Your Hobby can Improve your Health

Yes, its true ! Your Hobby can improve your health to a great extent. However it can't save your from flu or Cancer but it can improve your overall health. Your hobby can be anything ranging from outdoor activities or doing something creative which satisfies you. No matter what your hobby is ! There may be more than one ! You should spare some time for that hobby to improve your health and improve yourself.
When we get engaged in some hobby, no matter how hectic it is, we don't get tired. Instead we feel something fresh inside us after spending some time with it. This feeling is the key to being in good health after following your hobby.

How does your hobby improve your health ?

The answer to this question can be given in a single line as there are various factors related to it which affect our overall health. We will tell you about these factors in the following points. Here we bigin.

  • Some Hobbies are health activities itself: Some people have got hobbies like swimming, cycling, power lifting, gardening or walking. All such health activities as a hobby can easily improve your health. A health activity done with your own willingness can benefit you more. Suppose Person X don't like swimming, but he swims daily unwillingly just because someone told him that it will improve his health. On the other hand Person Y likes swimming as a hobby and swims for same amount of time as Person X. Who do u think will be benefited more ? The answer is person Y. However both X and Y burned similar number of calories but the Person Y also got a feel good feeling from swimming which provided him/her a bit more health benefit. So follow your heart.
  • It gives you a break with a purpose: Sometime you need a break from your routine job and daily work. However some people think that taking some rest is sufficient, but those who take a break by following a hobby utilize that break in a better way. The purpose attained though that hobby might by just some physical workout to lower your weight, or some creative art to make you happy, but one thing is certain that it makes you happy.
  • Eustress: Usually we are familiar with the word "Stress" which is something negative and related to numerous diseases. But Eustress is positive stress, which makes you feel excited about your hobby. Suppose your hobby is photography and sometimes you struggle hard to get a good shot, then the stress you go through is Eustress. As soon as you get a good shot that stress turns into happiness. Your work related stress can give you that happiness unless your work is your hobby.
  • Hobbies let you live in present: Most of us either dwell on the past or worry about the future, instead of living in the present. But your hobby makes you live in present which is most important to remain healthy. Your hobby gives your mind a break from thinking about past or future.
  • Saves you free Depression: Engaging in activities that makes you happy can save you from depression. Following your hobby lowers your blood pressure, BMI and waist circumference. Some studies have found that engaging yourself in your hobbies can save you from memory problems in old age.

All hobbies have some emotional, mental and physical health benefits. It does not take a huge amount of time to follow your hobby, sometime just a small break is sufficient. Some people think that hobbies are only for billionaires which is not true. Billionaires might have expensive hobbies but happiness can't be purchased by money. So follow your hobby. It is worth sparing some time from your busy schedule.

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