Fitbit Data to be used for Health Insurance

Fitbit is one of the most popular gadgets among the fitness freaks and it might help them in saving some dollars from their health insurance premium. But the tension is for those who are not fit and may need to pay extra premium for being unfit. More than 60% of American population is either overweight or obese and they will need to pay extra amount in their health insurance premium for being unfit. Obesity is already declared a disease in America a few years ago and usage of fitbit data by health insurance companies is next opportunity for these companies by utilizing obesity and earning money out of that. But the good thing is that it will motivate people to be fit and their fitness will let them save some money.

A few years ago technology was used in the same way for auto-insurance. Automobile Insurance Companies provided a dongle that can be attached to diagnostic port of your car, and if that keeps conforming that you are driving well then you can save some amount in your auto-insurance premium. Now similar thing is going to be done by Health Insurance Companies.

How Fitbit will be used by Health Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies will ask fitbit users to share the live fitbit data with them through internet. Insurance Companies will analyse the fitbit data on regular basis to check your health and activity level. If they find that you have good activity level and good health then they will give you certain discount on your premium amount. Apart from that, Insurance Company will keep tracking your data of insured users on regular basis and if the data points towards occurrence of some medical condition then it will SMS you about it and ask you to get it checked by a doctor. This thing will not only save your life in some cases, but can also save some money spent by insurance companies in claims towards medical bills. Timely diagnosis of some medical conditions is beneficial for both parties.

Some people agree with this step while some don't . Those who don't agree with the policy of sharing fitbit data with insurance companies argue on the following points.

Why usage of Fitbit by Health Insurance is Wrong ?

  • Health Insurance is basically meant for Unfit people. Usage of Fitbit will increase insurance premium for those who need it the most.
  • Watching others Fitbit data is intruding into private life of somebody. Some people don't want to share their fitbit data irrespective of their fitness level, just because they don't want others to sneak into their lives.
  • It will increase pressure on Overweight and Obese people of US, which is more than 65% of american population.

In spite of the above points there are a number of people who think the other way. They take this thing as an opportunity, which will inspire them for being fit and keeping their activity level high enough to save money and make their lifestyle better. If people take this thing in a positive way then the percentage of overweight and obese people of US can come down at an unexpected rate.

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