High Blood Pressure in Children

High Blood Pressure occur in Children for the same reasons as in adults. Most common reason behind High Blood Pressure in Children in Obesity. Obesity can be due to any reason such as heredity, some disease, over eating or inactivity. Most researched reason behind obesity in kids is Inactivity. This inactivity is a result of technology. Obesity and inactivity is most popular among the kids in developed countries. Due to that reason the most of the children suffering from High Blood Pressure belong the developed nations. Here we will discuss all the reasons behind High Blood Pressure among kids.

Reasons behind High Blood Pressure among Kids

  • Obesity: Obesity is a common problem among kids in developed nations. The hard work that their ancestors have done is making them doing nothing. Its leading to obesity among children. Obesity is one of the main reasons behind High Blood Pressure among children just like adults.
  • Inactivity: Inactivity is main reason behind Obesity. Thus its an indirect factor contributing to High BP among kids.
  • Technology: Now a days kids are not going to playground, instead they like like to play on gaming consoles. Technology can do both good and bad for mankind. Here its a bad effect. Technology is making us lazy, especially kids. Todays kids have seen remote controls for everything since their birth. So they take it as a birth right to do everything with a remote. They don't even like to play with their feet on ground (it will make them dirty), instead they feel like a hero after winning a game on X-box. Thus the technology is gifting them with Inactivity and Obesity.
  • Over Eating: Over eating is another common reason behind High Blood Pressure. Over Eating starts when parents don't keep an eye on what their kids are eating. Children can easily grow a habit of eating junk food. Sometimes technology also helps them in over-eating. For example if you are eating while watching TV, then you will definitely eat more. This extra food is deposited in your body as Fat leading to High Blood Pressure.

How We can save our Children from High Blood Pressure

Simplest way to save your kids from High Blood Pressure is to keep their body with correct height-weight ratio. Its easy to say that, but in reality it may be tough, especially if your kid has already gained enough weight to be called Obese. Here are a few tips to keep your children in good shape.

  • Encourage your children to play in ground instead of X-box. Try to play yourself with them, just to make them adjust into this habit. In free time tell them the merits and demerits of playing on ground vs playing on X-box.
  • Don't eat in front of TV: Usually we eat much more in front of TV. When we eat while watching TV, we drink less water and don't know when its above our usual appetite. This results in overeating and later obesity. We should respect our food and give proper time and attention to what we are eating. Eating time should always be different from TV time and the dining table should not be in the same room where TV is located.
  • Tell them to use technology only when needed. Now a days everything have its remote control, but a lot of things can be used manually. Try to operate most of the appliances without remote (if it can be done). Technology is to assist us, not to make us its slave.
  • Don't make eating a Hobby: Eating is just a necessity of our body. However the taste matters sometimes, but eating should not become a hobby. Eating should be after some regular intervals. Minimum 3 times eating is sufficient for our body. You may design your diet schedule according to your work and doctors advice.  

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