Walking vs Cycling for Weight Loss

Walking and Cycling, both are good physical activities to keep you healthy and also good if you are trying to lose weight. But when it comes to choose that which one is better then its a tough job. We will tell you some facts which can help you in deciding that either walking is better or cycling is better.

When it comes to losing weight then most of us avoid running, which is one of the best things for Weight Loss. We avoid it either because we are not physically fit or we feel shy in running with such a large tummy. In such cases people try to opt between Walking and Cycling.

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Walking vs Cycling for Weight Loss

Which one inspires you to Move: Most of the people will say cycling. Its important to get up before starting cycling or Walking. So the one which inspires you to get up.

Cycling costs while Walking Don't : If you want to save money then go for walking, because if you choose cycling then you have to some amount on buying a cycle.

Ask your Knees : Some people think that cycling is easier for their knees as riding a cycle don't put much pressure on knees. Most of the over weight people will go for cycling as knees of overweight people are usually weak.

Burning Calories : It is easier to burn more calories by cycling. The faster you go, more calories you burn. A person who weighs 160 Pounds will loose 3 Calories per minute while walking at a speed of 2mph, 6 Calories while walking at a speed of 4mph. But if you go for cycling then the same person will loose 11 Calories per Minute while cycling at a speed of 12 to 14 mph. 

Now we hope that most of you will go for cycling.

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