Those Para Athletes who inspire us to Be Healthy

Health is not just the body, it is the way you believe it is. It is not just being free from diseases, but believing that your body is capable of doing anything you can imagine. Health is in your mind, not just body. Even a little disability in your body can't make you underestimate its whole potential. There are a number of Para-athletes who inspire us to rethink about the capability of our body and inspire us to be healthy and don't waste the gift that the nature has given us. Here we will tell you about a few Para-athletes who can make you rethink about your body and make you not judging a person by his/her physical disability. Even the word "disability" takes "ability" to make it complete.

Kelly Cartwright: She is an Australian para-athlete, a mom and a motivational speaker. Her leg was amputated due to cancer in her right knee when she was just 15. But she not only came over that tragic moment but also made her prosthetic leg an instrument to success. Today she is a Gold and Silver medalist in Para-Olympic games.

 Kurt Fearnley: He is a three time Para-Olympic gold medalist. He was born with no lower spinal cord and started racing at the age of 14. He is also a motivational speaker who also motivates his fellow competitors. He is constantly active in advocacy work and member of various campaigns related to disabled people. He once said, "One of my biggest strengths is that I deal with discomfort better than most.".

Lex Gillette: He is an athlete, singer-songwriter, and motivational speaker. He is blind since childhood but still world champion and world record holder in the long jump. “No need for sight when you have a vision” is his motto which is sufficient to tell what he believes. 

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