How Raw Food and Alkaline Dieting cures Acne

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For many years in the past now, the health of the western civilization citizens is considered very poor, weak, and declining every year. On the other side, many cultural groups, that are not a part of this western World, are known to have much better, stronger health in every way.
The focus of these studies revolves around the differences in the way of life between these cultures and the western World. Particularly, the foundation of good health is often, if not every time, directly connected with dietary habits and foods used by a certain population.

Now, to get to the matter at hand, the human skin is nothing more than just another organ. But, the obvious difference is of course that it is on the outside.
Something people often miss out is the fact that the skin is directly connected to many of our inner organs, and as such mirrors the condition and health of them, in many various ways.

Something a lot people in the World have in common is acne.
  • Acne, or acne vulgaris, is a skin disease that manifests itself through seborrhea(scaly red skin), comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), papules (pinheads), nodules (large papules), pimples, and possibly scarring. Acne affect mostly skin with densest population of sebaceous follicles, such as: the face, the upper part of the chest, and the back. 
  • Many dermatologists and doctors are not aware or directly reject the notion, that acne are directly the result of inner health problems, and that they in fact mirror and suggest internal problems. They instead treat only the symptoms of these diseases, mentioned before.  
  • Acne develops as a result of blockages in the follicles. Various plugs are formed this way, from many different reasons, leaving the dermatologists dealing with the current problem, and not focusing on what could cause it.
  • The first focus of the studies is the fact that people living in cultural groups from the third world, or tribal or even barbaric, do not have these skin problems and diseases. 
  • It is with that fact that the research for food related causes began in the first place.
  • The most correct theories would possibly be those who suggest that a person should take care both internally and externally, in dealing with acne. Of course, in practice, this has a 80 to 2- percent ratio, 80% being in favor of foods, because let’s face it, there are only so much you can do for your skin externally.
In my experience, I found that the previous combination of the two ways is the best, with a natural focus on the internal and the foods.  I was never too  susceptible to acne, but I had my share during puberty.   My dietary habits were those of a western civilized man, and somewhere during high school, I started exploring the various different national cuisines and diet programs. I had no problem with my weight, but the health in general was in need of discipline. And so I had luck to be pointed in the right direction, and start to think about foods and my diet.
Ofcourse, it was always the common knowledge that fast food and junk food were bad, and I even remember some theories linking them with acne, even back then.
Changing my diet affected me in so many ways, many of witch I haven’t even notice then. I started eating foods that were closer to their own natural form, with as less processing as possible, often with none.
This is where alkaline foods came into play. Alkaline foods include fruits, vegetables, greens, and sea vegetables. Now eating all this raw, with little or no processing,  changed the whole pallet of my dietary picture. I was immediately without white sugar, without saturated fat, without gluten, hormones… Infact, many of the things that were dominant were now gone, replaced by the pure content of naturally determined proportions in raw foods.
Junk food, fast food, and all these groceries that we are eating today are all loaded with those mentioned components, and on top of that, all foods today have a high number of artificial components, chemicals used for better growth, longer lasting, storing etc…
Eating all that stuff leaves all that toxic waste inside of the human body, even after human metabolism. A lot of these toxins remain in the body and form a kind of slime, that can be concentrated in various places. For instance, if it concentrates in the lungs, that person suffers from asthma, or if it’s in sinuses they are inflamed, etc… So, the question now is, doesn’t our organism have the means to expel all these unwanted matters. It does of course, but not all of them can be dissolved or handled by our organism, in fact, a lot of them can’t, and the rate in witch our organism responds and cleanses it self from them is much slower and it is hindered by the constant consuming of these foods, often in very large quantities.
So, now since this slime is rampant in our organism, the body is looking for all ways to expel or burn it. That’s why those people often have short term inflammations, increases in body temperatures,  sweat, and of course acne.
Somewhere during this process, when the body needs cleansing and it starts doing it through the skin, our pores and all those channels  become plugged and inflame. It can be caused by the excessive mass of toxins wanting to get out, or maybe the person simply has tightened skin, or maybe both.
So now you have toxic matters plugged somewhere in your skin, close to the surface.
Now one other thing many doctors miss out on is that these toxic matter, this slime, thought poisonous to us, is a feast for various parasites and bacteria or viruses. In fact, this is how we attract them in the first place, we carry their food inside of us, sort to say. When these microorganisms start doing their part, that’s when the real problem occur. That’s where you get your scars, large inflammatory acnes and various terrible problems.

So, by stopping the intake of toxic foods, and by eating natural and healthful groceries, I’ve managed to free my organism of all those substances, and make my life easier in many ways. And my skin also showed a 100% recovery. Now all I need to do is to take moderate care of it, and I never have problems with acne.
I hope my experience will help anyone who needs it, best of luck!

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