Why Depression is more common in Women

Why Depression is more common in Women

Several researches have shown that Depression occur twice more in women than men. Here we will try to figure out the reasons behind that. Our out of every four women fall prey to major depression once in a lifetime. Minor Depression occurs to almost every body in a lifetime.

Reasons of Depression in Women:

  • Disturbance in hormone level is a major cause of depression.As compared to men Hormone levels fluctuate a lot more in Women. Menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause are some of the periods when women face disturbance in hormone levels. Even during periods they face this thing every month. Similarly child birth is also a time of hormonal imbalance.
  • Girls entering puberty are twice prone to depression compared to boys. Sometimes starting of periods also cause depression in girls.
  • Women think more at the time of difficulty which develops depression. While men react differently with difficulties in life. Men show stoicism, anger, or substance misuse.
  • Relationship problems tend to develop depression in Women more often then men. Either its divorce or just a fight on some matter, women can develop depression easily.
  • In modern society Women go to work, but also takes care household work more than men. Everybody including their husband, children and relatives have expectations from them to do household work. It creates tension in their mind and make them more prone to depression. More work also make them less conscious about diet which make the condition worst.
  • Due to less physical power, sometime they have to get indulged in lovemaking without interest. It lowers their interest in love life and can also lead to depression.
  • Women and Girls are more prone to sexual or physical abuse, which develops a condition of lower self esteem or helplessness which can easily cause depression. 
  • In all societies women feel a lower self-worth. Both at work and home they face this thing which can develop depression.
  • Men don't like to be treated for Depression as it makes them feel inferior. So lesser cases of men are reported to doctors. But women are more open to express their feelings and their depression cases are reported more.

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