Functions of Insulin Hormone in Human Body

Every health conscious person is aware of importance of Insulin Hormone as it is connected to Diabetes Type 2. Most of us know it as a hormone to control blood sugar level. But main function of Insulin Hormone is much more than that. has collected this precious information and presenting it here to make you understand Insulin hormone and keep yourself fit for life.

Most of us think that shortage or absence of Insulin causes Diabetes, while it is not so. If you want to know the real reason behind Diabetes Type 2, which is 90% of all diabetes cases, then you must read our article about Insulin Resistance.

How insulin is secreted in body ?
Whatever we eat is digested by our digestive system and most of the energy from it is absorbed into our blood stream as Glucose. It increases the blood sugar level and make beta cells in pancreas to secrete insulin hormone to utilize that glucose.

Functions of Insulin Hormone in Human Body

Our body is a biological machine and all of its cells need energy to work properly and remain alive. That energy is provided through glucose present in blood. But this process is not as simple as we think it is. Insulin hormone plays a very important role in utilizing that energy/glucose. Here we are explaining a few functions of Insulin hormone.

  • Insulin make cells absorb glucose from blood stream

There are insulin receptors on surface of every cell. When insulin hormone sits on these receptors, it makes path for glucose to enter into cell. Thus all body cells get glucose from blood stream with help of insulin hormone.

  • Remaining glucose is turned into fat by Insulin

The leftover glucose after all cells have absorbed sufficient glucose is turned into fat and deposited in different fat stores of our body. These fat deposits are emergency energy storage of our body to provide backup when there is shortage of main food supply.

  • Keeps Blood Glucose level in balance

By performing the above two functions, the insulin hormone keeps blood glucose level in check and save our nervous system, eyes and kidney. High blood glucose level are harmful for our health and it harms these organs.

What causes imbalance of Insulin Hormone in Human Body ?

  • When beta cells are destroyed: Beta cells in pancreas secrete insulin. Sometimes some auto immune disease can kill these beta cells and cause imbalance of Insulin in body, which is main cause of Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Insulin Resistance: Insulin Resistance is more popular by another name Diabetes Type 2. In this condition the body cells are unable to utilize the Insulin produced by beta cells due to resistance. Thus glucose level does not come down and beta cells release more insulin and imbalance of insulin hormone occurs in body.
  • Fat: According to some researchers, fat is the main culprit. Fat in body can release its own hormones and some fatty acids as well. These fat hormones and fatty acids interfere in working of Insulin hormone and cause Insulin resistance in body.

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