Exercises to reduce Tyres of Stomach (Belly Fat Reduction)

Exercises to reduce Tyres of Stomach

Tyres of Stomach  are really something to worry about. You should try to get rid of them as soon as you notice them. This belly fat is a normal phenomena caused due to more intake of calories than what you consume. You can reduce this belly fat or tyres of stomach by doing some exercises on regular basis and consuming more calories than you intake. You can easily reduce 1 pound weight in a week if you consume 500 calories more than what you intake. It means that 3500 Calories equals one pound of body weight. But you can't reach this target if you don't exercise. According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services guidelines 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio is essential for a normal man. If you want to loose weight then it should be 150 to 300 minutes. Plus you should also do strength training for two days in a week.

Moderate-Intensity Cardio Exercises to reduce Tyres of Stomach

Moderate-Intensity Cardio include walking, running, biking, step aerobics, jumping rope and swimming. These are some basic things that everybody should do remain healthy. But if you want to reduce the tyres / belly fat then you should do it in excess (around 300 minutes per week), which means around 50 Min daily. If you are ready to do it then you will easily loose 1 pound every week.

Strength Training and reducing Stomach Tyres

Strength training activities include traditional weightlifting and body-weight exercises. Its not necessary to do it every day. But a minimum of two days is necessary. Its not necessary to do a abs workout. You can do mixed exercises for different muscles. Our target is to burn calories.

As you will burn extra calories which are deposited on different parts of your body as fat, you will notice that you are notice the change. But make sure that you have not increased your intake, else there will be no difference. If you burn extra calories, then fat from all parts of your body will reduce. So your stomach tyres will also reduce. 

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