Insulin Resistance - The reason behind Type 2 Diabetes

Usually people think that diabetes is caused due to lack of insulin, while its not true. Type 2 Diabetes, which is 90-95% of all diabetes cases, is caused due to Insulin Resistance. Insulin Resistance is one of the least understood factor, even by those who are suffering from it.

What is Insulin Resistance ?
Insulin Resistance is not lack of Insulin, but lack of body's ability to respond to the insulin produced. Insulin Resistance also known as IR, makes our body's cell resistant to insulin hormone, which is released after we eat something. Insulin hormone helps our body cells in absorbing the glucose from blood supply, which is put into blood supply from the digested food. Insulin Resistance don't let Insulin hormone do its work and blood glucose level remains elevated which causes more Insulin hormone to be produced. Its puts strain on beta cells in pancreas and insulin production is reduced if Insulin Resistance remains for a longer duration.

Is Insulin Resistance a necessary mechanism for our body ?
However Insulin Resistance seems to be disease but it is a protective measure by our body. This fact is revealed in some recent investigations. Sometimes our brain need more glucose and thus our body creates insulin resistance itself so that glucose is not absorbed by other body cells/muscles and brain get proper glucose supply through blood. Sometimes insulin resistance mechanism is also used in pregnant ladies to give proper glucose supply to brain of developing fetus. This insulin resistance becomes a disease only when it get out of control and become a permanent medical condition. In this article we are referring to Insulin Resistance as a medical condition.

Insulin Resistance Causes

There are various causes found related to Insulin Resistance ranging from metabolism of body to social and environmental factors.

  • Fat / Obesity: Some researchers believe that excess fat in body produces such hormones in body which causes insulin resistance unnecessarily. BMI level of more than 25 is therefore considered as a risk factor for Insulin Resistance.
  • Family History: Sometimes your genes play an important role. If its in your genes then chances of getting affected by insulin resistance is doubled.
  • Diet: Improper and unbalanced diet is also a cause of Insulin Resistance.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: Inactivity and improper diet are directly related on obesity which is itself a cause of Insulin Resistance.
  • Hypertension
  • High triglyceride level
  • Giving birth to a baby of more than 9 pounds
  • Hepatitis C

Insulin Resistance Symptoms

  • Weight loss or Weight gain without making an effort to do it.
  • Frequent Urination
  • More frequent thirst
  • Feeling lack of energy
  • Odor in Urine
  • Dark Skin under Chin, Armpits and Groin region.
  • Feeling of hunger even after having a diet
  • tingling sensation in hand and feet

Insulin Resistance Treatment

Apart from medicine there are somethings more important in treatment of Insulin resistance. These are changing your lifestyle and diet. Exercising on regular basis, being active, and taking steps to loose some weight are most effecting in reversing the effect of Insulin Resistance. Opting for a balanced diet can also help in attaining this goal. If you are looking for a medicine, then Metformin is a common medicine given to type 2 diabetes patients to enhance weight reduction and improve lipid profile. Any medication must be taken after prescription from a doctor.

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