Addiction Definition, Types and Effect on Body and Brain

Effect on Brain
Effect on Body
Effect on Life

Addiction Definition

Addiction is dependency on some substance or activity upto a level where it becomes our weakness and we start to crave for it. But in medical terminology the term "Addiction" is used for negative substance that become necessity of our body and brain, and in long term usage of those substance is very harmful for our body.

Types and List of Addictions

There are various types of addiction but here we will list only those which are harming our modern generation.

Addiction to Substances

Addiction to certain Behavior 

  • Gaming Addiction (Usually Video Games)
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Food Addiction
  • Adult Content Addiction
  • Exercise Addiction
  • Shopping Addiction

Addictions effect on our Brain

Our Brain is one of the most technically advanced organ of our body. Some of its function are beyond our imagination and understanding. Our brain can adapt to different environments and substances and change the way it behaves by changing its circuits and functioning. This feature is there so that it can survive in adverse conditions. Long term usage of tobacco, alcohol and drugs makes our brain change its circuitry to adapt to them. We come to know about this addiction when we are in shortage of that substance and our brain craves for it to work with the adapted circuits. In such situation it produces symptoms like headache, body pain, depression and much more. If you are struggling to get rid of some addiction and unable to it on your own then you should consult a doctor or some addiction rehabilitation center.

Addictions effect on Human Body

Our brain adapts to addiction much faster than other body parts. Its because our brain is most important part of body and our body can't afford to loose it. But other body organs can face a lot due to addictions. For example Alcohol can damage of kidneys, smoking can damage our lungs. Even addiction to behaviors can harm our body. Food Addiction can easily make us obese, exercise addiction can make us weak and create muscle strains.

Addictions effect on Our Life

Addiction to any substance makes our life completely dependent on it. Addiction such as smoking and drinking are easily handled by society, but sometimes even these addictions can take us to adverse conditions where society calls you as drunkards. Addiction can make us alone in life. We should start to rehab before such condition arrives. Addict people often taken as people with less will power. Addict people often get involved in illegal activities just to ensure that they keep getting what they need.

Facts about Addictions

  • American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM) states sometimes our genes are also responsible for developing an addiction. If its in our genes then there are 50% chances for us to get addicted to that particular addiction.
  • Sometime more than one addiction can occur in the same person. However the level of addiction may differ. For Example the same person can be a smoking and drinking addict.
  • Addiction often occurs with some other mental health condition
  • On an average a drug addict needs $200 per day to support his/her addiction. If he/she is not financially stable then people often steal. It takes $1000 of stolen property to make $200.  
  • Addiction is a disease, which is completely treatable.

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