating three large meals, which will leave you full and lazy. Eating small portions will start off as a hard process, but you get used to it. This method will make you energetic throughout the day, and you will have the ability to burn off those calories.

Keep it simple

This does not mean that you should eat the plain old veggies day in day out. You can have a simple and effective diet plan, with a wide array of options which will not revert your efforts. With today’s weight conscious population, many food packaging companies have diversified to fill the rise in demand for healthy products, and they label their food accordingly.

Know your needs

The average male body requires about 3000 calories each day, to function properly. The average female body requires about 2000 to 2500 calories, and it is eating beyond these limits, which sees many people add on weight. There are dieticians and physicians, who will advise you on the calories you need to consume each day for your body type.

Balance your diet

Eating proteins, carbohydrates and minerals is taught to us from an early age. The rules do not change for any reason. When you diet on vegetables alone, your body becomes weak and prone to sickness. Protein from soya beans, regular beans, peas and oats is a healthy alternative to meat. Protein helps build muscle, pushing off the fat that you do not need.

Take a break

Sticking to a diet will see you following a restrictive eating habit, and you might find yourself craving for what you enjoy eating, from time to time. It is okay to treat your taste buds on occasion, as long as you are not going to let it go too far.

All You Need Know Before Starting a Weight Loss Program

Obesity is, and always will be, one of the greatest problems of our time. Take a look at this mind-blowing number produced by a survey: half of the adults of the good old USA are suffering from obesity. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end with the adults. Childhood obesity? The numbers skyrocket daily, especially in the USA. So, what is obesity, exactly? A dictionary definition: Obesity is an imbalance body fat ratio, i-e a person is obese when his or her weight exceeds 20% of the normal weight. If you’re diagnosed with obesity, it’s time to start taking action. Treat it immediately. Even if you’re only a few pounds high (or maybe a few more than a few pounds high), take initiative! Choose a weight loss program! But, first of all, we need to go over how to prevent obesity. What causes weight problems?

What Causes Weight Gain or Obesity?

Weight gain is caused by you consuming more calories than you can burn. It happens to the best of us. If you eat too much and exercise too little, you’ll find yourself putting on pounds whether you like it or not. There’s other factors too, of course. Here are a few of them:


Unfortunately, how old you are can affect your weight indirectly. As you slowly move forward through life, your body starts to work slower and slower. This includes your metabolism and your calorie requirements. So, not only does your body want to eat less, it’s using it slower! Once you pass the age of 40, you should probably reduce your diet. This will help counteract weight gain.


Yes. You can blame your mom and dad for your obesity. Both weight problems and thinness are partially genetic issues. Feel free to glare at the family tree, but don’t despair. Even if you’re genetically obese, you can eat healthy and fight the problem.


For all you women reading this: yes, it’s harder for you than most men. Obesity is unfair. Because of women’s slow rest metabolism rate, women are more likely to be overweight than men. Men also require more calories, making it harder for them to eat food they won’t burn off. On top of this, women can also gain some pounds after menopause.

Physical Activity

Everyone knows that exercise helps fight obesity! But why, exactly? Well, mainly it accelerates your metabolism and burns off those calories. Don’t avoid physical activities. Maintain a healthy weight and work out!

Medication or Illness

Medical conditions also play their part. Do you have diabetes, depression, or hypothyroidism? All of these can lead to an increased body weight. You could even gain weight because of drugs you’re taking. Antidepressant medication and steroids can cause obesity - be careful.

Psychological Factors

Anger. Sadness. Depression. These negative emotions cause physical responses. Your psychological state often determines your physical state. For example, binge eating? That comes from emotional disorders. Instead of overeating the next time you feel down, let your emotions out in another form. Perhaps exercise?

Why Start a Weight Loss Program?

Don’t back off from starting your own weight loss program. It’s very important to lose weight and keep it off. You’ll feel better, look great, and be healthy when you’ve finally lost those pounds. If you try losing weight without your own program, you’re going to run into roadblocks. Many people have tried and failed to lose weight on their own, and come up with the perfect solution: start a weight loss program! A weight loss program is basically a well designed plan that will help you lose weight with a well-balanced diet and some exercising techniques. There’s no way that the importance of your own weight loss program can be stressed enough. Why?

Attaining An Improved Health

The biggest, overall benefit of your own weight loss program is your health. You’ll be much less at risk. When you’re overweight, you’re in serious danger. You can develop diabetes, a stroke, heart attack, or back pain. Not to mention gallbladder diseases, sleep disorders, pregnancy complications, fatty liver, and some cancers, which are linked to obesity! The list goes on and on! It’s important to start your weight loss program today so that you can enjoy the benefits tomorrow.

An Increased Weight Loss Rate

More than one survey have come out with great results. Just participating in a weight loss program or maybe going through weight loss surgery (probably a last resort) will increase your rate of weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight on your own, well, you’re a lot less likely to succeed in your attempts at weight loss.

An Easy-to-Follow Structure

If you have a proven weight loss plan, it’s automatically easier to lose weight. You don’t have to waste time coming up with your own. You don’t have to worry that it’s not going to work. And you don’t have to make as many choices, either. A well-designed weight loss program will give you a list of calorie controlled food choices. It’s all done for you!


Social support is very important. It’s way too easy to just give up on your weight loss goals if you don’t have people cheering you on. A weight loss program keeps you motivated and often has the option of support via email, phone, or chat. It’s great to have somebody who will celebrate when you do and help you get through the tough moments. Your support team members will be your own personal cheerleaders. They’ll keep you optimistic as you push your way forward!

Healthy Weight Loss Takes Time!

Weight loss is not instantaneous! Weight loss programs will cut down the time you take signifigantly, but it’s not exactly a quick process. If you look around, you’ll see tons of ads claiming instant or quick weight loss. Unfortunately, these weight loss programs - if they’re actually as fast as they say they are - rarely produce results that last. In fact, once you’ve finished with that weight loss program, you’re more likely to gain more weight than you had before. Persistent effort and patience is what will bring real, solid, lasting results. A healthy, successful weight loss program will keep you at the rate of 1-2 pounds lost per week. This means that thirty pounds will take a half year’s struggle. Don’t be discouraged! These are going to be thirty pounds that won’t come back! On the other hand, if you try to lose weight instantaneously, it hurts your health. Obesity causes common diseases like gallstones, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and malnutrition. If you attempt a rapid weight loss program, you’re likely to experience severe headaches, irritability, fatigue, constipation, menstrual irregularities, muscle loss, hair loss, and dizziness. Sound bad? That’s because it is. Before starting a weight loss program, convince yourself that quick weight loss isn’t safe.

How do I Know if I’m Obese or Just Overweight?

Many people use the words ‘overweight’ and ‘obese’ interchangeably. However, they’re two completely separate things! True, both can apply to someone who weighs more than the normal individual, but the similarities end there. Body mass index, commonly called BMI, can determine whether you’re obese or just overweight.You can also use body fat percentage.

What is BMI and How is it Calculated?

BMI is a measure of your body composition. It’s calculated by dividing your weight by the square of your height. For example, if your height is 2 centimeters and your weight is 70kg, you will divide 70 by the square of 2, which means your BMI is 17.5. If your BMI is between 25 to 29, you’re overweight. On the other hand, if your BMI is more than 30, you’re obese. As simple as that. Body fat percentage, on the other hand, is slightly more complicated.

Calculate your BMI using our Free BMI Calculator .
Note: BMI is a standard unit to measure obesity level.

What is Body Mass Percentage and How is Calculated?

Body fat percentage is the amount of fat in your body as compared to your organs, muscles, bones, water, tendons, and other things that build up your body. Men and women have different percentages of fat, since they’re different in structures. A normal woman should have a body fat percentage of around 10 to 12 %, while men should have a body fat percentage of 2 to 3%. However, it’s okay for men and women to have 25 to 31% and 18 to 25% body fat percentages. Body fat percentages of more than 32% for women and more than 26% for men are considered obese. As you can see, women can have a much higher percentage than men. There’s different ways to calculate body fat percentage. DEXA scanning is probably one of the best and most accurate ways. The DEXA scan will take an X-ray of your whole body to generate a body fat percentage in numbers. This takes as little time as ten minutes! Unfortunately, DEXA scanning is very expensive. Other methods of measuring the body fat percentage include water displacement, bod pod, and the measurement method.

Risks and Threats Associated with Obesity

If you’re obese or overweight, and you have a lot of fat around your belly, you could develop a number of dangerous, and sometimes life-threatening, diseases. These include hypertension, gallbladder stones, diabetes, stroke, and sleep disorders. Where the fat is placed in your body matters. If you have built up fat around your stomach, you could suffer from coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. In short, the size of your waist can have a strong effect on your health.

Hurdles in Sticking to a Weight Loss Program

When you start a weight loss program, you’re probably going to encounter many obstacles. Most people fail to lose weight due to these three common reasons:


Don’t fall prey to excuses. They’re so easy to make, but they’re very damaging to your confidence and your ability to lose weight. I can’t lose weight, I can’t resist my favorite foods, I feel like I’m being caged. Don’t let yourself think these. Keep the excuses at bay.

Past Experiences

Past experience can also discourage you from continuing (or finishing) your weight loss plan. If you’ve had a few bad experiences with a weight loss program in the past, or you had made a lot of unsuccessful attempts, you might be unable to start a weight loss program again. Your failure will - literally - weigh you down. You might not have made it because of unrealistic goals, or maybe because you selected the wrong weight loss program. It’s okay. Tell yourself that you will be successful this time, because you are not after rapid weight loss, and that your goals are quite realistic.

Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is one of the most common things that stop you from starting a weight loss program. This may also be because of bad experiences. For example, you might have finished a rapid weight loss program and then regained the weight. However, if you choose a sensible weight loss program, you can avoid this.

Is it Right to Start a Weight Loss Program?

Starting a weight loss program is a smart idea if you want to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. Just know this: there are no shortcuts to losing weight. The only harmless and effective tool to lose weight healthily is patience. Moreover, if you want to see long lasting results, you need to choose a weight loss program that doesn’t promise to make you slim in a few days!

Weight Loss & Dieting | Healthy Dieting Tips, Diet Plan

Everyone knows it that “First look is the best look”; and for the best look you need a good shaped body with standard weight. For this we always try different ways to lose weight. For example one may try dieting, one may try physical exercise. But who does follow the actual perfect way to lose weight?
It’s really not good to start physical exercise suddenly or starting diet suddenly. Because sudden physical exercise will not only leave you feeling disheartened and dispirited, but also injure yourself. Same also sudden dieting; diets that severely control calories can lead you to be lacking in the nutrients and vitamins that your body wants.

Calculate your BMI using our Free BMI Calculator .
Note: BMI is a standard unit to measure obesity level.

Weight Loss and Dieting

Let’s talk about losing weight by “Dieting”. Weight lose can be achieved either by eating fewer calories or by burning more calories with physical activity.

Now you have to set a realistic goal for your weight loss. For example; if you plan to lose weight of 30 kg in 1 one day, it’s impossible. This type of goal is not realistic. But you can set goal like losing weight of 1 kg in 1 week. This goal is more realistic. Because if you set realistic goal that are achievable for you it will turn boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence for continuing achievement.

Healthy Dieting is the Key

But now the question is how you would know which weight loss plan is right for you? One thing you should know just eating less is not called dieting. Eating less will gradually make you physically weak. Main point is you have to burn calories. No matter if you hate gyms, take a short 20 minute walk after meal, it will be beneficial to burn calories. You must eat your regular meals and breakfast within limit. Try to do regular work more. That means increase your levels of activity.

Don’t make dieting a torture for you. Try to enjoy it. If you are overweight and want to lose weight, you have to stop taking extra calories. It’s really tough to lose weight; when you are eating out of your limit. It’s really going to damage your fitness, and will make you fat. Please be informed it’s really bad for your health eating fizzy drinks, sugar, alcohol, confectionery, sugary biscuits and crisps. If you can’t live without your “favorite food”; you can eat them once in a week with little portion.

A Good Diet Plan

Try to eat healthy. In your diet plan you can include mostly unprocessed foods, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and limited amounts of lean animal protein. There are two things you eat and drink that contain no calories: water and fiber. The more of these you eat, the better off you will be. For example, you can eat mixed salad with raw vegetables like carrots, red cabbage, celery, broccoli, onion, etc. There are some foods; by eating them you may lose your weight such as chili, green tea, berries and whole grain. Eating foods with plenty of fiber will help keeping our blood sugar at a more consistent level.

Motivate Yourself

Another thing is motivation. You should know your particular reasons for your “dieting”. You can note down your reasons for “wanting to lose weight”. Because having clearly identified reasons will help you for achieving the goal. When you will feel bored; looking back on those reasons can also be a very useful motivator.

Losing Wight Takes Time

Don’t be excited to do diet too fast. Go easy. If you have been eating poorly; both your body and your mind will suffer. If you follow your diet regularly; a time will come when a healthy snack will taste as good as the junk food you felt bad about eating, and you will look forward to your regular diet automatically.

Finally, if things go incorrect don’t panic. Learning new habits takes time. Think back to when you learned to walk in your early days. No-one anticipated you to do it the earliest time. But it’s you who made it possible. So keep faith on yourself.

From Potatoes to a Protein Rich Diet - Facts for your Health

White collar jobs and lack of exercise have often been blamed for health hazards like cholesterol accumulation, heart attacks, diabetics, high blood pressure, and obesity. The facts that support such a belief are that white collar jobs prevent people from sweating out the carbohydrates that they have stored through their food habits and exercises seldom form a part of people’s daily routine. Therefore, the stress here seems to be completely on burning away those useless chunks of fat. But even people know that fat is the enemy and that all the food that they eat brings them closer to the enemy, they only start taking active steps against it when it is too late, i.e, when things really go out of hand. Then it is like a ‘do or die’ situation.

From Potatoes to Protein

The same people who would not even use the steps to go from the first floor to the second floor begin to do jogging or walk like dogs early in the mornings. They also start sticking to a diet devoid of meat, eggs, butter, rice, and potatoes. They focus on taking as many leafy vegetables and fruits as possible, as per the dietitian's advice, and leave meal tables unsatisfied. After a month or two, these people get back to their old tricks, filling their tummies to the top, until the next hazard strikes them, and that might be too late.

The fact to be considered here is whether it was the white collar job or the lack of exercise that are the real culprits. Studies show that the actual cause of fat accumulation which leads on to the other related health issues are because of the absence of enough protein in people’s diet, making them eat more and more of the foods made from food grains . For example, people tend to eat more bread or rice and use protein-rich foods like meat and butter just as side dishes. When they start dieting, the meat gets removed and some vegetable condiments replace them. In both of these circumstances they are not providing themselves what their bodies need. What the body needs most is protein. The nutrition that we get from other sources is already contained in the protein. When protein content is less, people will tend to eat more of carbohydrates because that is the only way that their hunger can be naturally satisfied. Even when using vegetables like cucumber and tomato or fruits like apple and peach, it is carbohydrates that keep on being added to the diet. That is why very few people have been able to come out of obesity through a controlled diet.

Therefore, it is not the jobs or the exercises that is the cause of accumulation of fat. The addition of a good amount of protein to the diet along with leafy vegetables is the solution for the problem. It can be seen that if there is a good portion of meat or any other source of rich protein for a meal, the people who eat it will be greatly satisfied, thus avoiding overeating of carbohydrates.