Is our Health connected to our Wealth !

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You must have heard the proverb "Health is Wealth". But in the modern world its not quiet true or may be. Some people think that "Wealth is Health". They have their own opinion with some quiet impressive logic behind them. But we are here to find the connection between your health and wealth. have collected some information to tell you about that connection between health and wealth. So read it and illuminate yourself.

Health vs Wealth

People often argue about the importance of health and wealth, try to compare them, and try to prove than one of them is more important that other with their own logic. But that comparison itself tells about their belief. That belief is that they have choose, which one will they prefer. The belief that both health and wealth can't come together. If you care too much about your health then you can't earn wealth, and if you care about wealth then your health will be gone.

Balance is the KEY always told you about balance. Balance is the key, both within the body and outside the body. Just like we care about balanced diet, there should be a balance between you and your life. You is your body and you life is your what you have earned. That earning can be anything ranging from good money, friends and relations. You can't live a happy life if there is no balance between you and you life. Give time to your health and to other daily activities to make your life better. Don't forget your life to make your health, and don't forget your health to make your life. If you have got good health with no life around you then that health is of no use, and if you have got good life but no health then you can't enjoy that life. Some balance your time for both. Give at least an hour per day for your health, some time for your work and some time for your family and friends. By this way both health and wealth can come together.

We often forget the balance

As a kid we give time to both studies and playground. Playground not provides exercise to keep us fit but also entertains the kid. Those who play better often turn out to get more marks in their academics. But as we grow our priorities make us forget that balance. As we go for higher studies we start to give full time to studies, no time for workout. As we get a job, we concentrate only on our package and think only about making it better. At that time most of us don't even remember when you did run last time. Years pass by and we don't even run, however we keep running behind our ambitions, but don't run with our legs in the real life. As we forget our body, our body makes us remember that through various diseases. So don't forget your body and maintain the balance.

The wealthiest countries are those where the health level is highest. However its not attained in a single generation, as it takes time of at least two generation to grow the overall wealth of a country.

Being a writer on a health website, i will always ask you to remain fit for every moment of your life. Earn wealth but don't compromise on your health. Being able to buy a good health insurance don't mean that you can purchase health. Just like you earn money, you have to earn health as well. You can only enjoy your wealth if you have a healthy body to enjoy it, else your wealth will be used only for your medical bills and making somebody else earn that wealth.

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