Treatment for Insulin Resistance (Diabetes Type 2)

Insulin Resistance, the main reason of Diabetes Type 2, is a normal metabolic activity of our body to provide sufficient glucose to brain. But when this normal metabolic activity (Insulin Resistance) becomes uncontrolled and stays on all the time then it causes Diabetes Type 2. Treatment of Insulin Resistance is directly linked to the causes of Insulin Resistance. If we take care of these causes then we don't just protect ourselves from Insulin Resistance but can also treat it.

Treatment for Insulin Resistance (Diabetes Type 2)

Insulin Resistance is directly connected to our lifestyle and heredity. But the heredity factor can be easily overcome through good lifestyle habits. Here is going to describe some treatment to Insulin Resistance by means of changing your lifestyle.
What is Insulin Resistance ?

  • Never miss your Breakfast: If you are in ahabit of missing your breakfast or doing it late then you are yourself putting yourself at risk of Insulin Resistance or Diabetes Type 2. Some researches have revealed than missing your breakfast can easily activate the Insulin Resistance mechanism in your body. Some experts believe that it happens to provide sufficient glucose to your brain. Missing your breakfast daily can make Insulin Resistance a daily activity and it becomes permanent in long run causing diabetes type 2. If you don't understand the fact mentioned here then you must know it that missing your breakfast can easily make you fat (its proved in a number of researches), and obesity is a leading factor responsible for diabetes. So now if you ever miss your breakfast again then remember the fact that you are making yourself prone to this lifetime disease.
  • Exercise Regularly: Exercising regularly can save you from getting obese and saves you from diabetes, but there is one more logic behind it. Exercising empties the energy from your muscles and other body cells and craves them for getting more glucose out of blood stream. It keeps the glucose absorption and expenditure cycle running in a better way. Insulin Resistance is a stage where body cells lose their ability to absorb glucose from blood stream, but regular exercise can keep this phenomena away from your body. If you don't have much time for exercise then 10-15 minutes intense workout can provide the same effect, but it must be done only if you are physically fit to do so.
  • Eat less more times: If you eat all of your daily calorie need in just 2 diets, then your body can't utilize all of that energy and a large part of those calories is stored as fat. Excess fat causes obesity and can easily lead to diabetes. But if you eat less and increase your number of diets then you can save yourself from the excess fat. To understand this fact you need to understand a very simple theory. We expend energy throughout a day and body cell lose their glucose content, if we eat less at that time then it will give sufficient energy to body to fill those body cells again with the energy and no extra glucose will remain in blood stream to be converted to fat. After a few hours when you again feel hunger then again eat less and keep this cycle running. In long run you will feel that you are neither over-eating (which you can easily do in 2-3 diet per day) nor feeling any lack of energy in day-to-day activity. It will create the same effect as exercising and energy expenditure and absorption cycle of body cells keep running.
  • Light workout before meal: A light workout like climbing stairs / few push-ups / sit-ups / spot point running can empty the energy stock of cells and as soon as you eat your diet, the calories will be used to fill that space in cells and thus lesser calories will be converted to fat.
  • Balanced diet: Balanced diet has its own importance. If you want to treat Insulin Resistance then balanced diet can easily help you in maintaining the balance. If you adopt all of the above lifestyle habits then you can enjoy your favorite food items throughout your life. Diabetes is not just about sugar intake but an overall healthy and balanced diet.

Your age matters !
If your age is above 35 then you are at risk of developing diabetes type 2. Most of the new type 2 diabetes cases are reported after reaching this age. If you implement the above lifestyle treatments on your body then most probably you can live a healthy life without diabetes.

The above mentioned treatments for Insulin Resistance are not only good to stay away from Diabetes Type 2, but they also improve your overall health and saves you from a number of other diseases as well.

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