Home Remedies for Gout

The human body is a creation of the superior knowledge and experiences of the Mother Nature. The systems are interrelated and work as a complex machine to maintain the body. But sometimes this marvelous machine also goes out of the proper track and Gout is one such occasion.

Gout Disease 

The uric acid is created in the process of respiratory process of the body and it takes all the effort to remove this acid out of the body, but in some cases it has become an impossible task for the human body to remove this uric acid, the acid turns into tiny crystals inside the tissues and they deposit in various tissues of the human body. These crystals may become problematic when they deposit in the joints of the human body. In certain situations it causes a great pain and joint inflammation takes place. This situation is known as arthritis by common people. The function of the kidneys’ is also reduced by the gout.

Home Remedies for Gout

  • Mother Nature has provided the people the medicines too. The fruits can reduce the gout in a considerable extent and make the patients to have a sigh of relief. The cherries and pineapples are the best treatments for the gout and they will remove the pains in a very short time. The fresh fruits are the best but if they do not have in the area the frozen fruits can be used. Those fruits can lower the pain and they help to reduce the inflammation.
  • The water can do a great service to give the relief to the patients. The uric acid crystal is formed as a result of a less hydrated situation of the body. If he or she takes ample water the gout symptoms will not bother the patient. Some people do not take water instead of that they turn towards soda and other beverages, but that is not practicable. He or she must take water.
  • The grapes are very useful to fight gout, as they have special chemical, which reduces the concentration of the uric acid. So by eating fresh or frozen grapes, the patient can observe positive changes in his body.
  • The food can do a great service to get rid of the gout. Grains, seeds and nuts can do a great service in the body in order to cure gout; they can neutralize uric acid in the body. The berries are very good in the process of healing they have vitamin C and some important minerals.
  • Running cold water on the afflicted area is another natural method to cure gout. It is known as the hydrotherapy. The pain and swelling can be reduced by soaking the relevant place with cold water.
  • The affected place must be rubbed by using juniper oil. This method is also very popular among the people, who are suffering from gout.
Note : The main reason for gout is not taking enough water, so it is advisable to take ample water in order to refrain from gout.

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