Benefits of Playing Tennis for Health and Daily Life

Tennis is game that has attracted a number of youngsters, not only due to its popularity but due to its health benefits. Roger Federer's recent 18th Grand Slam will bring more popularity to this game because he has shown how fit tennis player can be at an age where other sports person plan for retirement. Playing tennis not only improves your health to be a better player but also improves it for other aspects of life such as social and mental health. Once you go further into this article, you will find how much you underestimated this game.

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

  • An hour of playing Singles tennis can consume 600 calories in men and 420 calories in women. Average daily calorie consumption of a normal man is 2640 calories, and for women is 1785 calories.
  • Just like other exercises, playing tennis lowers body fat.
  • Bone density is also increased, if you play on regular basis. It makes your bones strong and less prone to fracture.
  • Playing Tennis makes your body powerful and flexible. Muscles are toned in a way to provide good force with better flexibility.
  • Reaction time of tennis player is more than a normal person. Its due to constant practice of reactions to hit the ball.
  • Your metabolic function and aerobic capacities are incresed and thus your remain healthy.
  • If you play tennis regularly then you resting heart rate and blood pressure is lowered. Which means your heart becomes powerful.
  • Tennis is game in which all of your body parts are used and exercised.
  • While playing tennis even eyes are trained to concentrate well.
  • Tennis is not just a game to test your physical strength. It improves your mental strength as well. Your capability to make strategies is also increased.   

Benefits of Playing Tennis in Social and Daily Life 

Apart from usual health benefits, tennis provides some social and daily life benefits as well. 
  • It provides opportunities to meet new people irrespective of age and profession.
  • It makes you more outgoing and sometimes more talkative. It makes you very less prone to stress related diseases.
  • It increases your social circle. You make new friends, not only for playing time but sometimes also for spending holidays and sharing your thoughts.
  • This game is played all around the world, so where ever you go, you will be able to play it.
  • Irrespective of your age, you will find people of all age groups enjoying this game to keep themselves fit for life. 
  • You can start playing Tennis at any age in any part of the world. The popularity of this game is all around the world and in all age groups. Once you decide to play, you will definitely find someone with a matching playing level.
  • As mentioned in health benefits that it improves your mental strength. This mental strength not only helps in playing but also in your social and daily life. If you are a student then you might find its benefits in your studies.
  • According to a research tennis players score higher in optimism and self-esteem.
All these benefits are sufficient to to tell the importance of tennis in proving a better health and better life. We hope that this article will inspire some of you to make this sport a passion. 

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