HIV Symptoms in Men and Women | Signs of AIDS

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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is considered as one of the most dangerous virus in the history of diseases in mankind. The infection caused by this virus is called AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).

AIDS is a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and people often suspect themselves at its risk after an unprotected intercourse. People often try to diagnose it themselves, without going for a test. The best way to diagnose a HIV infection is to get it diagnosed in a lab. But still we will tell HIV symptoms in Men and Women. These are signs of AIDS but not 100%. If you feel that you are feeling some of those symptoms then don't conclude that you are suffering from AIDS. These symptoms also belong to some other diseases. But if you were indulged in some risky behavior in recent past then you may be at risk.

HIV Symptoms are usually same in both Men and Women. Women have a few extra organs compared to men and immune system of women is expanded into these organs, so women feel few extra symptoms related to those organs. Most of the common HIV symptoms of men and women are listed below.

HIV Symptoms in Men and Women

  • Fatigue: HIV infection often makes you getting tired early compared to your previous stamina. Fatigue is caused due to inflammatory response caused by immune system.
  • Acute Retroviral Syndrome (ARS): This is a condition when you experience flu like symptoms. A mild fever of around 102 degree is also noticed.
  • Short term Nausea: 30 to 60% patients in the early stages of HIV infection experience Short- term nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Weight Loss: HIV infection can cause weight loss in a short period of time even if you are having a good diet.
  • Skin Rashes: Rashes on the trunk of body and boil-like pink areas on arms are both early and late symptoms of AIDS.
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes: Lymph Nodes are a part of our body's immune system and Lymph Nodes usually get inflamed when HIV is present in our body.
  • Muscle and Joint Pain: People often take it as a viral infection but sometimes muscle and joint pain is a result of HIV infection.
  • Prolonged Dry Cough: Dry Cough is an early symptom of HIV infection.
  • Confusion and Difficulty in Concentration: This symptom is often taken as a psychiatric problem, but its a sign of HIV- related dementia. Its also accompanied by memory and behavioral problems.
  • Numbness or Tingling sensation: numbness and tingling sensation is also noticed in some cases of HIV AIDS.
  • Menstrual Irregularities: Menstrual irregularities are also noticed by women suffering from HIV Infection.

Note: In the early stages of HIV infection its hard to detect it. Most of the HIV tests depend on the antibodies generated by body to combat HIV infection. But in the early stage of HIV body don't produce any antibodies, hence its hard to be traced as HIV positive.

HIV Virus attacks the immune system of our body and destroys its ability to combat with different types of infections and diseases. Therefore our body become prone to other diseases and its becomes hard to get rid of those diseases with medicines.

Researches are going on to find an answer to HIV virus. We hope that mankind will find an answer to AIDS and millions of lives can be saved.

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