Effect of Electromagnetic Field on Human Body and Health

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) has remained a matter of concern for a number of scientists. Some claimed that its harmful for body as our nervous system also works with small electrical currents. Our brain, muscles, heart and all other organs work due to electrical signals transmitted from brain to different body parts. Nerves in our body relay the small electrical signals and high intensity electromagnetic field may disturb it. Today electrical current flows all around us in our home, office and all public places such as shops and restaurants. If this current affects our health then it must be making us unhealthy in some way. Lets see if there is any reality in these claims.

Non-Ionizing radiation attracted various researches to think about effect of Radio frequency radiation on human health and around 25000 articles were published on this topic during past 30 years. This radiation is quite connected to EMF as mobile communication devices are also an electrical device. Betterhealthfacts.com published an article on this topic "Cell Phone Radiation". This article made us understand how radio frequencies can heat-up object and why SAR level of a mobile device should be checked before purchasing it. Another article about usage of headphones to save from this radiation is also published with title "Do Headphones save you from Cell Phone Radiation ?". You must read them if you are concerned about your health and cell phone.

Cell phones work on comparative very less electrical current while electrical fitting in our homes and offices carry much higher voltage. The insulation above the wires may protect the electricity from getting out of it, but electromagnetic waves can't be stopped. Some people say that these electromagnetic waves may disturb electrical system in our body. But according to WHO such claims don't have any solid proof. On the basis of researches done on such topics in past 25 years, such electromagnetic field can't affect human health. Even if there is any effect then our body can easily bear it and adjusts itself to show no side effect.

If we talk about high tension wires, through which electricity flows for large industries or power grids, then its electromagnetic field may affect health. Therefore there are some international laws and rules to govern the height and structure of high intensity current wires and towers. The height of these hanging wires can't be below a certain limit.

Those who keep themselves in mental tension of having electromagnetic field around them due to electrical fitting in their homes should think once about the strong magnetic core or Earth. Our body has developed its metabolism in billions of years after adjusting to that strong magnetic field. How can a very weak magnetic field affect us. Very strong electrical charges in clouds don't affect us, then how can the electricity in normal wires affect us. Betterhealthfacts.com suggests you to live a tension-free life and still if you want answers to such questions about health then either visit our website or try to find answers from WHO website. 

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