Diseases caused by High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) is one of the worst silent killers of mankind. A number of diseases have connection with high blood pressure. Here we will discuss some diseases which are caused due to Hypertension.

  • Kidney is an organ which is worst affected by high blood pressure. Our kidney filters out the toxins out of our blood. Our blood pressure plays an important role in this filtration process. Due to high pressure the process of filtration is slowed down as arteries are narrowed and pressure of blood is increased. To overcome this condition our heart exerts even more pressure. The condition becomes worst when kidney stops functioning (Renal Failure). In that case dialysis is necessary an kidney transplant is suggested by doctors.
  • High blood Pressure can cause bleeding from arteries inside retina and it can cause blurred vision or complete vision loss. Its known as retinopathy.
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  • Coronary Artery Disease is also caused due to high blood pressure. One of the main reasons of High Blood Pressure is narrowing of arteries. It reduces the amount of blood and oxygen supply to some important organs. When Coronary Arteries (the arteries supplying blood to heart muscles) suffer from this reduced supply of blood and oxygen then its caused Coronary Artery Disease. In the worst condition it can result into heart attack or heart failure and ultimately death. Know the difference between Heart Attack and Heart Failure.
  • Blood pressure damages your arteries. When the narrowing of arteries occur, it stiffens your arteries and some fatty deposits occur inside the walls of arteries, its called arteriosclerosis. It occurs throughout the arteries in body and it can affect functioning of any organ like arms, legs, brain, kidney. There is a second way in which blood pressure hurts the arteries, its called aneurysm. In aneurysm the outer layer of arteries in cracked due to high pressure from inside and the inner lining of artery bulges out. If such bulges rupture then it can cause threat to your life.
  • Sometime blood pressure can cause damage to brain functioning. The reduce blood flow and oxygen supply can cause memory problems. Some times when some clot inside the arteries stop the blood supply to brain then ministroke or stroke can occur. Brain disease like dementia can also occur due to high BP resulting in problems with thinking, speaking, reasoning, memory, vision and movement.
  • Apart from the above discussed complications due to high blood pressure there are many more. But ultimate and most well known effect of high blood pressure is heart attack and heart failure.

We hope that after knowing about all these ill effects of high BP you will try to lower it down and help yourselves in living a health and long life.

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