How to Maintain Good Health - Facts for a Healthy Body

How to Maintain Good Health

Not much is known when a man felt the necessity of possessing good health. But since he got concerned about it, he has been struggling hard to observe the rules related with maintaining good health. In spite of that many modern educated men are not fully aware about the management of their health. The primary awareness for preserving one’s good health is to remember the sufferings of old age which is unavoidable and inevitable. A man in young age often commits harmful activities for which he has to pay at his old age. So he should restrict himself from doing such excesses. For ensuring good health, staple food, physical exercise, change of life style, cheerful mind, hopeful attitude and, taking long breath in fresh air are the important factors for maintaining good health. Following are a few factors that you should concentrate on to maintain Good Health.


Men often suffer in mental stress. The stress may be good or bad. Good stress increases the performance of an individual or a group at work but bad stress causes poor performance. Some people may not do well when they are under bad stress but under good stress they may behave in different ways. Thus one should determine the source of stress what is good for him and what increases his performance at work, on the field, in the class room or in debating competition. Physical exercise helps to keep one’s mind free from stress. 

Change of life style

Change of life style is important for keeping good health. Every one should be careful about the diet he takes, dress he wears,time he sleeps and exercise he does. If any of these habits seem harmful he should change his style little bit. How ever no change should be made suddenly. The changes should be made in such a way that if necessary he can go back to his previous practice. It may happen that one change may be regarded useful for health but in practice may not be good. So, proper decision should be taken through one’s experience.

State of Mind

Jealousy, fear, anger and anxiety are harmful for good health. Thus by avoiding these traits cautiously one can enjoy good health. When a man enjoys a good health he is quite able to cure himself through diet and exercise. During sickness he should think about how he can regain good health. If necessary he can consult two doctors for his own satisfaction.


Being overweight is the primary reason for a number of diseases like blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and many more. Sometimes obesity comes with age. So one should always be concerned about his / her weight. You can easily control your weight by controlling your eating habits and regular workout. Daily walking or jogging may be the most helpful exercise for people over 40 or those having a office / sitting job.

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