Smartphone and Health Issues - Healthy ways to use Smartphone

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Smartphone and Health Issues

Smartphones are now a part of our lives. We can't even imagine spending a day with our smartphone. Smartphones have glued into our lives so quickly that we can't even image. A few years ago no one even have any idea of an android phone and how it will make you addicted to it. Previously mobile phones were used only for telephonic conversation, but now smartphones are much more than that. They act as music player, gaming consoles, video players, digital camera and also connects you to social networks like Facebook, twitter with complete internet connectivity.

How Smartphone Affects your Health

Here are few things that might have noticed in your daily life. You should avoid these things to keep your body healthy and live a peaceful life

Smartphones decreases the Fitness Level

In majority of cases smartphones lead to an unfit lifestyle. Playing games, checking your facebook, twitter, whatsapp, watching movies, or surfing the Internet on your smartphone leads to a sedentary lifestyle. By doing these things you keep yourself away from physical activities, which results in lower fitness level. So avoid those activities on your smartphone which are avoidable.

Don't check your office mails late night

Do you know that late-night emails kill productivity (I am talking about work productivity). Usually our phones emit blue light which reduces the production of melatonin. Melatonin makes our body sleep during night. But lower level of melatonin affects our sleep, which results in lower energy level next day. So don't stick to your phone after 9PM. Lack of sleep can initiate various diseases.

 Interruption by phone in your night life with parter might lead to problems

Its a common problem for most of the couples. If your phone is interrupting your night life then it might lead to tension with your partner. Your partner might not point it directly but it will create tension between you. So its better to avoid smartphone at night and give time to your partner.


Did you ever feel that your phone is ringing while it isn't. This is called "Ringxiety" or " Phantom Vibrations" . Its actually a syndrome. It occurs due to over usage of phone. So try to talk less on phone. Use it only when its necessary.

Losing your phone leads to improper behavior

Sometimes people loose their temper if their phone is lost. Sometimes they misplace it themselves and think that its lost. It leads to a very strange behavior sometimes. When it occurs people take it as a heavy monetary loss (certainly smartphones cost a lot) and loss of personal data as well. That personal data may be pics or some naughty text from you friends or girlfriend. In most of the lost smartphone cases people are more concerned about the lost data. So avoid keeping any type of sensitive data on your phone.

Texting could land you in the Hospital.

Some people text while driving or walking. During past few years that number of accidental cases due to typing on phone while walking or driving has suddenly increased. Whatever the matter is, please avoid texting during such situations. If its an emergency then stop and then text it.

Phone Camera reduces your photographic memory

People rely on their phone camera so much that they don't even look at the things properly. They get indulged in taking a pic of it. When we do it our brain thinks that "its stored in camera, why should i take the pain". It reduces our photographic memory as become dependent on phone camera and don't look deep into the objects. Most of the times we don't even look properly into the images captured by our phone camera. Usually we get busy in sharing those pics on some social network to tell our friends that we visited that place. So please avoid using camera and use your eyes to look into the beauty of nature.

Healthy ways to use Smartphone

  • Don't use your phone at night
  • Don't text while walking or Driving
  • Don't keep sensitive data on phone memory
  • Don't play too much games on phone
  • Don't shoot pics everywhere
  • Don't take it as replacement of a desktop

Note: Try to use your smartphone as a communication devive. You control it, don't let it control you. The smart feature should be used when you need it. These smart features can make you addicted, so avoid using them everytime.

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