Feeling Sleepy after Lunch ? How to Avoid it (especially in Office)

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Have you ever felt sleep in your office especially after Lunch ? I felt it several times. Sometime i sip a cup of coffee to feel awake. I often wondered if i was the only one feeling sleepy or there is some one else also. Sometimes i found some of my colleagues saying the same thing. Then i found that its a common thing to feel sleepy after having lunch. But what causes it. Because if you know the reason of feeling sleepy after lunch then you can avoid that thing especially in office, because its really awkward to yawn at your office desk.

Feeling Sleepy after Lunch

There are several reasons behind feeling sleepiness after lunch. But most common is heavy lunch.
Most Common Reasons:
  • If you are having heavy lunch then your digestive system demands more blood, so that it can get energy to digest the food. If causes lack of blood supply to your brain, which causes feeling sleepy after lunch.
  • Insufficient Sleep: Insufficient sleep during night can also make you sleepy after lunch. Some of us watch late night TV shows and need to wake up early to go to work. If you are in 20's and have a healthy body then it is the most common reason for feeling sleepy.

There may be some other reasons as well. Some of them are related to what you are eating and some of them are related to some diseases.
  • Sugary Food: Sugary Food increases the blood sugar levels. It makes your pancreas to release insulin to control blood sugar. Insulin triggers tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which makes you feeling sleepy. So avoid sugary food in lunch.
  • If you are feeling excessive sleepiness after lunch then you may be suffering from medical conditions. It may include iron deficiency, mineral deficiency, insulin resistance or Diabetes, hypoglycemia or some other disease. Doctor can tell it better. So if its excessive sleepiness then consult a doctor.

How you can avoid feeling sleepiness after Lunch

  • Avoid Overeating
  • Avoid Food rich in sugar
  • Avoid Fast Food, as its rich in sugar, fat and carbohydrate. Try to have protein rich diet.
  • Exercise regularly in the morning
  • Have a good breakfast, so that you can eat less during lunch and maintain energy level
  • Consult a doctor if you are feeling that you are feeling excessive sleepiness.

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  1. I used to feel sleepy before. But I have changed my diet and now I feel more energetic. My diet now include Goji Berry Juice in the morning, heavy breakfast, less lunch and less dinner, snacks in between, no sugar.


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