How Diabetes affects your Life : How to deal with it !

Diabetes is not just a disease but a lifestyle disorder. It affects your eating habits and eating schedule so much that your daily life and social life is affected. Everybody in your family can't adjust according to your dietary needs. All such factors and your medical condition affects everything around you. Here is going to explore all these factors and how to deal with them.

How Diabetes affects your Daily Life
Diabetes is not just taking sugar less tea/coffee but much more than that. Your complete diet plan is affected by this disease. You may either struggle with your taste or just accept it as a fate. However some people choose wisely and go for tasty low-calorie food. Now you can get taste of sugar without its drawbacks. Low calorie sugar is an easily available option these days. You have to control your taste buds only for carbohydrate rich foods. Apart from dietary changes you need to devote some time for regular exercise, which is one of the most important change that you need to make in your daily life.
Treatment of Insulin Resistance (Diabetes Type 2)

How Diabetes affects your Social Life
When we talk about social life then it is get together, parties, family celebrations or spending holidays with your loved ones. All such occasions make your life meaningful. But the food you get at such occasions is usually not appropriate for a diabetic person. Cakes and other snacks might be something better than daily diet for some of us, but it is a slow poison for a patient of diabetes. However your loved ones should care for you at such time, but if they don't then instead of eating nothing at all, you should choose wisely among all available snacks. You may also choose to spend more time interacting with others and eating less. Usually snacks have more carbohydrates, fat and sugar than what was intended for a diabetic patient. You may either keep some healthy snack handy for you for such occasions and have it if your find nothing useful there. But instead of getting frustrated in such situation and sacrificing your social life, you should find solutions with calm mind.

How Diabetes affects your Relationships
As somebody says that the way to you heart goes through your stomach. This proverb is completely feasible is our daily lives. If you are not satisfied with your diet then it be reflected in your behavior. If one family member is diabetic than everybody in your family will not want to adjust to your diet and sometimes it affects the relationships. But instead of letting this thing affect your relationships, you should talk about diet habits to stay healthy and tell them that if they go for a healthy balanced diet then they can save themselves from getting diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Making some tasty snacks a few times in a month won't affect much if you are following a good lifestyle. Your happiness is the best medicine. Eating a healthy diet with sad faces won't do much good for any of us irrespective of our health condition. But a slightly unhealthy snack one a week won't do much harm if you have it a smile. Both sides need to adjust, not just to keep a diabetic person in health, but to keep other healthy persons in the same state as well.

How Diabetes affects your Sex Life
Last but not the least. Sex life is an important factor of a every person's life. One of our article describes sex as one of the best medicines. But we as a patient hesitate is discussing such matters with our doctor. Diabetes can directly affect our blood pressure and both of them can easily affect our performance in bed. Diabetes affect our nervous system and may harm those nerves which are directly linked to our sexual stimuli such as lubrication and orgasm. If you keep your blood glucose, blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol is level through a balanced diet and lifestyle then you can easily save your sex life from any side effects of diabetes.

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