Running Facts and Myths that Everybody should know

Running is considered as one of the best exercises. And surely it is one of best natural ways to your body fit and live a longer and healthy life. But there are some facts and myths about running that you should be aware of. Knowing these facts will not only make you a better runner but also make your body healthy. So here are some facts and myths about running.

Running Facts and Myths

Myth: Runners don't need to go to Gym.
Fact: Power training at Gym don't make any bad effect on Running performance. Instead its found that those who visit a Gym on regular basis are less prone to running injuries.

Myth: Its better to stretch before Running
Fact: Stretching does't improve your running performance. Some researches have proved the stretching reduces the running performance a little bit.

Myth: You should eat Carbohydrates before running.
Fact: This myth only works if you are going to run a Marathon. If you are preparing for a marathon then you should add extra carbs in your dinner. This carb will get stored in your muscles and in the end provides you energy when you run longer. But for a normal runner there is no benefit. Instead extra carbohydrate will get stored as fat.

Myth: Running on Treadmill is different from running Outside.
Fact: Its just a belief of our mind that there is difference in treadmill running and outside running. Some researches have proved that both are same. But the health of treadmill also matters. If the stiffness of belt  and surface of treadmill is not correct the your running will be affected. But if you are running outside then there is nothing to worry about as everything is natural there.

Myth: Running barefoot will be faster
Fact: It might be true if you are a barefoot runners since beginning. It its not true for all types of surfaces. You might run faster barefoot on grass, but you can't repeat the same performance on a running track. Instead running barefoot is prone to injuries.

Myth: Running is bad for knees
Fact: A number of studies are done on knees of runners and non-runners. The results were perfectly normal. Running doesn't harm your knees instead it helps your complete body to be healthier.

Myth: Dehydration can cause Muscle Cramping during running
Fact: This isn't true. according to a research Muscle cramping is neither caused due to dehydration nor due to electrolyte loss. Instead its caused if you try to run too fast than what your body can handle. If you want to improve your running speed then do it in correct manner. It takes a few weeks to improve you running speed and stamina. So don't drink too much water if your muscles start cramping.

Myth: Only Young and Fit people should run.
Fact: There is no age for running. Even you are not banned by your doctor to run, then you can run. So don't think, just start running. It you can't run continuously then you can use Run-walk-run method. Its the best way for beginners.

If you know some more myths and facts about running then you are welcome to comments section. Your word of advice might help others.

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