From Potatoes to a Protein Rich Diet - Facts for your Health

White collar jobs and lack of exercise have often been blamed for health hazards like cholesterol accumulation, heart attacks, diabetics, high blood pressure, and obesity. The facts that support such a belief are that white collar jobs prevent people from sweating out the carbohydrates that they have stored through their food habits and exercises seldom form a part of people’s daily routine. Therefore, the stress here seems to be completely on burning away those useless chunks of fat. But even people know that fat is the enemy and that all the food that they eat brings them closer to the enemy, they only start taking active steps against it when it is too late, i.e, when things really go out of hand. Then it is like a ‘do or die’ situation.

From Potatoes to Protein

The same people who would not even use the steps to go from the first floor to the second floor begin to do jogging or walk like dogs early in the mornings. They also start sticking to a diet devoid of meat, eggs, butter, rice, and potatoes. They focus on taking as many leafy vegetables and fruits as possible, as per the dietitian's advice, and leave meal tables unsatisfied. After a month or two, these people get back to their old tricks, filling their tummies to the top, until the next hazard strikes them, and that might be too late.

The fact to be considered here is whether it was the white collar job or the lack of exercise that are the real culprits. Studies show that the actual cause of fat accumulation which leads on to the other related health issues are because of the absence of enough protein in people’s diet, making them eat more and more of the foods made from food grains . For example, people tend to eat more bread or rice and use protein-rich foods like meat and butter just as side dishes. When they start dieting, the meat gets removed and some vegetable condiments replace them. In both of these circumstances they are not providing themselves what their bodies need. What the body needs most is protein. The nutrition that we get from other sources is already contained in the protein. When protein content is less, people will tend to eat more of carbohydrates because that is the only way that their hunger can be naturally satisfied. Even when using vegetables like cucumber and tomato or fruits like apple and peach, it is carbohydrates that keep on being added to the diet. That is why very few people have been able to come out of obesity through a controlled diet.

Therefore, it is not the jobs or the exercises that is the cause of accumulation of fat. The addition of a good amount of protein to the diet along with leafy vegetables is the solution for the problem. It can be seen that if there is a good portion of meat or any other source of rich protein for a meal, the people who eat it will be greatly satisfied, thus avoiding overeating of carbohydrates.

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