Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercises for Hands Knee Feet and Shoulders

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Rheumatoid Arthritis is a rare disease in which our immune system start to attack its own tissues, and most affected part of our body due to this disease are joints. Joints of Hands, Knee, Feet and Shoulders are most affected by RA, a common name of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Swelling in the joints are also normal in this disease. If precautionary measures are not taken then this disease can grow with time. So timely medical intervention is necessary to cure Rheumatoid Arthritis. Apart from medication its better to change your life style and make changes in your diet and add some exercises to your daily routine after consulting your doctor. Usually Cardio or Aerobic exercise are mostly suggested by doctors. These exercise not only provide workout to the joints but also make your muscles and bones stronger.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercises

Here we will mention some exercises for Hands, Knee, Feet and Shoulders to make your condition better and decrease the effect of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Its better to warm up before starting the main exercises. So of the easy and light warm up exercises are

  • March at one point
  • Pump your Arms and Legs

Walking is considered one of the best exercises for all age groups and for all disease. It provides mild exercise to every part of body including joints. In the beginning start slow and then increase your pace to the limit which your can bear. Its important to stay hydrated, so keep a water bottle handy. You can do this exercise almost anywhere but make sure that your shoes are comfortable.

Stretching Exercises are considered best for RA. It reduces stiffness in body and maintain range of motion. Some of the stretching exercises are;

  • Try to touch the sky standing on your toes.
  • Try to touch your toes either in standing or sitting position.

Cycling is good for your joints in your legs, such as feet and knee. If you are not comfortable in cycling on a road then use a stationary bike. Its good for both joints and heart. Don't try to reach your limits while cycling and consult you doctor especially if you are a blood pressure patient.

In some cases strengthening the muscles around the weak joints can help you. You can do strength training in the guidance of a physical therapist to make your situation better.

Small Joint Exercise are the main thing that we usually forget. A patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis should never forget his/her fingers and wrists. Curl your fingers and move your wrist in circular movements in the beginning of your exercise session or in the middle of the day, whenever you have some free time. Such exercises can be repeated anywhere both in office and home.

Yoga and Tai Chi provides some of the best exercises for Rheumatoid Arthritis. There are some breathing and flowing movement exercises in Yoga and Tai Chi which not only help joints but also gives you balance of mind and relives you from stress. You can search for these exercise videos on youtube if you want to practice them.

Exercise in Water : Those who are fond of swimming will agree with the fact the swimming in itself is the best exercise. But even if you don't know swimming, you can do some workout in water. If you lift some weight inside water then it will feel lighter and the arm movement will be like a flow, which provides mild exercise to joints. If you feel it appealing then give it a try. A number of people go for Hydrotherapy, exercising in warm water, to ease themselves from Rheumatoid Arthritis joint pain.

Rebounding is also used by some experts. Its like a mini trampoline and its safe to be used by people of all ages. It absorbs the impact of exercise but still gets your heart pumping and joints moving.

Whatever exercise you do, don't try to test your self by reaching your maximum limits. Its better to three ten-minute exercise sessions instead of a single 30 minute session. Its better to give a few minutes break between each exercise session. Try to enjoy your exercise session with proper clothing and equipment. Exercise done with enjoyment doubles the benefits. That's why some people listen music during workout.

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Not Recommended Exercises for Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Jogging and Running
  • Heavy Weight Lifting

A number of RA patients suffer from depression. Exercises change you mood without taking any antidepressant. So its better to keep moving and make your body healthy.

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