How to make your Brain Sharp and Active - Secret Tips

It is not only the aged persons but middle aged and youths too sometimes experience that they entered in the kitchen without any reason or they forgot a familiar name while a conversation. These moments are known as “senior moments in the language of psychology. “Senior Moments” are the primary features of memory lapses. Our unhealthy diet such as junk food, excess of saturated and Tran’s fats in meal, disturbed lifestyle are some of the reasons for memory lapses. 

This is a superstition that aging has the great role in memory lapses while truth is that mind will remain youth even in old age if we apply certain rules in our life style. Frequent attacks of depression and dual face personality and less social life are also some of the causes that damage our brain and body too. Further brain and body are not separate entities; they are one and hence affect each other, biochemistry.

How to make your Brain Sharp and Active

  1. Healthy food gives birth to healthy food, if we want to sustain a healthy mind within us we must avoid junk food, fast food, and food with saturated and Tran’s fats and lacking antioxidants. Aging is an oxidation process so keeping fruits like apple, blueberries as anti-oxidants keeps us healthy and young.
  2. Researches have shown that sleep has a great role in our long term memory. An adult needs deep sleep in between seven and nine hours. Deep sleep gives us relaxation and makes us ready for other tasks. The person also feels healthy deep down.
  3. Read down a novel before you start your new business. Reading is the modern art of escapism. By reading we escape from our worries and frustration hence it refreshes the brain and makes neuron ready for new connections. It also increases our knowledge which we can use in our conversation with others. So we can subscribe a daily news letter so that we can read each day something new.
  4. Yoga and pranayaam are very much helpful as they teach us to control our muscles and breathing. Yoga gives us relaxation. Controlling our breathing and changing its rhythms activates neurons and provide oxygen to minds in sufficient amount. So join yoga classes from today.
  5. Researches have shown that if a person keeps learning throughout his life, it reduces the chances of memory lapses. In this way higher education is very helpful. We also can join cooking classes or any other creative courses like dance classes. In childhood we were very much creative, we used to make aero planes with papers, and many other things. Believe it that you are still so creative. It will help you to reduce stress; in fact it will transform the energy of stress into creativity.
  6. Meditation and other relaxation techniques are very much helpful to keep brain active. So join vippasana classes for meditation. There are many meditation techniques both ancient and modern. You can choose any which suit you and is more beneficial. Meditation calms the mind and repairs it.
  7. Social life is very helpful to keep mind active and sharp. Talking to a person for ten minutes is good exercise it develops memory power. Taking parts in social cultural events not only satisfy us but it sharpens our brain too. Social life and relations help in retaining long term memory as it is attached to the emotional mind. Never miss marriage party and don’t just become a watcher there dance in a group. Attend all functions if possible.
  8. Games are also very useful to sharpen our brain. For example in golf we make strategies to hit a ball, in similar way our brain learns to make strategies in real life. Golf is a social game too; hence it connects us to peoples. So give the challenge to a friend to play chess at lunch time it wills strong your reasoning. Make it a habit to solve the puzzles, crosswords and Sudoku in daily newspaper. Don, t just plays the racing game on your computer only, make it a daily routine in your time table to run for a mile in fresh mourning.
  9. Prioritize your mind. If you forget your granddaughter’s birth day even after repeating it many times like a parrot, see that your way was wrong. Write down events on calendar. Select a permanent space for your glasses. Don’t pressure your memory for that information which you can store in file and folder. In this way you can keep learning new things without overloading your mind. 
  10. Avoid smoking and overdose of alcohol because it damages the mind. Frequent smoking bears Alzheimer. Stop it today; you can reduce chances by stopping it even if you were smoking for fifteen days. Although a little dose of red wine may help in fighting with heart diseases and cancer but fifteen doses in a week will certainly damage the mind.

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