Impact of Technology on our Mind and Life

Today we are living in a world surrounded by electronic devices. These devices produce electro-magnetic radiations those are intersecting with our body, mind and nervous system. It is changing the natural flow of electro-chemical and biochemical reactions and further disturbing our emotions and thoughts. Neuroscientists have divided mind into three parts according to the evolutionary theory which are survival, emotional and rational mind. It is our rational mind which makes us different from animals and gives the power of reasoning and rationalism. When this rational mind alters with the mass media it loses its ability and the person falls on to the emotional mind. Mass media is using powerful emotions to attract peoples which pauses their rational mind and they agree to them as they are also suffering from same emotion at that time and then they buy the product. Today consumerism is using mass media as tool for emotional blackmailing. So today the world has become a gossipy village where everyone knows each other’s business.

Electronic world also affects our social life badly. Today the population of screenagers, those who spend a big part of twenty- four hours in front of an electronic device, is increasing. It may be iphone, ipad, or any other. They surf on internet for hours chatting with friends. In this way modern generation of screenagers is losing its ability to understand the emotion of a person by his her facial expression. Today the new generation is emotionally connected with the electronic devices in a way in which our elders are not connected. So there is a great difference between the emotional understanding of present and previous generation. A new type of socialization is taking birth on this portfolio of mass media and electronic world, which gave birth to the fourth type of mind, which can be called technical mind which is outside the skull. This mind is a combination of outside technical instrument and mass media and we operate it from our body. This fact is clear that we are depending much on this outside mind.

Human mind is so complex organ and yet so simple. It is the network of more than fifty millions neurons. Every neuron has its own function and when they combine to form a group they make a complex function and give rise to an activity. The biochemistry and the hormonal balance of our three minds changes as the fourth mind interferes. It forces them to produce different hormones at different time which causes tension, stress and all sort of mental crisis. The programming of mass media changes the conscious and unconscious persona of a person. A person behaves like different persons on social media. When this programming reaches deeper to his unconscious mind, the person suffers from multiple personality disorder. Today in this technical world the individualism is at risk. There is a great danger that he may lose his individuality in this crowd of machines and robots.

This is the fact that biological evolution is much slower than cultural evolution. An infant has the ability to learn any language of humans while he/she does not know any of them at the time of birth. So it is true that our mind is still an inhabitant of natural ecology and not of the modern cities. But it has to live in an electronic world where radiations are attacking from every side. So we are facing an unnatural situation hence there is a conflict within us. In fact we are fighting with ourselves. While it is also true that today technology is necessity of our life. People takes drug to change the chemistry of body and mind which again impose a program of virus on memory. We have two types of memory: short term memory and long term memory. We don’t remember all those things which are not important, for example mathematical formula is needed only till school life. So it can be said that rational mind stores short term data and emotional mind stores long term data. In this way our social life builds our long term memory and social life is at danger in this era of technology which will have a bad effect on our long term memory. So there is a need of balance to sustain our individualism.

To live a healthy and happy life its important to have a balance while using technology in our daily lives. Always keeping an eye on your laptop or phone will certainly harm you. So its better to be a bit more natural to yourselves.

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