Better Health Facts is not just about Our Own Health

When we talk about "Health" or "Health Facts", usually we think about just our own body. But being healthy is a completely different thing. Our good health is of no use unless we utilize it in a good way. We need a good health to help ourselves in our day-to-day works, but its a moral responsibility of a healthy person to help those who are in need. When we talk about help, then usually people think about monitory help. If you also think so then you are not in perfect healthy state. Help can be a moral support, help can be helping some disabled / old person in crossing a road, help can be saving someone from a suicide attempt. Its not necessary that you always find someone who is in need of help, but if you find someone by chance and you help him/her out of that situation, only then you are in a really healthy state of body and mind.  is not just about Our Own Health, its also about a healthy mind who can help others.

I believe that healthy state of mind is more important that a healthy body. A healthy body only helps ourselves but a healthy mind can help society. Today i have seen a video where i watched people helping others and it ignited a wave of something in me. I felt like crying and felt more motivated to help others.

Some people don't help others thinking that its like degrading our own value and wasting our time. But such people don't know how it feels after helping someone. I myself will never ever waste any such opportunity in my life to help others.

The world is a circle. Whatever we do comes back to us in one or other way. If you help a needy person, then someone may also come to help you when you are in need. The help that we give to others is not necessarily being deposited by God as a good credit value, but its certainly deposited somewhere. It might be stored in yourself as some positive vibes. The receiver of the help might have helped someone earlier in his/her life. So whenever you help someone then don't think that you are earning something, might be you are someone sent by God to undue his help given to others.

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